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  • Fundamentals of Building Next-Generation Applications

    The Instaclustr Managed Platform delivers a unified management environment for open-source technologies that deliver storage, search, streaming, analytics and exploration services. This platform allows for the combined operation, monitoring, and orchestration to meet your needs of scale, performance and availability. Read now for more information.

  • Open Source Is Quickly - and Rightfully - Becoming the Enterprise's First Choice

    In the database management systems (DBMS) space, adoption of open-source implementation over the past 5 years is increasing. Read this white paper to learn about the 6 advantages of open-source DBMSes that are pushing this trend.

  • Elassandra = Elasticsearch + Apache Cassandra

    Check out the many features, tools and offerings of Apache Elassandra.

  • Managing Reliability at Scale with DBaaS

    To get a full understanding of what to look for in a DBaaS provider download this white paper and discover many of the key characteristic you should look for, including dynamic scaling, configurable backups and snapshots and more.

  • How Real-Time Data Streaming Helps

    What exactly can Apache Kafka be used for? Download to discover several industries and uses cases for Apache Kafka.

  • A Managed Platform for Open-Source Applications

    When it comes to open source applications, an integrated managed platform can help provide this foundation, and can provide 24/7 support, management of thousands of nodes, and more. Download this white paper to learn more about a managed platform option for open source applications.

  • Apache Cassandra Can Help Modernize Payment Processing

    Apache Cassandra may be becoming the payment transaction store and caching layer of choice for financial services customers. In this white paper, learn how Apache Cassandra can deliver key building blocks for meeting the requirements of modern payment systems.

  • The ROI of Managed Apache Kafka Service

    For businesses that use large-scale, always-on applications, Apache Kafka is becoming a popular tool to handle and stream real-time data. Explore 3 considerations when choosing Apache Kafka, and what you should think about if you want to use a managed services provider.

  • Managed Solutions: Apache Kafka

    Download this resource to explore the capabilities of Apache Kafka, an open-source platform that provides built-in monitoring statistics to help you understand real-time data.

  • 10 Rules for Managing Apache Kafka

    In this whitepaper, explore 10 tips and tricks to help you perfect your Kafka system to get ahead.

  • Understanding Apache Kafka

    In this white paper, explore a queuing and streaming engine (Apache Kafka) in full detail and learn how it can increase reliability during workload spikes as well as develop strong architectural flexibility.

  • The ROI of Managed Cassandra Services

    Learn about managed services for Cassandra and discover 3 key considerations impacting implementation so that you can make sure your database deployment is as scalable and cost-effective as possible.

  • Overcome the Challenges of Cassandra Implementations for Big Data

    Discover best practices for tackling the challenge of big data with an approach centered on simplifying Apache Cassandra deployments. Learn about 4 common pitfalls of Cassandra implementations and explore a case study about how Peloton harnessed big data.

  • Managed Apache Cassandra Services

    Learn about a managed Apache Cassandra service designed to help you optimize your configuration of Cassandra, achieve low latency, provide high availability, and more.

  • Managed Apache Spark for Large-Scale Analytics

    Learn about a managed Apache Spark service that provides you with a platform, collocated with your Apache Cassandra data store, to enable efficient stream or batch analytics.

  • 5 Reasons Why Choosing Apache Cassandra is Planning for a Multi-Cloud Future

    Explore how you can mitigate the complexities of a multi-cloud deployment and ensure that your data gets where it needs to go.

  • 6 Step Guide to Apache Cassandra Data Modelling

    This white paper covers a methodical approach that can be useful in approaching Cassandra data modelling, focusing on 3 simple principles and 6 steps that implement the principles.

  • Case Study: AdStage Deploys Instaclustr

    In this case study, uncover how AdStage (a technology company) migrated to an open source database that provided a highly available architecture, a managed service allowing them to concentrate on customers and to get the most value out of customer data sets, and more.

  • Instaclustr Blackberry Case Study

    Learn how BlackBerry deployed a NoSQL database for its IoT platform to handle data intake and application scaling requirements.

  • Cassandra NoSQL Data Model Design

    Uncover the 3 phases you can follow when designing a new data model, as well as an example of building a database to store and retrieve log messages from multiple servers to avoid any traps along the way.

  • Managed Cassandra versus DynamoDB

    This white paper explores the strengths and weaknesses of 2 popular NoSQL databases, and the functional differences to look at when selecting a system that best fits your requirements.

  • Apache Kafka Tips & Tricks

    Stream processing software like Apace Kafka has become a valuable tool for providing enterprises with extreme data processing connectivity, but understanding the deeper nuances of the platform can be a struggle. This expert guide provides 9 tips to make sure your Kafka deployment remains simple and fully optimized.

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