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  • 3 Digital transformation Technologies to Keep an Eye on

    How can companies better mitigate the disruptions caused by the next major tech innovation? Find out in this eBook, which explores 3 major technology trends and the potential impacts they could have on your digital transformation strategy.

  • How 1 Healthcare Organization Achieved a Massive Data Migration

    When a private, not-for-profit hospital went through an expansion, they knew they needed to convert all documents, images and metadata from their legacy electronic medical records databases to one central information repository. Find out how they achieved this with the help of Hyland’s Data Migration Conversion Services in this case study.

  • 5 Myths That Stall Strategic Conversions

    Download this eBook to explore 5 common myths that often impede content management transformation, and strategies that can help ensure a successful conversion.

  • The Simple, Beautiful Power of Setting Your Data Free

    Content management is a constant challenge for organizations, as they seek to reduce digital sprawl and consolidate data that is currently stored in disparate data siloes. But knowing when to look for the right data and content management system isn’t always easy. Read on to learn more about enterprise content management and relevant solutions.

  • Content Services Study Guide: Need-to-Know Terms, Stats and Tools

    In a recent survey by AIIM, 66% of respondents said siloed content across different repositories and applications is still the largest content-related business challenge. Luckily, content services can help. Download this cheat sheet to explore the need-to-know terms, stats and tools to help you prepare for the move to content services.

  • Integrating Content Services into Low-Code Applications

    Low-code applications were initially focused on improving ECM capabilities. Now, low-code’s reach has spread to other areas needing automation. As we move forward, we have to keep these new functions and areas served by low-code in mind. Luckily, AIIM’s survey results provide some insight. Read the results now to stay up to date.

  • Grow Your Automation Strategy from Seed to Sequoia

    Unlocking the full benefits of intelligent automation requires the right ingredients – and a bit of a green thumb. Dive into this 20-page eBook to learn how to plant, grow, and sustain the seeds of a successful automation strategy, from the initial trial process to the eventual large-scale, company-wide adoption level.

  • Quick Study: A Well-Defined Digital Transformation

    Gain access to a cheat-sheet to reference as you craft your organization’s digital transformation strategy for 2020 – and learn about the key technology choices you’ll need to know along the way.

  • Content Management and Process Automation: How Enterprises are Cultivating Growth Strategies

    Organizations are getting a technology-powered boost from content management and process automation, propelling them on a course to hit key revenue and profitability growth targets while aiding in customer retention. Download this research report by IDG and Hyland to explore how organizations are leveraging these 2 technologies today.

  • Six Digital Transformation Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

    Digital transformation and automation don’t just affect applications – they improve employee and customer experience too. In this resource, the IDC examines 6 digital transformation trends surrounding automation and agile content practices for 2020. Start reading now.

  • Quick Study: Intelligent Automation

    Inside this quick study guide, learn what sets intelligent automation technology from conventional automation functions – and how intelligent automation factors into larger digital transformation goals.

  • Determined to Grow

    Digital transformation has its roots in automation. Intelligent automation (IA) technology continues that trend by helping organizations future-proof their development strategies. In this infographic, Hyland highlights digital transformation trends and how IA can streamline workflows for various teams. Click inside to learn more.

  • Revolutionizing Constituent Services: From Document Creation to Output

    Outdated technology was throttling productivity within Montana’s Department of Labor and Industry—until they discovered Content Composer by Hyland. Learn how the tool helped the Department of Labor and Industry streamline customer-focused processes and ultimately improve CX for area residents in this case study.

  • Address The Chaos: The Information Capture Spectrum

    Information fuels your business – and access to that information is key. In this brief fact sheet, discover some important questions to think about as you evaluate your current state, and how content services can help you reach your goals.

  • Content Services: Solving the Problems of a Legacy ECM

    Two-thirds or more of organizations report that they’ve ‘completely’ to ‘significantly’ evolved their content management approaches. In this ebook, learn why legacy ECM suites struggle to support today’s digital environments, and explore a modern approach to ECM: Content services.

  • Builder Streamlines Documentation, Increases Quality Control with OnBase

    In the construction industry, there are hundreds of documents. Dive into this case study to learn how Henley Property Group utilized OnBase by Hyland to create a more efficient, time saving, and reliable way to keep track of their documents.

  • Determined to Grow with Intelligent Automation

    According to a recent study by IDC, intelligent automation (IA) is a key component of the future workspace because of its ability to enable secure access to content and content-centric workflows at any time, from any place. Learn more about IA, and explore the different ways it can be deployed in your organization in this infographic.

  • Transformation Through Digital Optimization

    Read this white paper to learn how to use technology to empower your employees, improve efficiencies, increase member satisfaction and reduce costs.

  • Overcoming the Challenges of Digital Transformation in Wealth Management

    For traditional wealth management firms, digital technology presents a vast opportunity to realize greater efficiencies, manage costs and transform their role with and value to clients.

  • Accelerate and Automate Processes with Data Capture Solutions

    Critical information comes into your organization constantly in a wide variety of forms. When it arrives, though; where does it go and how does it get there? Read this white paper to learn how to extract the vital business info that you need and send this data to the intended locations with intelligent automation.

  • Content Services Casting Call

    Read this e-book for help defining the capabilities most critical to enhancing customer experience (CX), as well as help finding a well-rounded content services partner that is committed to improving the CX you deliver.

  • Health insurer increases speed to market and service levels with the cloud

    When considering cloud services to migrate onto, a key factor to consider should be vendor flexibility with operational options. When considering cloud services to migrate onto, a key factor to consider should be vendor flexibility with operational options.

  • Top 100 U.S. Insurer Integrates Systems for Increased Speed and Accuracy

    Read this case study to discover how, by adapting the OnBase enterprise information platform, they were able to digitize, automate, and expedite workflows—bringing them back up to competitive pace.

  • THE COMPLETE VIEW Strengthening relationships with your customers

    Digital transformation is as much about building strong customer relationships as it is about implementing innovative tech. Read this white paper to learn how to strengthen your customer relationships through digital engagement and self-service opportunity.

  • Using Our Own Toolkit: Ebook Hyland’s Low-Code Development Strategy with Onbase

    Read up on how Notre Dame University used OnBase for low-code development which allowed the institution to “build a 4-story skyscraper in the time it would have taken us to build a bungalow with [custom code].”

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