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  • Cutting Through the Haze: 3 Steps to Gain Control of Cloud Security

    The cloud is a notable business advantage, but it does bring numerous security concerns. In this e-book, discover 3 steps to help you gain control of cloud security in hybrid enterprises.

  • Rethinking Enterprise Data Defense

    Despite heavy investment of time and resources, the number of cybersecurity breaches and incidents continues to increase each year. In this e-book discover how to rethink your enterprise security strategy and explore proactive defense tactics.

  • Your Firewalls Are Dirtier Than You Think

    Outdated firewall practices can leave vulnerabilities within your organizations network. These gaps can lead to security risks and underperformance. This infographic highlights the 4 steps for improving your firewall cleanup process. Read on to learn more.

  • The Top 4 Myths of Policy Compliance

    This white paper highlights the necessary steps to improve your security posture, achieve continuous compliance, and gain real-time visibility and control to protect your hybrid environments.

  • 2019 State of the Firewall

    The gap between innovation and security can lead to errors, accidental exposure, or service disruptions. In this 2019 state of the firewall infographic, learn why network security risk is at an all-time high and more.

  • State of the Firewall

    While firewalls are a critical part of a holistic security approach, enterprises remain challenged by the lack of automation, network security complexity, and lack of overall network visibility. Recently, FireMon conducted research into how organizations are managing security challenges. Read on to uncover the key themes and findings.

  • Don’t Let Misconfigurations Leave a Hole in Your Firewall

    Human error is inevitable in manual processes. In this product overview, discover the 10 misconfigurations that cause data breaches and how FireMon Automation can help to eliminate them.

  • Automation Is a Security Pro’s Best Friend

    The benefits of automation are universal no matter your industry. In this infographic, learn 7 reasons why automation is a security pro’s best friend including its ability to remove the manual tasks that often result in human error.

  • Security Automation 101: Change Management and the Complexity Gap

    Download this e-book to see how the complexity gap is impacting organizations and the pivotal role network security policy automation plays in helping organizations reduce risk and enhance their overall security posture.

  • 5 Steps to Keep Network Security Enforcement Points Secure and Up-To-Date

    In this whitepaper, find 5 steps you can take to understand the current state of your network connections and ensure that the enforcement points designed to protect the environment remain up-to-date and carried out.

  • Continuous Cyber Situational Awareness

    Enterprises can use continuous monitoring to determine the security posture of systems and the organization at any given moment. Organizations of all sizes should consider a comprehensive continuous monitoring strategy to decrease risk. Download this white paper to learn how you can get started.

  • State of Hybrid Cloud Security: 2019

    This report reveals new findings from surveying more than 400 security practitioners and surfaces 3 major themes affecting hybrid cloud security: scale and complexity, lack of resources and shared security responsibility. Read on for the key facts and figures from this research.

  • Firewall Cleanup Recommendations

    In this white paper, learn about specialized tools and features that can help clean up enterprise-wide firewalls efficiently and thoroughly.

  • Cutting Through the Haze: 3 Steps to Gain Control of Cloud Security

    Learn what's important when developing a strong program for maintaining continuous security while your business does business in the cloud.

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