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  • Data Governance 101

    With many forward-thinking businesses investing in big data analytics for business intelligence purposes, data governance is important as ever. Read this white paper for 6 key questions to test your data governance program - and how to improve if it fails.

  • Why Metadata Management is an Essential Element of Data Governance

    Metadata is perhaps the most elusive aspect of understanding data governance. Start with the basics - read this white paper to understand the roles that metadata plays and why you should be factoring it into your data governance projects.

  • Data Governance: How to Get Started

    With so many use cases for data analytics and business intelligence, knowing where your data came from and - maybe most importantly - that you can trust it is paramount for data-driven decision-making. Read this white paper for a ground level and up explanation of data governance and how you can get it started in your business.

  • Data Governance: Leveraging Your Enterprise Data as a Strategic Asset

    The top five challenges with leveraging your enterprise data show the importance of effective data governance, according to research done by Aberdeen. Read the results here to find out what those challenges are and what your key takeaway should be.

  • Developing a Data Governance Framework for your Business

    Quantifiable ROI is hard to project when it comes to data governance initiatives, but there is definitive risk involved in ignoring it. Read this white paper to understand these risks and how to redefine data governance for the age of big data.

  • Defining Data Governance

    If you are collecting data and intend to use it for a competitive, data-driven advantage in your markets, then you will likely want it to be governed properly. It's not too late, but there is a lot you should consider in these early stages of a data governance initiative - read this white paper for more info.

  • The Future of Data Governance

    Data governance is an organizational discipline that enables delivery of the right data to the right resources at the right time while maintaining authority, control, and protection of data assets. Read this white paper to learn how you can streamline your data governance at a large scale.

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