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  • Desktops are here to stay in the modern workplace

    Check out this infographic to learn 4 advantages of working with desktop computers, and why you might consider using them for certain roles in your organization.

  • Smarter Stays Productive Anywhere, Anytime

    Productivity isn’t just about personal time management; it’s also directly tied to employee experiences. Inside this article, get a closer look at the factors impacting today’s workforce productivity and unlock steps to take toward improving employee experiences across your organization.

  • Perception management: The key to employee experience

    Creating a positive employee experience for remote workers is crucial and should be the top priority. In this white paper, learn more about the changing workplace and how smarter technology laptops and tablets, powered by Intel, can improve employee experience and, therefore, productivity and employee retention.

  • The Forgotten Element in Enhancing

    Employees struggle with too much to do and not enough time in the day, affecting both their productivity and motivation. In this quick infographic, learn how investing in smarter technology laptops and tablets, powered by Intel®, can help employees juggle tasks, minimize distractions and manage work more effectively.

  • Smarter technology enables you to do more in a day

    Check out this solution guide to learn how Lenovo Solutions for SMBs can help you save time and improve workforce focus, efficiency, and productivity to ultimately drive a more positive employee experience.

  • Smarter devices power successful businesses

    While there's no denying the importance of mobile devices for today's remote workforce, some workers can't do their jobs without a desktop. In this E-Book, dive into how desktop computers, powered by Intel, can be a better fit for specific roles and workstyles, as well as key factors for SMBs to consider when purchasing and more.

  • Smarter Helps Secure Your Business

    Dive into this insightful white paper to learn more about the relationship between security, productivity, and profitability—and what IT teams can do to ensure all three are in the green.

  • Workplace Collaboration

    Organizations need new collaboration technology solutions for successful team meetings, wherever employees are in the world. Inside this resource, learn more about what gets in the way of successful meetings and how smarter technology solutions, powered by Intel®, can meet the demands of today's distributed workforce.

  • Migrate from Windows® XP to Windows 7 in 20 Minutes

    This white paper details a process that allows organizations to migrate from Windows® XP to Windows 7 in 20 minutes or less.

  • Compare Windows 8 and Windows® XP Security Problems

    This white paper explains the most critical security-related differences between Windows® XP and Windows 8, including each operating system’s ability to provision security patches, integrate with MDM and more.

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