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  • Why Lead with Risk? Defining a Risk-Based Cybersecurity Strategy

    Some approaches to information security simply won't deliver the results required for effective governance. Addressing head-on the primary issue—risk—is the key to a successful strategy. In this webcast, Doug Landoll discusses how to take a risk-first approach to addressing information security.

  • The State of the CASB Market

    In this webcast, CEO and Osterman Research founder Mike Osterman shares the results of his survey on how organizations are using, or planning to implement, CASB solutions. Tune into this webinar to learn more about the need for CASBs in today's organizations.

  • Accelerate Cloud App Adoption without Compromising Security

    Security is still seen as the biggest concern when organizations consider cloud services. In multi-cloud environments – every cloud service has its own security framework, different APIs and different authentication mechanisms. In this webcast, learn how to gain full visibility into your cloud environment.

  • SD-WAN with Enterprise Scale and Security in Action

    Find out how you can manage your network and boost connectivity no matter how spread out your enterprise is with a scalable SD-WAN platform, combined with the industry's top-rated next-gen firewall—all managed at enterprise scale from a single policy-based console.

  • Rethinking Data Security with a Risk-adaptive Approach

    In this white paper, learn how by using dynamic data protection, organizations can solve the fundamental challenges of traditional data loss prevention deployments and more effectively protect sensitive information, including regulated data sources and PII.

  • Supplementing the Limitations in Office 365

    This Osterman Research report explores how you can use the native capabilities Office 365 provides as a starting point for your data protection strategy, and how you can implement a 3rd party service to help ensure all of your data is backed-up and recoverable.

  • Employing a Risk Adaptive Model to Detect and Prevent Threats From Within

    Striking a balance between maximizing productivity and minimizing risk requires a security program that can identify and respond to the insider threat. In this webcast Forcepoint Senior Security Strategist Homayun Yaqub, discusses the foundations that underpin an effective program. Watch now to learn more.

  • Are You Taking a Risk-Adaptive Approach to Dynamic Data Protection?

    In this webcast, Bharath Vasudevan from Forcepoint discusses how taking a risk-adaptive approach combined with behavioral analytics can enable your security to fluctuate based on the threat environment. The webcast will also explore how Forcepoint's solution, Dynamic Data Protection, delivers risk-adaptive protection.

  • Mastering Policy Setting and Control in the Cloud

    Join guest presenter Andras Cser, a Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, as he shares recommendations for securing data and mastering policy setting in the cloud.

  • Enterprise SD-WAN in the Real World

    While many companies identify a need to evolve to SD-WAN, they are not always convinced SD-WAN can deliver the necessary enterprise capabilities. In this webcast, learn how Link-Connect implemented Forcepoint NGFWs to deliver enterprise-class SD-WAN to manage more than 400 sites from a single management console.

  • Accelerating Digital Transformation with Direct-to-Cloud Connectivity and Security

    Enabling remote sites and off-network users to securely connect direct-to-cloud is the new challenge facing enterprises and government agencies. How can distributed organizations achieve the reliable, secure connectivity to the cloud they need? Tune into this webinar to learn more.

  • Who Watches the Watchers?

    Tune into this webcast as, Forcepoint Chief Scientist, Dr. Richard Ford, looks at analytic techniques that are effective at protecting information from those who already have legitimate access to it.

  • Understanding the Limitations of Microsoft Office 365 Security

    Tune into this webcast where CEO and founder of Osterman Research, Mike Osterman, discusses the key findings of an Office 365 study and organizations' priorities around email security.

  • How a Security Company Adopts Office 365

    Driving Office 365 adoption is an important goal yet, few have fully migrated their users and apps, with security, regulatory and resource challenges often the cause. In this webcast, join Forcepoint's CIO and Chief Scientist as they share learnings, surprises and insights from their own migration.

  • Modernize Your Data Protection

    Navigating your data protection journey can be complex. In this webcast, Angelica Torres-Corral, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Forcepoint gives insights to gaining visibility & control of your data, optimizing a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) software and adopting a more proactive security strategy.

  • The Practical Executive's Guide to Data Loss Prevention

    There has been much confusion in the marketplace regarding data loss prevention (DLP) controls. As a result, organizations that want to protect their confidential data and comply with laws and regulations are often unsure where to turn. In this white paper, explore a 9-step process for implementing and executing a data protection strategy.

  • A Guide to Achieving SaaS Security and Compliance

    The nature of today's organizations is being driven by employees' demands for greater flexibility, productivity, and mobility. While SaaS applications fulfill these user demands, they also pose visibility and control challenges for IT. In this white paper, learn how SaaS applications can be effective at meeting users' needs without posing risks.

  • Strategies for Distributed Network Security

    Download this report to explore research on how financial institutions are adjusting to the challenges of digital transformation. The findings are based on a survey of senior IT executives in the financial industry on their distributed network security strategy.

  • The Importance of Choosing the Right CASB Solution

    In this research report, explore key takeaways from an in-depth survey conducted by Osterman Research. This survey asked 174 decision-makers at companies that already have, or are in the process of deploying cloud access security broker software about their experiences.

  • Guide to Cloud Connectivity and Security in Distributed Networks

    In this e-book, learn about a new approach to connecting distributed networks. Find out how integrating connectivity and security, and moving them to the cloud, can help you achieve higher productivity, reduce cost, and ease compliance.

  • 3 Tools to Secure Branch Sites

    Learn how you can better secure your distributed network by implementing a security platform that integrates next generation firewalls, web security gateways and a cloud access security broker. Together, these tools provide the consistency organizations need and empowering the global workforce to access the data, where and when they need it.

  • Why Traditional Distributed Networks Can't Handle Cloud

    In this white paper, learn about a more modern approach to connecting your distributed WAN networks using direct-to-cloud connectivity and scaling site-to-site with on-demand VPNs to help ensure a reliable connection and reduced complexity no matter where you are.

  • Data Loss Prevention

    Learn how Data Loss Prevention vendors like Symantec, Forcepoint, McAfee, Digital Guardian, and more stack up to see which one is right for your organization.

  • Corporate Web Security

    This Radicati Market Quadrant compares the strengths and weaknesses of 12 corporate web security vendors including Symantec, Forcepoint, McAfee, Sophos, and more.

  • Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

    ESG Lab evaluated the Forcepoint Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to validate how it secures the use of any cloud applications across an organization's users and endpoints. Discover how Forcepoint CASB helps organizations minimize security vulnerabilities in three key areas.

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