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  • Bringing the Future Forward

    Read this e-book to learn how Splunk’s Data-to-Everything platform is helping companies embark on a variety of futuristic data use cases with big data analytics and unification, ranging from using graph algorithms to prevent financial crimes to certifying election results with confidence.

  • The CIO's Guide to Aligning IT Strategy with the Business

    This in-depth guide offers key takeaways and recommended actions for CIOs looking to creating a systematic approach to IT strategy development. Open now to uncover how to lay the groundwork, determine key business drivers, define key initiatives and more.

  • Innovation Insight for Observability

    Observability is an evolution of monitoring that offers insight into digital business applications, speeds up innovation and enhances the customer experience. Open up this research report from Gartner to learn more about observability, including analysis, benefits and use cases, risks of investing in observability tools and more.

  • It Operations Predictions 2021

    Dive into this 26 page whitepaper to uncover top predictions and strategies for IT operations in 2021, looking at automation, remote work, observability and more.

  • Gaining Insights Across Cloud And Hybrid Environments

    Running workloads in any cloud environment requires two additional processes: monitoring your workloads and protecting against threats. Splunk’s analytics-driven monitoring helps their users turn mountains of data into actionable insights. Explore Splunk customer success stories to see if their solutions could work for your organization here.

  • Fast Track YourMulticloud Monitoring Initiative

    With cloud adoption on the rise, businesses have been transitioning to hybrid and multicloud environments at an incredible pace. Having a strategy to mitigate the challenges of these new, complex infrastructures can give an organization a competitive edge. Read Fast-Track Your Multicloud Monitoring Initiative to learn more.

  • GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability

    Cloud computing, agile development, continuous deployments, and new DevOps practices have transformed IT. Now, how that IT is monitored needs to transform too. Learn more about monitoring your new IT here.

  • Best Practices for Running Containers and Kubernetes in Production

    In this exclusive Gartner report, explore the best practices for running containers and Kubernetes in production, as well as the key challenges ahead and how to best overcome them. Save the report here.

  • The State of Cloud-Driven Transformation by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services

    COVID-19 has accelerated cloud adoption, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that organizations are embracing the cloud with the right strategies and architectures. Access this white paper to learn how you can take advantage of cloud infrastructure with the right approaches, expectations, and strategies for data-driven success.

  • The Guide to Modern APM

    To accelerate innovation and protect digital and cloud investments, organizations need to prioritize modern infrastructure monitoring and application performance monitoring (APM) solutions that are built in and for the cloud. Read The Guide to Modern APM to see why legacy APM fails and how Splunk’s Observability Suite may be able to help.

  • A Blueprint for Modern Monitoring

    It comes as no surprise that complexity is on the rise. This IDC report explores what’s now required to achieve a modern monitoring approach—one that’s able to identify and resolve service performance issues before they impact the customer experience. Learn more in the report here.

  • Monitoring Micorservices on Kubernetes

    According to the latest bi-annual survey from CNCF, organizations adopting Kubernetes struggle the most with complexity, monitoring, and security. In this guide, explore your options for infrastructure monitoring with Kubernetes, as well as how to utilize key performance metrics and more. Download and save the guide here.

  • 8 Biggest Mistakes IT Practitioners Make and How to Avoid Them

    Across the world, the majority of IT professionals are overwhelmed by the increasing number of servers and data coming in from disparate sources. In this guide, explore how IT professionals are using monitoring tools to help, as well as how to avoid the 8 biggest mistakes being made with them. Save the guide here.

  • How To Manage A Hybrid And Multicloud Environment

    Hybrid and multicloud architectures provide many benefits, but they also pose significant IT challenges and security risks. Get insight into managing hybrid and multicloud environments with Splunk, and the benefits that offers, in this eBook.

  • 5 Things To Consider When Choosing An APM Tool

    To accelerate innovation and protect digital and cloud investments, organizations need to invest in modern monitoring and application performance monitoring (APM) solutions that are built for the new data age powered by the cloud. In this e-book, explore 5 things you must consider when picking an APM tool.

  • The Forrester Wave: Security Analytics Platforms, Q4 2020

    Security analytics are both emerging and evolving. Providers that offer customizability, map to the MITRE ATT&CK framework and have a vision for extended detection and response (XDR) give themselves an advantage. To learn more about security analytics providers and how they stack up, access The Forrester Wave: Security Analytics Platforms, Q4 2020.

  • Executive Predictions 2021

    2020 has been a year of rapid change, as companies surged forward into an era defined by unprecedented data, made infinitely more complex by new remote work requirements. Access this white paper to learn how you can make sense of this explosion of data, and deploy revolutionary solutions like AI, to improve business outcomes.

  • Emerging Technology Predictions 2021

    One of the major, long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has been the acceleration of digital transformation by using innovations like AI. Read on to discover how to get meaningful, strategic value from AI/ML, as well as to see 4 other major emerging technologies that will continue to explode in popularity in 2021.

  • IT Operations Predictions 2021

    Dive into this 26 page whitepaper to uncover some predictions and strategies for IT operations in 2021, looking at automation, remote work, observability and more.

  • Data Security Predictions 2021

    The pandemic of 2020 created unprecedented challenges for IT security teams and initiatives. This 23-page report provides a closer look at how the Coronavirus has shaped cybersecurity and explores key data security predictions for 2021. Read on to get started.

  • The SIEM Buyer's Guide for 2021

    SIEM has become a core component of modern cybersecurity programs – enabling organizations to detect and act on threats before they strike. The following SIEM buyer’s guide provides a deep dive into the evolution of SIEM, its essential features, key capabilities and what the 2021 SIEM landscape looks like – read on to get started.

  • 4 Ways Digital Transformation Can Help the Bottom Line and How a SIEM Can Help

    IDC estimates that digital transformation could translate to over $18 trillion of new value. This is great, but what specific effects could these transformation strategies have on the bottom line and on cybersecurity? Read this white paper to get the answer.

  • 9 Steps for Effective Monitoring in Data Centers

    Download this E-Guide to uncover nine helpful steps organizations can take to improve real-time monitoring in their data centers. Plus, take a deep dive into how AIOps platforms use AI to automatically flag and, most importantly, prevent problems.

  • Service Intelligence: Putting Intelligence into ITSM Tools

    What exactly is service intelligence and how does it work with ITSM tools? Download this E-Guide to discover the answers to these questions, as well as service intelligence's practical uses in the context of enterprise IT.

  • Boosting Business Value Through Predictive Analytics

    Predictive analytics have proven business value, especially when it comes to retail and e-commerce. Yet adoption is surprisingly low across the board; and some companies don't see the results that they need. Access this expert guide to learn why predictive analytics are a must-have for the intelligent business and how best to deploy them.

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