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  • How Pyramid Analytics Stands Out from the Crowd

    In a competitive analytics market, differentiation is key for smaller, independent vendors. Pyramid Analytics is making the necessary waves via their end-to-end business intelligence platform. Keep reading to learn why companies are choosing Pyramid Analytics as their trusted partner for critical insights across their business lifecycle.

  • Pyramid Analytics Helps LionShare Increase Speed & Efficiency

    Analytics and BI can be hard to see value from, if you don’t choose the right partner or solution. For LionShare Marketing, Pyramid Analytics turned out to be that partner as they helped produce faster, more useable insight. Keep reading this expert guide to learn more about the benefits of end-to-end decision intelligence with Pyramid Analytics.

  • Pyramid Analytics Raises $120M in Funding: What that Means

    As Pyramid Analytics secures $120 million in funding, more than doubling the vendor's total venture capital financing to $211 million, many think IPO might be imminent. Access this expert article to learn more about the business intelligence company that's driving this interest and explore how this move might impact or reflect wide market trends.

  • TFG pursues platform analytics with Pyramid

    When South African retail group The Foschini Group wanted to implement a single analytics platform across over 3,000 stores, they looked to Pyramid Analytics over some notable competitors. Access this case study to learn how Pyramid Analytics provided unified analytics, ingesting data from numerous sources while maintaining data quality.

  • Pyramid Insights Empower Philadelphia Healthcare To Take Better Care Of Clientsd

    This case study will show you how Pyramid Analytics helped Philadelphia Healthcare consolidate their data to create a single version of truth, build intuitive dashboards, and move towards increasingly advanced analytics models like machine learning and predictive analytics. Read on to learn how to break down data silos and excel with analytics.

  • Say Hello to Decision Intelligence

    With there now being more data collected and stored than ever before, it is easy for analysts to get lost in this ocean of information and miss sight of their true goal; better decision making. Read this guide to learn how business leaders are rethinking analytics and repositioning it as a tool to help improve decisions.

  • Pyramid: Turning a Light On

    Volkswagen Group Ireland was seeking a solution to track parts sales through their dealer network, which was previously done by emailing PDFs. Access this case study to discover how, by partnering with Pyramid Analytics, Volkswagen is now able to track parts sales, customize data views to keep data secure, and much more.

  • Mythbusting Business Intelligence vs. Decision Intelligence

    Why does traditional BI fail to deliver value in the sectors many organizations operate in today? It boils down to several myths, or widely accepted “truths,” born from the limitations of antiquated BI approaches. Read through this e-book for a close look at how you can move past these limiting beliefs to take your analytics to the next level.

  • SAP & Self-Service Analytics

    Depending on your industry, the native capabilities of SAP BW and HANA may be insufficient for delivering critical self-service analytics... but you need not give up SAP's valuable analytics capabilities. Read this guide for a look into the capabilities of state-of-the-art third-party self-service analytics that work directly on SAP assets.

  • Insights For Everyone With The Decision Intelligence Platform

    Pyramid’s powerful decision intelligence platform PYRANA combines data prep, business analytics, and data science into a unified decision-making experience—one that easily scales to your needs. Access this short solution overview to learn how everyone from data scientists to casual embedded analytics users can see the value of this platform.

  • Pyramid Toolsets Fine-Tune CRU’s Data-Driven Business

    CRU is a leader in commodity market analysis, but found their SQL Server reporting services led to significant pain points in reporting efficiency. Check out this case study for a look at how Pyramid improved CRU's sales processes, enabled faster reporting, and allowed for more proactive decision-making.

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