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  • The Modern Approach to Application Security – Layered Security

    In the “new normal,” organizations need to accelerate their application security to the speed of modern software development. Access this white paper to discover how applying ‘Defense in Depth’ and implementing a layered approach to AppSec is the change organizations need to keep up with the modern requirements.

  • Vantage Prevent

    Organizations need to deliver new applications and API’s, fast. Unfortunately, this need for speed can lead to vulnerabilities in software code and ‘at-risk’ applications. Read this data sheet to learn how Vantage Prevent aims to allow developers to discover and resolve vulnerabilities before they reach production.

  • Vantage Platform

    Getting your application security to match the speed of modern development can be a challenge for your DevOps and security teams. Access this white paper to learn more about how the Vantage Platform enables enterprises to inspect, prevent, and detect exploitable vulnerabilities at each stage of the SDLC.

  • Vantage Inspect

    Organizations need a way to test application code for security vulnerabilities that is easy, repeatable, and part of an automated process. Open this data sheet to learn how Vantage Inspect combines I-SCA, SAST, and Infrastructure-as-code technologies into one solution that can help inspect an application's source code, open-source, and more.

  • Vantage Detect

    Modern application security requires a modern solution that can keep up with an organization’s unique processes and tools. Download this data sheet to learn how Vantage Detect evolves traditional DAST technology to account for how modern applications are built.


    Digital transformation in this new era has increased security risks and widened the threat landscape for the most companies across the globe. Open the case study to learn how one of the world’s largest fast-food chains secures business-critical applications with WhiteHat Security.

  • Beers on Breaches: 6-Pack Roundup

    Access this blog to learn about companies like McDonalds, Wegman’s, and more that have been victimized by data breaches so you can stay ahead of the hits.

  • Crash Course Series Webinar - XSS Part1

    Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is one of the most prevalent vulnerabilities on the web today and can also be one of the most dangerous and damaging attacks as well. Watch the webinar to explore XSS in all its glory.

  • Follow Up: National Cybersecurity Executive Order

    With the recent Executive Order (EO), the promise for remediating cybersecurity vulnerabilities have posed more serious and lasting threats has surfaced. Access this blog to look at the timeline between the signed EO and initiatives for improving the infrastructure of national cybersecurity to date.

  • Don’t Let These Five Myths Hinder Your DevSecOps Adoption

    Everyone is talking about DevSecOps, but very few organizations have mastered it. Explore the 5 myths that can hinder your DevSecOps adoption—and how to debunk them—right here.

  • Making It All Work: A Practical Guide to Operationalizing the Modern AppSec Framework

    The Modern AppSec Framework delivers a functional plan with which organizations can use to develop and deliver secure applications, regardless of where they are in their security or application development journey. Download the practical guide to operationalizing the modern AppSec framework here.

  • Top 5 Ways to Be Cyber Smart

    October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and to help kick it off in style, NTT Application Security is here with a rundown of 5 of the top AppSec actions you and your organization can take right now to get cyber smart and strengthen your security posture as we finish 2021 strong and dive boldly into 2022.

  • DAST TO THE FUTURE: Shifting the Modern Application Security Paradigm

    If the goal of application security testing is a digital future that is free from breaches, a DAST-forward approach is a must. Read on to learn how a modern paradigm can take your application security DAST to the future.

  • AppSec Stats Flash Podcast: Applying the 80/20 Rule for Web, API and mobile AppSec

    The application threat landscape is rapidly evolving – this means a more frequent analysis of application security policies. What steps can be taken to make apps more secure? Watch this webcast featuring a panel of industry experts as they provide key data points and trends and discuss what can be done to improve application security.

  • Get the Most Mileage Out of Your AppSec Program

    While formulating your race strategy to stay secure in 2021 and beyond, your security and development teams must be running at optimal performance to ensure vulnerabilities are identified and remediated. Join this webinar to learn how you can take your application risk management to the next level.

  • AppSec Stats Flash: Applying the 80/20 Rule for Web, API and Mobile AppSec

    In this month’s issue of the AppSec Stats Flash report, take a closer look at the threat landscape surrounding web, mobile and API-based application security to uncover key metrics related to top vulnerabilities and best practices for addressing them – such as leveraging the OWASP Top-10. Read on to unlock the full report.


    Whether your team is creating its first AppSec program or searching for expert program management to move security left, WhiteHat Security’s AppSec Performance Package might be able to help. Save this data sheet to see how WhiteHat can help your team identify program risks and secure more applications in less time, with less in-house resources.

  • AppSec Stats Flash Podcast

    In this episode of the AppSec Stats Flash podcast, join Setu Kulkarni, VP of Corporate Strategy and Business Development and Zach Jones, Sr. Director Security Research, as they dive into the first 3 key metrics of application security and explore the topic of shared responsibility for security. Listen here.

  • Application Security Stats Flash

    API-based applications are more at risk than ever before. As such, there is a critical need for a frequent and periodic analysis of the state of application security. Use this report, AppSec Stats Flash by WhiteHat security, to explore biggest windows of exposure by industry, the most prominent security vulnerabilities and average time-to-fix.

  • Enable and Educate Your Team

    Too many cyberattacks come from subpar employee enablement and/or security misconfigurations. WhiteHat is looking to resolve this issue with their eLearning Platform, designed to educate your users on common application security threats, best practices, incident remediation, and more – read on to learn more about the platform.

  • Women Building Careers in Cybersecurity

    According to a recent study, women make up nearly half of the adult workforce in the US yet hold only a quarter of technology positions – a number that dwindles as you move up the leadership ladder. Watch this webinar and join a panel of women leaders in the tech industry as they discuss their experiences, challenges and accomplishments.

  • Are Your Apps in the Race to Win?

    For modern organizations, applications play a prominent role in both internal operations and interacting with end-users. As a result, application security has become critical. Watch this webinar to learn more about AppSec and why it’s critical for digital transformation initiatives.

  • The State of Application Security

    Attackers continue to take advantage of application flaws to compromise organizations and put their customers at risk. This means that as much as Dev teams prioritize faster release cycles, it’s important that they don’t overlook security. In this WhiteHat webinar, examine the state of application security and what you can do to stay protected.

  • Bridge your Executive Team

    Application security is becoming increasingly important as applications play a more prominent role in driving today’s economy. Watch this webinar to learn more about the current state of AppSec, the challenges security teams are facing and how to get executive buy-in for AppSec initiatives.

  • Application Evolution

    In this video, learn how the nature of IT security is changing and what that means for the roles and expertise required inside your organization, so you can successfully secure your applications – and your future.

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