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  • Make the most of your technology

    In the 2021 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark report, researchers found that the top-performing 5% of professional service firms employ Professional Services Automation (PSA) solutions at a rate almost 10% above the industry average. Access this report to explore the case for a robust PSA solution.

  • Empower Talent through Streamlined Practice Management

    Practice managers today are responsible for improving organizational alignment as well as analyzing and adjusting business processes like resource management and delivery services. Explore this white paper to discover how many organizations are turning to PSA solutions to simplify these complex workloads and accelerate digital transformation.

  • Business Continuity in the Public Sector

    Business continuity is the ability of an organization to maintain normal operations without compromise, regardless of external conditions. Because they provide emergency and other critical services, government organizations must be able to maintain business function under any circumstances. Learn how to achieve business continuity here.


    This report examines the business benefits of Unit4’s cloud-based ERPx platform and how it increases user productivity, reduces costs, and improves overall visibility. Download now to take a closer look.

  • Deliver More Impact

    Delivering social impact is the main purpose for a nonprofit organization, so anything that gets in the way of that must be reduced or eliminated. The right technology can remove these barriers, but it must fit the needs of the business and be approached strategically. Open up this white paper to learn more about ERP systems that can help.

  • Why having a plan matters: A guide to continuity planning in the public sector

    As this pandemic unfolded, the public sector found that its response to the virus was hindered by increased risks, staff shortages, and inadequate equipment and technology. This is why continuity planning matters for the public sector; it helps you expect the unexpected. Download your guide to continuity planning in the public sector here.

  • How to Provide the Most Value as a Connected Advisor

    Open up this white paper to learn how to provide the most value as a connected advisor, and explore key recommendations for how to get started.

  • Unit4 PSA, Enabling Practices of the Future

    Manav Singh, General Manager and Scaleup Leader for Unit4 PSA, explains how Unit4 PSA aims to enable practices of the future through disruption. Explore his key takeaways in this white paper.

  • The New Future of Professional Services

    What can professional services organizations (PSO) do to thrive in a post-COVID-19 world? This Constellation Research report aims to answer that, and examines how PSOs can evolve to become more innovative and profitable in 2021 and beyond. Download your copy to learn more.

  • Evaluating ERP Solutions: Advice and Checklists for Service Organizations

    In this eBook from IDC, they offer expert advice for service organizations looking to find the right ERP solution. Download the report to gain practical insight on what to look for in your next solution.

  • Unit4 Delivers People-Centric Cloud ERP

    In this Offering Overview, explore Unit4’s People Experience Suite—a solution that combines key features and capabilities from both ERP and HCM systems—and what it could do for your organization. Download your copy to learn more.

  • Steering the Ship During Times of Extreme Uncertainty

    One of the key factors in navigating through uncertainty is a simple acknowledgment that you don't know; you don't know what will happen, how long it will last, and—most importantly—what the best way to handle it will be. Download this white paper to explore some approaches FP&A teams can use to mitigate the challenges of uncertainty.

  • Five Pillars of Profitability

    What makes some professional services organizations more profitable than others? Unit4 and SPI Research wanted to know, so they analyzed the top-performing businesses and their approaches to success. Explore their findings in this white paper.

  • Better Financials to Support 3M Families in Need

    In this case study, see how non-profit, Heifer, upgraded their ERP system with Unit4, and how it helped them unite disparate finance systems for more accurate reporting.

  • Execute Profitable Projects

    Delivering projects on time, in scope, and within budget are key to success. And ensuring that happens is a lot easier with a modern ERP system. Explore how Unit4’s ERP offering can help position you for success and execute profitable projects in this white paper.

  • ERP for People-Centered Services Organizations

    How can you create the best People Experience for your employees? It starts by having the right enterprise software. Learn about Unit4’s ERP offerings and how they can help free people from low-value, repetitive tasks—creating the best possible workplace experience—in this white paper.

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