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  • Modernizing Your Approach to Reporting and Analytics

    As you look to modernize your reporting, BI, and analytics capabilities, you should make sure you aren’t settling for a legacy platform approach that focuses on a monolithic, on-prem data warehouse appliance. Download this TDWI Research report to learn how to navigate the challenges you’ll encounter when transitioning to a modern infrastructure.

  • Next Level Data Analytics

    Read this white paper to learn how business leaders can better store their data, disseminate it across their organization, and use modern analytics to predict important trends and uncover insight hidden deep in their business.

  • Using Modern Data Analytics To Overcome Erp Reporting Issues

    Access this e-book to learn how to tackle the two biggest issues with legacy ERP and discover how the Direct Data Platform from Incorta addresses them head-on using data analytics.

  • The Insight-Driven CFO: 3 Key Hurdles to Overcome for Faster, Better-Informed Decisions

    Advanced analytics are playing a key role in informed, up-to-date decision making. Access this white paper to learn how CFOs and other business leaders can overcome 3 key problems keeping them from successful, widespread real-time analytics integration.

  • Taking the Direct Path from Data to Decision to Accelerate Business Insight

    The importance of embracing digital transformation has only grown over the past year. So how are the most agile businesses focusing their investments and accelerating their data-driven growth? Read this 451 Research report to learn how better analytics platforms, data integration, and data storage can help create and improve business insight.

  • Why You Need Real-Time Data To Thrive In The New Normal

    Legacy data systems can slow manufacturers down and limit their ability to plan for market shocks or new demands. Read on to learn how a fast, end-to-end data solution can help you prioritize real-time BI and keep your manufacturing systems, supply chain, and sales data integrated and intact.

  • Financial Services

    The complex and sensitive data financial services collect can be hard to use due to data siloes and legacy systems. Read this white paper to learn how you can use an end-to-end data management solution to integrate all this data for streamlined access, better analytics, and informed decision making.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ Of Incorta Direct Data Platform

    How can you ensure your BI and analytics initiatives are giving you real-time, trustworthy insights? Download this Forrester Total Economic Impact™ report to learn how Incorta’s Direct Data Platform addresses these problems and provides a 313% ROI, reduced maintenance costs, and increased data analyst and engineer productivity.

  • Incorta Direct Data Platform

    While real-time analytics is a goal for many companies, establishing an effective real-time analytics platform can be costly, complex, and time consuming. Read this short sheet to learn how Incorta’s Direct Data Platform can help businesses of all sizes achieve analytics agility, simply their data pipelines, and create BI self-sufficiency.

  • Accelerating Analytics With Direct Data Mapping

    Read this white paper to learn how Incorta’s unique Direct Data Mapping approach allows real-time analytics to be deployed directly on top of original, complex transactional data—eliminating the need for complicated data tables, data transformations, and IT ticket overload.

  • How To Accelerate Operational Reporting And Analytics For Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS)

    While solutions like Oracle E-Business Suite (ESB) add value to companies, they often need integrated, high-performance analytics to achieve near-instant reporting. Read this white paper to learn how your business can utilize cutting-edge analytics programs with real-time data access to capitalize on the value Oracle’s ESB provides.

  • Blueprints

    An effective analytics initiative should provide your business with an easily digestible overview of your data. This can be done by aggregating information from sources like Salesforce or SAP. Read on to learn how Blueprints from Incorta can provide you with the data visualization tools needed to create insight.

  • Top 5 Reasons Your Analytics Project Is Guaranteed To Fail

    Gartner estimates that 70 to 80 percent of BI initiatives end up failing—but how is it possible that so many businesses fail with BI & analytics? Read this white paper to learn 5 reasons analytics solutions are considered failures and learn how you can surmount these challenges.

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