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  • Intelligent Automation Task Matrix

    Intelligent automation (IA) is being used by companies to automate menial and repetitive tasks—and chief among these IA strategies is robotic process automation (RPA). But where is RPA best deployed, and how can you assuage fears about it usurping worker roles? Read this short guide to get started with the RPA step in your IA journey.

  • Leveraging the Cloud to Reinforce 7 Critical Layers of Security

    If your data and your customers’ data is vulnerable to incursions or catastrophic events, the future of your business isn’t safe. Without proper defensive measures, your data is unprotected and your ability to service customers can be impacted. View this e-book to learn how to leverage the cloud to maximize 7 critical layers of security.

  • Guide: Build Your Business Case for the Cloud

    The inevitability of needing a cloud strategy can’t be put off. You know it—and you need your decision-makers to know it, too. No matter how well you understand the new tech your business needs, it’s often up to your C-suite to take the first step. Here’s how to make the business case for the cloud so everyone in the organization can get on board.

  • Top 7 reasons to host enterprise solutions in the cloud

    IDG recently surveyed IT leaders—including CIOs, CTOs, VPs, directors, IT architect and managers, and more—about their purchase process for enterprise software solutions. Now, IDG is sharing their key findings. Learn about the top 7 reasons IT leaders chose to host enterprise solutions in the cloud here.

  • 5 myths holding organizations back from the cloud

    As solutions become more complicated and widespread across an organization, themore strain is put on IT staff tasked with supporting and expanding the platform. That’s why the future of content services is in the cloud. In this guide, Hyland Cloud debunks 5 common myths holding organizations back from the cloud.

  • Crisis Management and the Cloud: Lessons from COVID-19

    2020 has helped organizations realize how dramatic business change is more accessible than they previously thought. For one, cloud developers had to tackle rapid response at scale while keeping the lights on—and staying secure. Explore the other realizations 2020 has brought to the cloud market—and how cloud businesses managed it—in this guide.

  • What’s the Future for the Private Cloud?

    As public clouds increase in popularity, many have feared that this is the end of private cloud. However, private clouds are strengthened by the capabilities of public clouds. With a hybrid approach, neither private nor public cloud solutions are going anywhere. Learn more about the cloud balance here.

  • 2020 Payables Insight Report

    Automation companies and other vendors have make huge progress when it comes to making accounts payable (AP) processes more efficient, but which are right for you? Read this Level Research report to learn how to determine which AP tools are the most advanced and helpful, how to evaluate AP tools, and more.

  • 5 Keys to Building A Winning Business Case for Accounts Payable Automation in a Prevailing Business Environment

    Accounts payable (AP) divisions have always been slow to change. Yet there are a variety of automation tools that have emerged in recent years with the potential to transform AP departments into more efficient, accurate, and compliant units. Read this guide to learn 5 key ways to build a winning business case for AP automation.

  • Response to COVID-19 Fuels Creativity and Innovation

    During the first few days and weeks of response to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare IT departments scrambled to prepare their clinicians for a wave of new patients and remote work. Dive into this resource to hear from real world healthcare IT leaders as they recount the tech challenges they’ve faced during the pandemic—and how they solved them.

  • South Brisbane health system’s digital transformation started with OnBase

    Inside this case study, find out how South Brisbane-based Mater Misericordiae Ltd implemented an OnBase enterprise information platform across its network—eventually earning a 85% reduction in paper records within the first year of the systems existence.

  • 3 Digital transformation Technologies to Keep an Eye on

    How can companies better mitigate the disruptions caused by the next major tech innovation? Find out in this eBook, which explores 3 major technology trends and the potential impacts they could have on your digital transformation strategy.

  • Case Study: The Royal Marsden Hospital

    Like many NHS hospitals, The Royal Marsden Hospital’s digital transformation objectives were quickly bottlenecked by traditional paper patient recordkeeping. Inside this case study, find out how the Royal Marsden Hospital selected and deployed a new electronic patient records (EPR) platform to meet their growing needs.

  • Hospital Puts OnBase by Hyland at the Heart of its Digital Plans

    Enter this case study to find out how the University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust utilized an enterprise information platform to save over a million pounds per year in manual records management, storage, and transportation costs.

  • The Power of Democratizing Data

    Check out this article to learn how healthcare providers are achieving data democracies, increasing patient data availability across systems and even enabling new AI-powered features.

  • Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

    Inside this case study, find out how LHCH built a highly secure and universal patient information repository using OnBase enterprise content management, enabling multi-source documents and data to be accessed from outside the electronic patient record.

  • Connecting Healthcare: Interoperability Progress and the Challenges Ahead

    As healthcare technology ecosystems continue to evolve, so do the amount of related challenges – the most urgent being the massive explosion in data volumes. Continue reading to learn how real-world healthcare organizations and hospitals are addressing the challenges posed by unstructured data growth.

  • Managing Unstructured Clinical Content

    As the volume and diversity of healthcare data networks grow, providers are struggling to manage the influx of clinical content that includes medical images, notes, and more. Discover a roadmap for creating an effective, cost-efficient clinical content management strategy that tackles the challenges posed by unstructured clinical content head on.

  • How to Build a Patient-Centric Data Sharing Platform

    It’s no secret that many modern hospitals still operate using a mixture of paper records and proprietary data storage systems. Inside this guide, uncover the five key principles for creating an effect and patient-centric data sharing platform without the silos of traditional patient data.

  • Extend the Value of ERP Investments with Accounts Payable Automation

    Download this white paper to learn about 4 major ways shared services organizations can extend the value of ERP investments with accounts payable automation.

  • Why Automate AP? 5 Key Benefits

    Many enterprises around the world have embraced accounts payable (AP) automation to reduce administrative costs and drive competitive advantage. Explore 5 key benefits you could experience from automating AP, as well as stats and figures on adoption from Levvel Research’s Payables Insight Report in this infographic.

  • Content Services Study Guide: Need-to-Know Terms, Stats and Tools

    In a recent survey by AIIM, 66% of respondents said siloed content across different repositories and applications is still the largest content-related business challenge. Luckily, content services can help. Download this cheat sheet to explore the need-to-know terms, stats and tools to help you prepare for the move to content services.

  • 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Transforms Invoice Data Capture

    Accounts payable practitioners surveyed for the Institute of Finance and Management’s (IOFM) recent “Future of Accounts Payable Study” rank AI among the most important technologies to the future of their profession over the next 3 years. Download this white paper for 5 ways that accounts payable can benefit from data capture solutions that use AI.

  • How to Turn Accounts Payable into Your Organization’s Secret Weapon

    Accounts Payable can offer a window into an organization’s financial health and liabilities, but only if it has the tools and capabilities to do so. Download this white paper to find out how automation is empowering organizations’ AP to better support and provide information regarding operations, working capital, compliance and security.

  • Integrating Content Services into Low-Code Applications

    Low-code applications were initially focused on improving ECM capabilities. Now, low-code’s reach has spread to other areas needing automation. As we move forward, we have to keep these new functions and areas served by low-code in mind. Luckily, AIIM’s survey results provide some insight. Read the results now to stay up to date.

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