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  • How to Become a Data-Driven Organization

    Access this short guide to learn the 6 key steps in becoming a data driven organization: using automation to unify data, deliviering governed data-as-a-service across your company, enabling easy analytics access via a modern analytics suite, and more.

  • Miller Industries Hauls Out Siloed Data With Infor Birst

    Read this case study to learn how Miller Industries deployed Infor Birst, a BI solution which quickly integrated data from a variety of sources, replaced hundreds of spreadsheets with a few easy to use dashboards, and resulted in a 40% reduction in past-due accounts receivable balances—among other benefits.

  • Five Ways Modern Analytics Reduce Spreadsheet Risk and Inefficiency

    Download this white paper to learn how you can replace or augment 5 common spreadsheet-driven business processes with a modern data analytics architecture, one that automates workflows out of the box and provides a deeper understanding of data.

  • Twelve Characteristics of an Analytics Culture

    Data-driven companies need to have a culture of analytics in order to properly take advantage of their data. Read this Eckerson Group report to learn the 12 characteristics that define analytics cultures, the approach needed in the C-suite to get buy in for this culture, and the specifics of getting results from analytics in your departments.

  • Executive Brief Infor Modern Data Architecture

    Easy access to secure, accurate, and timely data is what sets a modern, cutting-edge data architecture apart from one that holds you back from crucial insight. Read on to discover how Infor’s Modern Data Architecture establishes flexible, governed, and secure data to power better business analytics, compliance, AI performance, and more.

  • Infor Customer Reactions

    Access this 3rd party analyst report to learn how Infor’s wide range of data solutions, ranging from BI and analytics offerings to AI solutions, helped customers cut manual processes by 80%, reduce fulfillment times by 20%, and accelerate payments by 71%, among other benefits seen.

  • Creating a Data-Driven Organization Steps to Success

    Read this Eckerson Group white paper to learn why businesses looking to harness the power of data need to embrace business intelligence, self-serve intelligence, and AI in turn to stay on the cutting edge—and discover the 4 key components of digital success.

  • Citrix Systems Improves Their Processes with Infor Birst

    While every business could use a BI tool that’s been perfected by the time they deploy it, the sad fact is that few BI tools are ready to slot into a business’s data infrastructure as is. Read on to learn how Infor Birst was able to integrate with Citrix’s data architecture easily to provide them with crucial data insight and aggregation.

  • Making the Business Case for Analytics

    Any business initiative needs to build a case that justifies the investment. For analytics initiatives, this might seem straightforward at first but end up being more challenging than expected. Read on to learn how to make the business case for analytics, including proving ROI, breaking down the specific values of the program, and more.

  • Challenges of Customized ERP Software

    Truth: Companies are often warned against customizing packaged ERP software. But are these cautions warranted? This expert e-guide explores what you need to know about packaging ERP software. Discover updating choices for those with customized ERP, 5 reasons not to customize ERP software, and more.

  • Transforming Your Business Through ERP

    Improving your business processes can be a major undertaking. Luckily, ERP is here to help. Inside this expert e-guide, learn how to use a new ERP system to improve processes at your company. Plus, learn how the future is being paved by way of intelligence ERP.

  • Supply Chain Disruption Risk Planning

    Disruption and the supply chain go hand-in-hand: It's a major challenge to overcome. In this expert e-guide, learn how the Presidency of Donald Trump is effecting supply chain disruption in the United States; and how you can combat that disruption. Plus, discover 3 misconceptions about supply chain disruption risks.

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