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  • 2018 User Risk Report

    More than 6,000 working adults across the world were surveyed about their personal security habits. To find out what these employees really know about cybersecurity, download this report for some shocking results. Could some of these folks be working at your organization?

  • 2018 Beyond the Phish Report

    In this Beyond the Phish report, uncover findings related to end-user risk, including identification of phishing threats, and a comparison of end-user knowledge levels across 16 industries.

  • Cybersecurity in Financial Services: A Complex Threat Requiring a Comprehensive Strategy

    Cybersecurity problems are getting worse overtime, so strategies in place need to constantly be updated. This Osterman Research white paper offers a multi-dimensional view of the complex cybersecurity landscape that financial firms and professionals face.

  • Royal Bank of Scotland Reduces Phishing Susceptibility by More Than 78%

    Financial institutions are highly targeted by cybercriminals. Explore this case study to gain insight into how Royal Bank of Scotland overcame the increase of malware and phishing attacks targeting their organization.

  • State of Security Education: Healthcare

    According to Ponemon Institute's Cost of Data Breach Study, the cost of a healthcare data breach is $380 per record. Utilize this research report to learn about security threats within the healthcare industry and how you can mitigate them.

  • Successful Phishing Attacks at a Northeastern US College Drop by 90%

    According to the Verizon DBIR, 44% of breaches in the education sector involve social attacks, including email. Explore this case study to gain insight into how one public college revamped its cybersecurity approach after falling victim to a damaging email attack.

  • State of the Phish 2018

    According to Wombat Security's State of the Phish 2018 Report, 76% of respondents said they experienced phishing attacks in 2017. This report helps CISOs and their teams identify opportunities to more effectively manage end-user risk within their organizations.

  • User Risk Report: Results of an International Cybersecurity Awareness Survey

    It is no secret that cybersecurity and its role in data protection is front-page news on a regular basis. This report reveals personal habits of employees regarding data and network security and overall shows a need for improvement in these areas.

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