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  • Leading Insurer Supercharges Its Business Growth with Dependable Managed File Transfers In The Cloud

    A leading insurer aimed to find a file transfer system that could be deployed quickly, while avoiding the cost and complexity of building an on-premises managed file transfer (MFT) platform. Step in Axway. Download this case study to learn how transitioning to Axway Managed Cloud for MFT changed their process for the better.

  • For The IRS, Hidden Overseas Holdings Are Fair Game

    With external collaboration made possible by Axway, the Internal Revenue Service recovers $8.7B in lost tax dollars globally. Download this case study to learn how this integration helped the IRS recover lost tax dollars.

  • Powering the Netherlands by Providing Data to Energy Stakeholders 365 Days a Year

    With its B2B integration platform nearing end-of-life, Kenter needed a cost-effective, highly available solution to replace it. Step in Axway. Download this case study to learn how the integration of Axway Managed Cloud Services for B2B helps Kenter ensure that it can meet the rigorous service-level objectives set by its regulators.

  • Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management

    Gartner analyzed the top 17 full lifecycle API management products on the market. Read through this report to determine which service is the one for you.

  • Amplify Streams. Bring event-driven architecture to your applications.

    Adding event-driven architecture (EDA) to your application strategy doesn’t have to mean ripping and replacing the investments you’ve already made. Use this guide to learn how to easily event-enable your enterprise using existing systems, data sources, and the right API management platform.


    In this case study, explore how one healthcare provider uses AMPLIFY API Management, with their developers already building innovative digital services to enhance this aspect of the patient journey. Find all the details here.

  • NOV INC.

    In this Axway case study, explore how your company can accelerate delivery of in-demand, value-added customer services with the right API Management Platform. Get the details right here.


    Organizations like Railinc exchange data with hundreds of different industry stakeholders—and these interactions take the form of more than 450,000 file transfers per day. Organizations must prioritize delivering iron-clad availability for mission critical file transfers—and an enterprise-class MFT may be the perfect solution. Learn more here.


    Today’s objective for many fintechs is to democratize financial services by empowering consumers to take control of their investments. Explore how fintechs are building these next-gen investment and trading services here.

  • It's time for open B2B integrations. More powerful than ever.

    In this 2-minute video, explore how to digitally transform with a secure, API-enabled approach to B2B/EDI systems that lets you respond faster to evolving business demands. Watch the video here.

  • BPCE

    As the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) comes into force, banks are required to make customer account information available via APIs to authorized industry stakeholders. In this guide, learn how one French banking group is fostering customer loyalty and driving regulatory compliance with open banking services.


    Modern healthcare systems demand modern integration. That’s why organizations are building next-generation health services on secure, scalable APIs to integrate data from legacy medical applications with confidence. Learn how CommonSpirit Health enhanced their patient experience with APIs in this case study.

  • Is your organization event-enabled?

    In this guide, explore why organizations’ API management is often disjointed, requiring multiple tools and manual coordination of processes—and discover what solutions are available to help your own team stay agile and fast.

  • AVEM

    According to Axway, reusable APIs can cut the time required to onboard a new acquiring bank from around 300 days to as little as 30 days. In this case study, discover how AVEM accomplished this and more—including deploying 2 months ahead of schedule—to enhance the client experience.


    In this case study, discover how a European leader in personal finance is building a competitive API monetization strategy—and how you can too. Read more here.


    Businesses are opting for intuitive ways to visualize which applications are calling their APIs—and managing growing data with a central API catalog through secure self-service consumption. Learn how your API strategy compares here.


    In this case study, discover how a pharmaceutical giant is leveraging API capabilities to deliver EDI metadata directly to the business, achieving a 40% increase in employee productivity, faster delivery of healthcare services to patients, and much more.

  • API marketplaces + Catalogs are all about innovation

    This blog considers the "why" factor about the establishment of an API marketplace, and how an open platform is critical for success.

  • At a glance: Is it time for your MFT to move to the cloud?

    When should organizations moved their managed file transfer (MFT) solutions to the cloud? Access this resource to learn more.

  • A new way to EDA: Catalog, secure and manage events like APIs

    This paper looks at the emerging field of event-driven API management, what organizations should consider to help them get events to the right place at the right time, and plan for seamlessly adopting event-driven architecture (EDA).

  • Fast, secure applicationto-application file transfer without the hassle

    Application-to-application file transfer can be a nightmare in the modern enterprise that typically has a long list of different applications, operating systems, and legacy and cloud-based infrastructure. Save this guide to learn how to manage all your internal file transfers with one simple solution.

  • Amplify API Management Platform. Open your digital business.

    By mastering the complexity of your IT, you can grow your digital business faster, cost-effectively, and securely—and the best way to take control of complexity is with the right API management strategy. Discover an open platform approach to API management here—and see how it can transform your business. Learn more here.

  • Consumers say they worry about their data security and privacy: Build brilliant digital experiences on a trusted, secure foundation

    In a recent Axway survey, most Americans say they want greater transparency in how companies handle and track their data. How do you ensure that your customers have a frictionless and secure experience? Learn about Axway’s Amplify API Management Platform that’s designed to provide various solutions.

  • API gateways: The more, the merrier?

    Why do companies adopt multiple API gateways? What challenges arise from multiple API gateways? This paper summarizes key takeaways and recommendations from the research.

  • Axway Security and Privacy Consumer Survey

    In a new consumer survey, a majority of Americans reported that they want greater transparency in how companies handle and track their data. However, a majority also feel it’s worth sharing their data with companies if it results in a better experience or fills a need. Discover how to make sense of these results by reading the full report here.

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