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  • The CIO's Guide to Aligning IT Strategy with the Business

    This in-depth guide offers key takeaways and recommended actions for CIOs looking to creating a systematic approach to IT strategy development. Open now to uncover how to lay the groundwork, determine key business drivers, define key initiatives and more.

  • 5 Things To Consider When Choosing An APM Tool

    To accelerate innovation and protect digital and cloud investments, organizations need to invest in modern monitoring and application performance monitoring (APM) solutions that are built for the new data age powered by the cloud. In this e-book, explore 5 things you must consider when picking an APM tool.


    At the moment, security teams are dealing with limited resources and talent to stop unrelenting, advancing threats. This presents challenges for security operations centers (SOCs), but through more proactive security methods, these challenges can be alleviated. Read this white paper to learn how to design your SOC to work smarter, not harder.

  • A Guide to Embracing a Zero Trust Security Model

    Today’s new landscape of cloud, remote workforces and mobile devices opens the attack surface by allowing data and workloads to be accessed independent of their location. Splunk’s unified security platform aims to offer a solution by practicing a zero-trust mode. Download the e-book to discover solution benefits of adopting a zero-trust approach.

  • The Essential Guide to Zero Trust

    In order to survive in the era of hybrid work and beyond, government agencies need a modern approach to security that looks beyond the traditional perimeter. Download this guide to learn how these agencies can leverage zero trust to decrease their reliance on network security and focus instead on securing users, assets and resources.

  • Five Automation Use Cases for Splunk SOAR

    In this e-book, discover 5 common use cases for SOAR, the steps you need to take for each use case, and how to automate these steps using a pre-built playbook from Splunk SOAR.

  • A Guide to Protecting Against Supply Chain Attacks

    The severity of supply chain attacks cannot be overstated. A single attack gives hackers access to the sensitive data of many organizations, across many industries. With this guide, learn how a data platform can help protect organizations from threats like the SolarWinds attacks.

  • The Fundamental Guide To Building A Better Soc

    There simply isn’t enough skilled security talent out there, and that which does exist is expensive. So what are companies who rely on dinosaur technology to do? They need to start building a next generation, modern SOC, today. Download your complimentary copy of The Fundamental Guide to Building a Better Security Operation Center (SOC) today.

  • The Essential Guide to AIOps

    AI has long been touted as the next big thing, and now its real-world IT application is finally here. Read this white paper to learn more about the routine practices AIOps could help you to automate.

  • Measuring the ROI of Security Orchestration and Response Platforms

    Security orchestration and response (SOAR) platforms have become the force multiplier needed to unlock the full power of an organization’s security investment by helping security teams focus on innovation rather than mundane tasks. Read this white paper to measure the ROI of SOAR.

  • 10 Ways to Take MITRE ATT&CK From Plan to Action

    In this e-book, explore how the MITRE ATT&CK framework helps different parts of the organization. Keep reading to learn more.

  • Essential Guide to Security

    Check out The Essential Guide to Security for 2020 to discover new security use cases as well as how to implement Splunk's security product suite for advanced security analytics, SOAR, SIEM, MITRE ATT&CK, machine learning and more, all in one place to power your SOC.

  • The Five Essential Capabilities of an Analytics-Driven SOC

    In this white paper, learn how your organization can keep up with today's threats by adopting an analytics-driven SOC.

  • 9 Steps for Effective Monitoring in Data Centers

    Download this E-Guide to uncover nine helpful steps organizations can take to improve real-time monitoring in their data centers. Plus, take a deep dive into how AIOps platforms use AI to automatically flag and, most importantly, prevent problems.

  • Service Intelligence: Putting Intelligence into ITSM Tools

    What exactly is service intelligence and how does it work with ITSM tools? Download this E-Guide to discover the answers to these questions, as well as service intelligence's practical uses in the context of enterprise IT.

  • Boosting Business Value Through Predictive Analytics

    Predictive analytics have proven business value, especially when it comes to retail and e-commerce. Yet adoption is surprisingly low across the board; and some companies don't see the results that they need. Access this expert guide to learn why predictive analytics are a must-have for the intelligent business and how best to deploy them.

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