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  • Aeris Whitepaper: How to Scale Your IoT Solution

    With so many endpoints to watch over, leveraging of cloud architecture and rapidly developing security threats in play, scaling your IoT solution can be a complex endeavor. By reading this guide, you will learn common issues that organizations face as they scale and how a sophisticated IoT connectivity provider can help you overcome them.

  • Aeris Whitepaper: IoT Device Security: Understanding IoT Security Rules and Regulations

    Customers whose IoT programs collect personally identifiable data should keep security top of mind to ensure they’re compliant with local, national and global data privacy regulations. Read this white paper too learn more about IoT device security and how the landscape is affected by data privacy rules and regulations.

  • IoT Connectivity Buyer’s Guide

    Getting your first few connected devices to market can feel like a monumental accomplishment. Then scaling your deployment to thousands and tens of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of devices introduces a whole new set of challenges. In this buyer’s guide, uncover what you should look for in a cellular IoT connectivity partner.

  • Aeris Whitepaper: How Wireless Connectivity Can Make or Break the Success of Your Remote Patient Monitoring Application

    Remote patient monitoring applications could dramatically reduce healthcare costs by enabling patients to receive effective and proper care from the comfort of their homes. In this brief, view best practices that can help remote patient monitoring companies decide which type of wireless connectivity to use and how to use it most effectively.

  • Aeris Whitepaper: Getting Fleet Video Telematics Right

    With video telematics solutions installed on more than 2 million vehicles worldwide, the safety, security, and cost control benefits they can deliver are well proven. Download this white paper for tips and guidance that can help you as select and configure a wireless connectivity provider for fleet management.

  • IoT Connectivity Buyer’s Guide: Fleet Management Edition

    Your fleet management solution is only as good as the network it’s built on. So if your connectivity provider can’t offer the support you need, it may be time to look for a new one. In this buyer’s guide, explore tips and considerations you should review prior to investing in an IoT-powered fleet management solution.

  • Building Better Driver Portraits: IoT in The Telematics Industry

    In this expert-guide, learn how one telematics firm is putting IoT to work using roaming networks to deliver connectivity not only in their native UK, but across Europe. Then, read about how big data gained from IoT devices is helping to paint a more three-dimensional portrait of the transportation industry.

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