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  • 5 Tips to Ensure a Successful DX Integration

    A critical tactical step required to drive a digital transformation strategy is integration. Integrating systems is what enables you to automate and remove the manual processes that have bogged you down for so long. Download this white paper for 5 tips on completing a successful integration as part of your DX strategy.

  • On the Radar: Conga Contracts for Salesforce

    While sales force automation systems and most CRM applications focus on helping salespeople sell, the management of the eventual contract is often ignored. Conga fills that gap. Learn about contract management offerings for Salesforce and non-Salesforce environments by Conga in this Ovum product analysis.

  • Document Automation is Key to Business Success: Digital Transformation Brings Documents and Data Together

    As companies increasingly embrace digital transformation, it’s important to pay close attention to document automation. Download this research summary to learn about document automation and how it can help propel digital transformation plans.

  • The 7 Must-have Automated Documents for Business Success

    Automating time- and resource-intensive processes allows teams to work more efficiently, be more responsive to customers and partners, and more. Read this e-book for 7 common document-based processes that are ideal for digital transformation and automation.

  • Land More Clients With Winning Proposals

    The sales proposal you deliver to a potential customer defines their first impression of your company—so, how do you ensure that your best foot is put forward to deliver an effective, intelligent proposal that ensures a long-term partnership and drives revenue? Read this white paper to find out.

  • The Path to Year-end Efficiency

    When it comes to preparing for the end of the fiscal year, one of the biggest hurdles is how much time sales reps waste on repetitive data entry. That’s where automation can help. Download this white paper to discover the ways document automation can help sales, procurement and legal teams.

  • Laying the Foundations for the Future of IT Procurement

    Jump inside this 28-page report to learn about the challenges 100 real-world IT procurement managers have identified throughout their procurement processes – and how they’re solving them.

  • Contract Management in the Age of Digital Transformation: Improve your Processes for Better Business Outcomes

    Check out today’s featured contract lifecycle management (CLM) white paper from the experts at Frost & Sullivan and discover how to leverage a robust digital transformation framework and software.

  • Transform Your Business With Integrated Electronic Signatures

    Getting agreements signed is mission-critical in any organization—making contracts and signatures ideal focuses for digital transformation efforts. Read this white paper to learn how you can seamlessly integrate electronic signatures across a multitude of key applications.

  • Business success through Digital Document Transformation

    The bad news is that your competitors have already modernized their document creation process, and there is no more time to waste. Read this white paper to find out how you can get started on your document digital transformation today—and why you should.

  • Conga + Salesforce CPQ

    Read this white paper for a better, more modern, approach to handling business contracts—by putting a focus on sales, while still delivering value across the organization.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Digital Document Transformation

    Leveraging AI for documents and contracts takes expertise, experience, and context—but, when you get it right, it is a catalyst for business growth. Read this white paper to learn about the business value AI can bring to your document and contracts management, and how Conga can help you get there.

  • Creating a Business Case For Contract Lifecycle Management

    Contracts play a major role in every business, and, if they aren’t well administered, introduce opportunity for significant risk and loss. Read this white paper for ROI research results and tips on how to make the case for the importance of contract lifecycle management to decision-makers.

  • Digital Transformation is Never Done

    In this white paper, discover why digitally transforming your documents is essential to a strong digital transformation strategy and modern business plan, and explore how to take your document transformation to the next level with document intelligence.

  • Why You Need to Accelerate Your Contract Experience: Empowering Sales and Legal Teams to Collaborate

    What do sales teams and legal teams have in common? Contracts. In this white paper, explore how an effective contract management system can help sales and legal teams alike, and explore how a contract management system can help lower costs, improve CX, reduce manual errors within your business process.

  • Business Success Through Digital Document Transformation

    In this white paper, discover how an intelligent automated document generation and management system can help transform your business processes. Explore the benefits of automation, and bring your documents and data together for a modernized document management experience.

  • Insights on the State of Digital Transformation: Conga Survey

    In this survey from Conga, uncover new insights into how Salesforce users manage contracts and data. Explore why an increasing number of Salesforce users are turning to AI, and discover the role of quality data and transformative technologies in digital transformation initiatives.

  • Documents Make Digital Transformation a Reality

    In this white paper, explore how documents form the connective tissue of a successful business, and discover how an intelligent document management system can help businesses streamline and strengthen their digital transformation initiatives.

  • How to Avoid Sales Pitfalls with End-to-End Sales Acceleration

    In this white paper, discover the major administrative pitfalls of sales organizations, and explore how Conga's integrated solutions can help sales teams achieve the end-to-end acceleration of their sales cycle, and sales team optimization.

  • Accelerate the Contract Process and Lose Fewer Deals

    70% of all deals fall apart due to slow-downs during the late phase of contract negotiation. In this e-book, discover how contract process automation can help your sales teams accelerate the contract process, and transform your end of sales cycle from the place where deals die to the place where your sales reps become heroes.

  • Improve Your Sales Process with Document Generation

    In this white paper, explore why sales teams are using document generation systems in their business processes, and uncover how a document generation system from Conga can help your sales team eliminate manual errors, and increase sales process optimization.

  • People or Machines: Understanding the Future of Contract Management

    In this white paper, learn how AI and other smart technologies are helping contract professionals streamline productivity and improve overall performance. Explore the benefits of an intelligent contract management system, and review your software options with Conga.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Business Documents and Contracts

    How is machine learning, robotic process automation, and natural language processing creating intelligent contract management solutions? In this white paper, explore the how an AI-infused document management platform can help maximize your business potential, and explore your software options with Conga's AI-infused contract management solutions.

  • The 7 Must-Have Automated Documents for Business Success

    In this guide, explore how automating your essential business documents can help your team gain efficiency and improve your bottom-line. Discover the 7 documents all business should consider automating, and decide for yourself if an automated document management tool from Conga is right for you.

  • Document Automation is Key to Business Success

    Today's smart businesses are looking for ways to automate routine processes around document creation and management. Download this white paper to discover how intelligent document automation can help organizations increase productivity, achieve scalability, and deliver consistently positive user experiences without increasing manual workloads.

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