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  • Bridge to Cloud - Using Apache Kafka to Migrate to GCP

    Watch this in-depth webcast to learn how Apache Kafka and replication can keep all your on-prem and cloud apps in sync, so you can spend less time worrying about architecture and more time on app dev.

  • 5 Trends in Real-Time Applications

    In this webinar, get valuable market research data about how other organizations are managing streaming data and learn how real-time processing is a key component of a digital transformation strategy.

  • Event-Driven Business: How Leading Companies Are Adopting Streaming Strategies

    Having access to data from mobile apps, IoT devices and social media feeds in real-time is essential to staying ahead of the competition. Download this webcast and learn how organizations are adopting streaming as a strategic decision, using streaming data for a competitive advantage, using real-time processing for their application and more.

  • Five Stages to Streaming Platform Adoption

    Streaming data is becoming a necessity for businesses, as the ability to both view data and address problems in real-time can enhance company growth significantly. Read this resource to learn how to implement these 5 streaming platform adoption strategies within your organization.

  • The Total Economic Impact™ of Confluent Platform

    Organizations must be able to capture every piece of data that they can in real time. Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform designed to answer an organization's need for real-time data analysis. Read this Forrester Total Economic Impact report for more information on the results that each company experienced using Confluent.

  • Event-Driven Businesses: How to Handle the Flow of Event Data

    Since 2016, there has been a 56% increase in data-driven strategies, according to EMA Research. To make event-based business models a reality, many organizations are turning to streaming data as a strategic decision. Download this resource to discover streaming data implementation obstacles, primary business uses, and more.

  • Streaming Data: A New Imperative

    Organizations' need for real-time data has increased significantly. According to Ventana Research, 46% of organizations said they consider processing events in seconds or sub-seconds to be essential to their organization. Read this white paper for more information on how to stream data in real time properly.

  • Designing Event-Driven Systems

    Download this comprehensive 166 page guide to learn everything you need to know about designing event driven systems for streaming services, with features that improve scale, performance and reliability in production built on Apache Kafka.

  • Women's Health Company Relies on a Streaming Platform

    Electronic medical records (EHRs) are notoriously complicated, especially when they need to be managed across numerous clinical locations. Explore this case study on how Celmatix deployed a streaming platform to receive numerous benefits regarding data accessibility and security for sensitive patient information.

  • 2018 Apache Kafka Report

    Read this annual 31-page report for detailed survey results on trends, statistics, opinions and more regarding Apache Kafka's data streaming platform, and explore how it is being used in retail, healthcare, banking and other industries.

  • TiVo Takes Customer-Centric Programming to New Heights

    As TiVo has grown as an entertainment services provider, it has experienced issues of data accessibility and application complexity. In this case study, discover how TiVo improved data access and their customer experience by using a data streaming platform for reduced deployment times, increased scalability and more.

  • Top 3 Use Cases for Real Time Streams

    Streaming data, opposed to big data, takes low-latency data at scale and centralizes it for all applications and systems in your company. Explore this white paper to discover 3 valuable use cases for a streaming platform and how it benefits the Royal Bank of Canada.

  • Streaming Data Enables a Data-Driven Organization

    As Canada's largest banks with 16 million clients, the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) sought a way to improve customer experience through data. Explore how RBC found a way to stream data in real-time and reaped benefits in multiple areas, including increased efficiency in app building and faster anomaly detection.

  • How (And Why) To Harness Real-Time Insights With A Streaming Platform

    With real-time decision making on everyone's agenda, now is the time to put a streaming platform at the center of your business. Learn 3 reasons why many companies arrive at their need for a streaming platform, how to harness real-time data with a streaming platform, and more.

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