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  • Confessions of 4 Enterprise BI Leaders

    Read this white paper for confessions from BI leaders at 4 industry-leading organizations that reinvented themselves by using modern, operational analytics.

  • Three Reasons to Think Beyond the Dashboard: Why Visualization Does Not Equal Analytics

    Visualizations can help us to understand analytics, but they cannot deliver the same richness in understand that is required for revenue-driving, business-critical insights. Read this white paper for 3 reasons you should be thinking beyond dashboard visualizations to encourage a truly data-driven business culture.

  • The Modern Analytics Checklist

    When planning analytics initiatives, many companies put a primary focus on supporting technologies—but soft skills are just as critical to a successful analytics project. Read this white paper for 5 ways you can help users become more data-driven right now that will help ensure successful analytics initiatives in the future.

  • 4 Must-have Tenets of Your Data Architecture

    Businesses that outpace their competition are better at prioritizing, preparing, and processing their data—and this isn't an easy task to accomplish. Read this white paper for 4 must-have tenets of your data architecture that will help you to drive the most value from your data and analytics.

  • Self-Service Analytics: Fact or Fiction?

    Read this white paper to discover several truths about "self-service analytics" solutions, so that when you finally invest in a solution—you know it will truly be self-service.

  • Accelerating Operational Reporting & Analytics for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

    With Incorta, all Oracle EBS customers have a new option for analyzing and understanding their data—with no data modeling and no ETL necessary. Read this white paper to learn how to maximize your EBS investment.

  • Bring the 21st Century into Your Analytics Environment

    In this paper, discover how to implement a successful analytics modernization project. Explore 3 logical approaches for migrating to a new analytics environment, and learn how to augment the capabilities of your existing data warehouse.

  • The Death of the Star Schema Three Key Innovations Driving Its Rapid Demise

    When it comes to advanced data analytics – the star schema database design has become outdated. Read this white paper to learn how to move away from this aging database architecture and towards a combination of columnar storage and in-memory caching.

  • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Extract Transform Load (ETL)

    Maintaining data warehouses can be long, arduous and expensive projects. Over time, technologists have attempted to make this problem less arduous by introducing new technologies such as Extract Transform Load (ETL). Read this white paper to learn about how companies like Incorta could help alleviate the difficulties that ETL's cause.

  • Data Modeling Sabotages Supply Chain Analytics

    Analytics has the potential to drive operational efficiencies by providing visibility into your supply chain. Download this white paper to discover the benefits of using a modern approach to supply chain analytics with Incorta. Plus, explore 4 key obstacles facing supply chain analytics today.

  • Top 5 Reasons Your Analytics Project is Guaranteed to Fail

    Gartner estimates that 70%-80% of BI initiatives end up failing. But, what does failure mean? And why is failure so common? Download this resource to discover the 5 top reasons analytics projects fail and how you can prevent these from happening to your business' analytics projects.

  • The 3 Questions Every Analytics Project Needs to Answer

    Don't miss the opportunity to learn what questions to ask and how to answer them for delivering critical and up-to-date analytical insights in a timely manner. Download to discover the 3 key questions so that your analytics projects don't let you down.

  • Modern Data Warehousing without the Burden of ETL

    In this Eckerson Group report, benefit from the independent expertise of research analyst, Dave Wells, as he provides alternatives to retiring data warehouses for faster data access. Find out how to solve ongoing legacy data warehouse pain points by overcoming the challenges of data warehouse management (without loss of data or information).

  • Modern Data Warehousing: Analytics without the Modeling

    This Eckerson Group report details 3 new approaches to data-driven environments that are replacing traditional approaches of data warehousing. Learn how the downsides of traditional data warehousing are being tackled by these new methods and with less need for data modeling.

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