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  • How to Navigate the Intersection of DevOps and Security

    Open this whitepaper on navigating the intersection of DevOps and security to learn how to include security early on in your development process and keep your deployment schedule moving smoothly.

  • Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing

    In this Gartner Magic Quadrant report, discover 11 AST vendors and how they stack up. Some of these vendors include, Synopsys, Veracode, IBM, WhiteHat Security, and more. Read on to see how these vendors stack up.

  • The CISO's Ultimate Guide to Securing Applications

    In The CISO's Ultimate Guide to Securing Applications, discover the tools and services you need to get your application security program on track.

  • Agile Development for Application Security Managers

    Security is an incredibly important, though oftentimes forgotten piece of any Agile process. In this guide, find what tweaks to your Agile process you can make today to improve security and deploy your applications even faster.

  • Enterprise Application Security Buying Guide

    To ensure you have the technology necessary to build secure software, you'll want to put together a tool belt of solutions that address specific types of applications security weaknesses. Explore these 13 application security tools to learn what you should include as a part of your application security tool belt, and what to look for in each one.

  • Introducing Security Champions to the DevSecOps Life Cycle

    Security needs to be run inside an Agile sprint in order to keep the pace of development from slowing down too much. Check out this whitepaper on converting developers into Security Champions – developers with a direct impact on the resiliency and security of their firm's software.

  • 2019 Open Source Security and Risk Analysis

    In a survey by Black Duck Audit Services in 2018, 60% of codebases contained at least one open source vulnerability. Open these survey results to learn where open source vulnerabilities are most likely lurking, and best practices for mitigating open source security risks.

  • The Agile Security Manifesto

    Take a look through these 4 principles of building security into Agile development to find out what tweaks you can make to your process today for the best chance of mitigating security threats in all of your hard work.

  • Software Security Is Not Keeping Pace with Technology in the AutoIndustry

    Discover this survey of the current cybersecurity practices in the automotive industry to fill a gap that has existed far too long—the lack of data needed to understand the automotive industry's cybersecurity posture and its capability to address software security risks inherent in connected, software-enabled vehicles.

  • The Developer's Guide to Software Integrity

    Explore the importance of DevSecOps in building high-quality apps and learn which tools are best suited to helping developers identify and resolve the bugs that can lead to crashes or act as points of entry for attackers.

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