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  • The IT Director's Cybersecurity Checklist

    When it comes to managing cybersecurity, IT leaders & their teams are at a disadvantage: As threat methods are increasing in frequency & complexity, security teams must ensure protection with limited resources. Download this checklist as you develop your cybersecurity strategy & make effective use of existing resources.

  • California Federal Credit Union Bolsters Security & Compliance Using SOC-as-a-Service

    In this case study, discover how Kern Schools Federal Credit Union, a financial institution in California, partnered with Arctic Wolf to establish a security program that allowed for comprehensive network visibility, robust reporting & flexibility to adapt – all while ensuring compliance.

  • Managed Vulnerability Assessment

    In this buyer’s guide, discover how vulnerability assessment and management can give you the visibility you need to prioritize security tasks.

  • Cyber Risk Spotlight Report: 11 Metrics to Watch

    According to Gartner, it takes hackers on average fewer than 8 days to exploit a vulnerability. In this report, dive into the key metrics every security team needs to better secure their operations and help prevent cyberattacks.

  • How to Build Out Your Cybersecurity Technology Stack

    For organizations beginning their journey towards establishing a cybersecurity program, there can be an overwhelming number of vendors to choose from. This white paper is designed to guide organizations as they begin their selection process by providing advice for what to look for when evaluating vendors and service providers.

  • Roper Pump Enhances Security Posture with Arctic Wolf’s SOC-as-a-Service

    The Roper Pump team had multiple reasons to ramp up their security program: they own a vast amount of intellectual property, allowing them to be first to market and stay ahead of their competition. In this case study, follow Roger Pump’s journey towards network visibility & data protection.

  • The State and Local Cybersecurity Crisis

    Ransomware attacks are rising threat for government agencies. In 2019 alone, 22 cities experienced ransomware attacks – causing financial and reputational damage for agencies already facing budgetary constraints. Download this white paper to take a closer look at where the vulnerabilities lie & tactics that can help fill the resource gap.

  • Stay out of the Headlines

    Cyberattack detection & prevention is critical to maintaining an organization’s network. Too often, data breaches leave an organization and its customers devastated. In this white paper, explore the modern tactics and technologies being used by organizations to avoid headlines and other negative effects of cyberattacks.

  • 2019 Data Breaches in Review

    2019 broke the record for most data beaches in any single year, both in terms of number of breaches and records exposed. This report examines the top 20 data breaches of 2019, breaking down the methods used and the impact of each attack.

  • MDR Buyer's Guide

    Managed detection and response (MDR) is an increasingly popular approach that addresses security monitoring challenges, as it delivers real-time, 24/7 managed detection and response using a holistic, turnkey approach. Download this buyer's guide for key features you should look for in an MDR service.

  • How Midsize Enterprises are Tackling Cyberthreat Challenges

    The small to midsize enterprise (SME) segment may not make the top headlines when it comes to cyberattacks, but that doesn't mean these organizations have it any easier than their large enterprise counterparts. Read on for actionable insights into how peer organizations in this segment are tackling cyberthreat challenges.

  • Protecting Against the Top 5 Attack Vectors

    Recently, there has been an abundance of cyberattacks in the news with popular companies, such as Uber and Equifax. Explore this resource to uncover how to protect against the top 5 attack vectors.

  • Contractor Cyber Risk Continues to Grow

    Access this resource to learn 3 strategies to mitigate risk when hiring an outside contractor for your networking needs.

  • 10 Capabilities to Look For in an MDR Solution

    Multiple point products and defense-in-depth strategies are no longer sufficient to protect companies that operate in today's cyberspace. Learn 10 capabilities to look for in a managed detection and response (MDR) service to help you stay protected in today's evolving threat landscape.

  • Security Comparison: MDR, MSSP, and SIEM

    Gain valuable insights into the pros and cons of MDR, MSSP and SIEM to help build your cybersecurity protection protocols against today's threats – and tomorrow's.

  • The 5-Minute Companion for the Cyber-Conscious Employee

    Recent studies have pointed fingers at employees, often referring to them as the "weakest link" in cybersecurity. However, more often than not employees haven't received the proper training. Access your 5-minute guide to cyber-consciousness.

  • What you Need to Know About Cloud Security

    In this e-book, gain a stronger understanding of the 3 most prominent types of cloud services and the questions your organization should ask when building a network security platform.

  • To SIEM or not to SIEM

    Uncover the top 5 reasons why SIEM can be a bad choice for mid-market companies.

  • Build or Buy? Security Operations Center Strategies for Midmarket Companies

    Discover insights into the challenges and opportunities of building your security internally and the advantages of a managed security operations center.

  • SANS Review: SOC-as-a-Service

    In this brief resource, SANS reviews Arctic Wolf's SOC-as-a-Service offering so you can see how it stacks up against the competition.

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