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  • A Framework for Building Customer Loyalty

    One in three customers will leave a brand they love after just one bad experience. That’s why it’s so important to be as helpful, accurate and responsive as you can possibly be. In this interactive eBook, explore a framework for building customer loyalty that can help you win new customers and keep them coming back.

  • The Future of Data Exchange: Innovation for Continuity

    As the IDC poses in their new report, digital transformation innovations in data exchange will be essential for any successful business in the post-pandemic world. In this report, discover the 2021 trends for the data exchange market and the management solutions leading the way. Download the report here.

  • Innovation & Transformation

    APIs and microservices are now the foundation for widespread digital transformation. With this change comes the need to scale. Inside this guide, Axway has outlined 6 practical ways that organizations can effectively scale their APIs and microservices across the enterprise. Explore your options here.

  • API gateways: The more, the merrier?

    Enterprises end up adopting multiple API gateways for several very good reasons, from meeting different security needs to moving to the cloud—but when you have multiple API gateways, it’s harder to maintain visibility into each and every API. With this guide, Axway offers tips to make API management and integration simpler overall.

  • Open Banking in an Age of Transformation

    According to Axway and Platformable, 2020 saw a 269% annual growth rate in open banking platforms globally, with a massive upswing in open banking API products being made available. In this extensive, 61-page report, explore the increased pace of open banking activity. Download the report here for safekeeping.

  • Better governance, one API at a time

    In this report, learn how governments are adopting an API-first approach in their digital transformation strategies.

  • Can APIs help deliver continuity?

    Access this report to learn 5 ways that APIs can help deliver continuity in uncertain or disruptive times. Can APIs truly help deliver continuity?

  • 7 Shifts for CIOs

    With all eyes on digital transformation, CIOs are now responsible for bringing revolutionary customer experiences to life. In this guide, learn how CIOs and customer experience alike can benefit from a hybrid integration platform—and what exactly that entails.

  • Succeeding through change

    This report names 5 ways that APIs can help deliver continuity in uncertain or disruptive times. Save the report here to get the details.

  • Better governance, one API at a time

    In this report, learn how governments are adopting an API-first approach in their digital transformation strategies.

  • Modernize your IT infrastructure with APIs

    Legacy infrastructure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, these “systems of the past” can help your business build for the future. In this guide, learn how APIs can help your business leverage and modernize your legacy infrastructure.

  • API and microservices management and security needs

    Access this whitepaper for expert best practices around API and microservices management, security, and orchestration.

  • 10 best practices for API planning, design, security, and management

    APIs are the driving force behind any digital transformation. Read these 10 best practices for modernizing your IT infrastructure with APIs, and learn what small changes your organization could make today to support continuous innovation.

  • Why APIs and microservices should be used organization-wide

    Check out these 6 best practices for implementing enterprise-wide APIs and microservices, from refactoring existing monolithic applications, to embracing a management methodology that works for you, and more.

  • 5 Ways to Speed Digital Transformation with APIs

    The financial services industry is shifting toward open, shared, and event-driven banking. An API-first infrastructure can help foster this new banking environment, with strong digital foundations, full lifecycle management, and new approaches to customer experience. This guide explores 5 ways that APIs speed up digital transformation.

  • Banking API Trend Report

    Erste Group, one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe, faced an all-too-common obstacle: the need to define an organization-wide API strategy. In this case study, learn how Erste Group used an API management portal for insight into API adoption patterns, faster development and deployment times, and more.

  • Extend your banking community with APIs

    In this brief, learn how to extend your banking community with APIs. One bank, with no new brick-and-mortar branches, created new business models and fintech partnerships that resulted in a 375% increase in account acquisition—and saw 274% CAGR growth in transaction volume.

  • Be where your customers need you to be

    In these unprecedented times, banks must move beyond compliance and adopt a nimble mindset that focuses on the customer’s experience, not just the bank’s process. Access this data sheet to learn about Axway, a customer experience solution that has been helping banks navigate change for the last 20 years.

  • Connecting Banks to the API Economy with PSD2-RTS Compliance-as-a-Service

    Using Axway AMPLIFY API Management, LUXHUB built a new open banking service that allows multiple banks and fintech providers to offer all their open APIs on one platform. Learn about it in this white paper.

  • How One of Indonesia’s Leading Banks Rapidly Increased New Accounts and Transaction Volume in Three Years With APIs

    While banks often change core parts of their business model in response to government regulations, another major factor is driving innovation—customer expectations. As businesses shift to focus on customer experience, banks and other fintech companies are finding that deploying new APIs are main drivers of growth. Read on to learn more.

  • Unified API strategy helps a 14-bank alliance deliver differentiated offerings

    In this brief, learn how banks are implementing organization-wide API strategies to meet business demands for flexibility and compliance. With an API management hub, the banking industry can enforce stronger security and governance across all APIs and banks.

  • 5 Ways Erste Group is Innovating with Banking APIs

    Many organizations struggle with implementing group-wide governance without compromising the speed of product development. In this quick guide, learn about 5 ways that APIs can propel IT modernization while maintaining optimal deployment cycles—for any organization.

  • 5 Ways LuxHub is Innovating with Banking APIs

    Tech giants are encroaching on financial services—and banks are struggling to compete. The best way for banks to remain competitive is by innovating with banking APIs. In this quick guide, learn 5 ways that APIs are helping banks keep pace.

  • 5 reasons it’s time to innovate with APIs and microservices

    Banks must be willing to embrace the API mindset to stay competitive in the world of fintech disruptors and tech giants. In this quick guide, explore 5 reasons why APIs can keep banks innovative.

  • Experience Digital. Banking.

    Right now, banks are shifting their focus to the customer experience. Banking must be accessible and available for everyone, everywhere. With APIs and enterprise integration, banking communities can meet these goals with high-quality digital experiences. Learn more about the meeting the new demands of digital banking in this report.

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