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  • Are Low-Code Platforms Fast and Scalable?

    In this white paper, discover how a low-code platform can enable rapid app development while enabling growth in complexity and scale in an integrated and easy-to-manage way. Additionally, explore testimonials shared by organizations that have experienced the benefits of a low-code platform for themselves.

  • Business Process Management in a Bring-Your-Own-Device, Mobile World

    In this white paper, discover how IT departments and users alike can benefit from business process automation that simplifies the design and rollout of apps for an increasingly mobile workforce. Explore real-world scenarios that illustrate how a business application platform can modernize processes for the better.

  • Business Process Automation RFI

    Business process automation is a useful and efficient strategy for optimizing critical workflows but it can be difficult to find the right vendor offering for your company's specific needs. Explore a plethora frequently asked questions about business process automation and uncover 8 key areas for evaluation.

  • Gartner's Predictions for Business Transformation

    Accelerate business transformation and manage process variation at scale with intelligent business processes.

  • Tips for Transforming your Departments in 2016

    Ditch complex, paper-based processes. Boost productivity across your organization with automated, simplified workflows.

  • The New Breed of CIO

    CIOs are becoming more customer driven. Improve the customer experience by focusing on these two key areas.

  • Case Management and Smart Process Applications

    This report looks at the applicability of smart process applications, the drivers for improved case management, and the feature sets required of a modern case management system.

  • Alleviating Infopath Anxiety with K2 Smartforms

    Microsoft recently announced that it would no longer be investing in InfoPath, a software app for designing and distributing forms containing structured data. This white paper addresses enterprise forms scenarios, capabilities, and technology requirements that all forms platforms should meet.

  • Goodbye Enterprise Software Hello Business Apps

    Enterprise software, which has dominated IT for years, is now nearing its end as business applications take the cake. In this white paper, learn about where the future of enterprise software is inevitably heading and discover the necessary elements that'll get you there.

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