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  • Build vs. Buy eBook

    When choosing software, organizations are faced with the decision to either buy or build. PaaS, SaaS, and low-code platforms all prioritize building, allowing for customization – so your software can adapt to your business’ needs. Read Mendix’s eBook now for more distinctions between building and buying software.

  • Agile is as agile does

    The adoption of Agile software development has rectified many application development problems faced when using waterfall development, but key issues still arise. Find out how low-code development and Agile training can improve productivity in Mendix’s white paper here.

  • SAP User Research Shows App Delivery Gap

    Despite visions of custom applications, organizations are facing significant backlogs that prevent their visions from coming to fruition. One solution? Dipping into low-code platforms. Learn about the new low-code normal with this white paper now.

  • Mendix for Mobile App Development White Paper

    With a flexible, customer-based approach, Mendix’s App Platform offers multiple paths for mobile app development, including a bi-directional exchange of data, and a scalable infrastructure to help your business’ development and delivery. To learn more about how to use the Mendix App Platform for mobile app development, read the white paper now.

  • The Mendix App Platform White Paper

    Many enterprise IT teams are bogged down by legacy systems and one-size-fits-all development methods. The Mendix App Platform, an application Platform as a Service (aPaas) addresses these challenges. Read the white paper now to learn more about the platform made for end users, developers, and administrators alike.

  • Understanding Your Needs for BPM and aPaaS

    Download this BPM guide which outlines both primary use case integrations and possible barriers that could be resolved with an aPaaS tool.

  • Fast and Collaborative App Delivery

    According to Gartner, there are three distinct layers of application innovation that need to be applied differently to different application types. Open this white paper to learn the distinct layers and an innovation solution that can help you stand out amongst the crowd.

  • IBM and Mendix: Low-code development on a cloud built for you

    Download this low-code guide to understand 9 big challenges of application development, and how low-code can help resolve them.

  • Early Adopters Driving Smart Operations with IoT

    It’s been projected that IoT drive operations could generate up to $11.1 trillion per year by 2025 – so the urgency for businesses to explore this opportunity has become ever clearer. Use this whitepaper to review and evaluate real world IoT uses, top IoT industries, potential IoT applications, and more.

  • Supercharge Your Developers - Essential Mendix Platform Capabilities for Developer Glory

    88% of companies are adopting low-code platforms to rapidly develop applications, which raises the issue of integrating low-code tools with your actual developers. Download this whitepaper to overview 5 criteria to considering when building full stack apps in a low-code environment.

  • Digital Execution Starter Guide

    So, how exactly do IT projects actually succeed? Download this bimodal IT project execution guide, which delves into 8 considerations you should make before pursuing innovative IT projects.

  • 4 Key Reasons to Bring Lotus Notes Apps to the Cloud

    Use this guide to understand 4 reasons the Boston Globe migrated its Lotus apps onto the cloud, and see the benefits their It department experienced.

  • Smart Apps Guide (What Every IT Leader Needs to Know)

    Download this whitepaper for 4 considerations you need to make when building smart apps, and the core challenges you need to plan for.

  • Traditional App Delivery is Broken

    An ever-changing consumer landscape has created IT application and software delivery issues that require a change in approach. Download this end-to-end application delivery whitepaper, which includes 7 keys to overhauling time-to-market and product quality.

  • RPA and Low-Code BPA: An omnichannel approach to process transformation

    More businesses are recognizing the benefits and operational advantages of low-code development and businesses process automation in IT. Download this whitepaper to take advantage of the 3 RPA methods included.

  • IoT Solution Architecture: Essentials Guide

    When approaching IoT, you need to turn data into insights and understand three solution types: endpoints, software, and applications. Download this IoT implementation guide for an understand of the IoT solution anatomy and takeaway 7 recommendations you can use for your own projects.

  • Extend the Power of SAP with New and Differentiating Solutions

    Download this whitepaper which dives in the development challenges of application innovation for major app types, and how low-code can address those issues.

  • 5 Principles for Enterprise Architects

    The emergence of wide-ranging tools like cloud, mobile IoT, and analytics has put organizations in a place where they need personnel to effectively lead the implementation. Download the 5 principles of a strong enterprise architect in order to understand digital priorities and how to support them.

  • 3 Apps Critical to Financial Services

    With 72% of banking users accessing services and products through mobile platforms, an overwhelming 67% found their experiences unsatisfactory due to poor interfaces and functionality. Download this digital guide to review 3 types of applications financial services need to enhance their product, service, and end-user experience.

  • The Cloud Landscape Described, Categorized, and Compared

    Too many new cloud models are blurring the lines between SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Download this cloud landscape whitepaper to get a clear understanding of these differing cloud models, and learn which applies best within your own organization.

  • Mendix for Private Cloud Development

    Due to regulations and compliance standards regarding data and private information, public clouds aren’t always a great option for some businesses. Use this private cloud whitepaper to review 5 reasons you should consider implementing a private cloud.

  • Cloud Landscape and Smart Platform Decisions

    Cloud platforms are often the most strategic type of partnership for optimizing development. Download this whitepaper, which includes a useful cloud development vendor questionnaire to accurately determine your best platform options.

  • Digital Execution Manual

    Establishing standards of delivery and quality within product development is a taxing challenge – this requires honing and establishing your development process. Download this 42-page end-to-end development methodology guide to overall your current development method, and meet rising stakeholder expectations with ease.

  • Security for Cloud and On-Premises Deployment

    In this whitepaper, take an in-depth look at the Mendix platform, specifically as it relates to security for cloud, private cloud & on-premises environments. Download this report & discover why businesses across multiple industries trust Mendix to oversee the protection of their mission-critical data.

  • 5 Steps to Accelerate Insurance Product Innovation

    “Nearly 80% of the survey respondents think their insurance products should be more dynamic at adapting to changing consumer behavior.” Download this 5-step guide to capitalizing on data, and creating more adaptable insurance products.

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