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  • eSentire Atlas XDR Cloud Platform

    With this white paper, learn about eSentire’s XDR platform with multi-signal ingest and machine learning models that eliminates noise, enables real-time threat detection, and automatically blocks threats to make eSentire MDR possible. Read on to learn more.

  • Managed Detection and Response

    In today’s threat landscape, the time between alert and action is critical for your business. Managed detection and response (MDR) can help you identify attacks in seconds and contain them in minutes before they cause serious business disruption. Download this data sheet to learn why eSentire’s MDR platform looks to be a difference maker.

  • eSentire MDR with Microsoft Defender for Office 365

    68% of ransomware victims claimed it entered their organization via phishing. Learn about how eSentire MDR for Microsoft supports you 24x7 with integrated investigations, multi-signal detection, complete containment and response, and more.

  • Detecting and Responding to Zero-Day Attacks

    2021 already experienced 18 zero-day exploits roughly halfway through the year. eSentire and VMware Carbon Black’s leading threat researchers dissect the observations made on the front lines of hunting and discovering these vulnerabilities. Watch the webinar to learn about zero-day best, detecting malicious behaviors, and more.

  • July 2021 Threat Intelligence Observations On-demand

    eSentire's TI team discuss the latest incidents by breaking down notable malware activity by its history, detection, and their assessment of the incident. Watch the webinar to dive into topics such as REvil ransomware campaign against Kaseya VSA Servers, PrintNightmare Windows vulnerability, and the ongoing FIN7 campaign.

  • The Best Kept Secret for Effective Managed Detection and Response (MDR) - Replay

    The key difference between MDRs compared to traditional MSSPs is that MDRs “stop the bad guys” by putting detections into action, which greatly reduces dwell time. Watch the webinar to learn from eSentire’s experts and discover the best kept secret for effective MDR.

  • Leading Through a Cyber Crisis - Lessons from 9/11 to Presidential Inaugurations

    Cyber crises during stressful events, like 9/11 or a Presidential Inauguration, can put tremendous strain on security teams. Watch this webinar to join security leaders as they share valuable lessons learned from these crises and explore what it means to be a leader in these situations.

  • Fireside Chat: Cybersecurity Trends in Manufacturing

    Regardless of the type of product you produce, malware attacks and venomous traffic sources are major threats to your manufacturing operations. Watch the webinar to learn about: common misconceptions, how sophisticated cyberattacks have become over the last few years, why ransomware has become the biggest concern, and more.

  • The story behind eSentire MDR with Microsoft 365 Defender: How eSentire streamlined security for itself and its customers

    Microsoft 365 Defender bridged that gap of security compliance for eSentire. For example, they have seen a 90% reduction in phishing investigation times and 50% reduction in security tool spending. Watch the webinar to learn about Microsoft 365 Defender solution benefits and outcomes.

  • Dissecting Today's Ransomware Ecosystem

    The staggering emergence of ransomware groups following the successful RaaS and double extortion models has made ransomware one of the biggest threats in recent years. In this whitepaper, learn how eSentire addresses 6 key ransomware challenges and how they can help protect your business.

  • Detecting and Responding to Zero-Day Attacks

    Zero-day attacks will always be a threat, so it’s imperative that you detect and respond to this this post-exploitation behavior effectively. If you’re not currently engaged with a Managed Detection and Response provider, join forces with eSentire for security services to disrupt threats before they impact your business.

  • Managing Cyber Risk Podcast Episode 2: Stopping Insider Threats

    Listen to this podcast to learn a methodical approach to identifying the means and motives of insiders and ways of investigating threats without poisoning company culture with mistrust.

  • Managing Cyber Risk Podcast Episode 1: Starting Out As A New CISO

    In episode 1 of the eSentire Managing Cyber Risk podcast series, Starting Out as a New CISO, Mark and Hillarie discuss what new CISOs need to know and the challenges that they are facing. Tune in to unlock exclusive conversations with cybersecurity experts.

  • Securing Sensitive Client Information

    Law firms are increasingly a target for cyberattacks and must take measures to disrupt threats. This is crucial today since 49% of attackers spend over 20 hours a week researching and bypassing security systems. With this infographic, learn how to modernize your cybersecurity strategy with MDR.

  • Six Ransomware Gangs Claim 290+ New Victims in 2021, Potentially Reaping $45M for the Hackers

    Rampant crime almost always leads to organized crime, and cybercrime is no exception to this rule. Read this threat report to examine the nefarious work of 6 ransomware gangs who recently claimed 290+ new victims in 2021, reaping an estimated $45 million.

  • A Recipe for Cyber Resilience in a Twenty-First Century Risk Landscape

    Do you have the expertise you need to hunt out, investigate, and respond to every threat? In today’s world, organizations need what MDR delivers. With this e-book, examine why it’s now necessary to augment MDR services with Incident Response and Digital Forensics capabilities.

  • Incident Response Retainer and Proactive Incident Response Planning

    Effective incident response quickly brings control, stability, and organization to the chaotic situation you may find yourself in, should a breach occur. With eSentire’s Incident Response and Proactive Incident Response Planning services, you can eliminate the chance of recurrence and reducing your overall risk of future incidents.

  • Managed Detection and Response

    A unique combination of expanding attack surfaces, precise cybercriminals and limited resources has made ensuring cybersecurity an increasingly difficult task – leading to the rise of managed detection and response (MDR). Read this data sheet to learn more about how MDR can address some of today’s top security challenges.

  • HyperParallel Splunk Performant Scalable SmartStore

    Check out this data sheet to learn about Pavilion’s storage platform, which delivers end-to-end NVMe-oF while also delivering high-speed compressed Distributed S3 Object Storage within the same scale-out system.

  • Securing the Legal Sector

    Criminals have demonstrated how to attack law firms with proven methods that lead to massive ransomware outages, public exposure and reputational damage. If you’re part of a law firm struggling with security, download this brief to learn 6 ways eSentire strives to give law firms the cybersecurity expertise and partnership they need.

  • Fennemore Craig Law Firm

    Fennemore Craig is a law firm that faced security and risk challenges including but not limited to a lack of internal resources and an increase in business exposure. To mitigate these issues, the firm went out in search of a managed detection and response (MDR) provider. Download this case study to learn why they went with eSentire.

  • 20 Questions To Ask When You’re Evaluating an MDR Provider

    In the latest managed detection and response (MDR) market guide, Gartner estimates that there are now over 200 organizations delivering MDR services globally. In turn, security teams are now asking “What is MDR, and how do I select the right provider?” Read this guide to learn 20 questions to ask when evaluating MDR providers.

  • Managed Detection and Response with Microsoft Defender

    As cloud environments continue to expand, some organizations believe the best approach to security is to integrate more tools. However, a larger security stack means additional complexity and doesn’t guarantee security. Watch this short video to learn about the cloud security benefits of managed detection and response (MDR)

  • eSentire MDR with Microsoft 365 Defender

    Access this resource to learn how combining eSentire Managed Detection and Response (MDR) with your existing investment in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem can help reduce your cybersecurity total cost of ownership, improve ROI and achieve better security outcomes.

  • Reducing Costs, Simplifying Operations and Increasing Security—eSentire Embraces Microsoft 365 Defender

    A managed detection and response (MDR) provider, eSentire has been quite busy in recent times, striving to keep businesses safe from advancing and evolving cyberthreats. Now, they’ve taken their platform to the next level with Microsoft 365 Defender integration – increasing detection and response capability. View this case study to learn more.

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