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  • Demo: Adaptive MFA

    With cybercriminals looking for any means of infiltration, access management has become of the utmost importance for security. Different means of managing access have come about, including multi-factor authentication. Tune in to this demonstration and see if Okta’s multi-factor authentication is the right fit for your organization.

  • What's shaping the future of customer experience?

    Using an online survey, Okta questioned 750 enterprise-level customer experience (CX), IT, and business decisions makers operating in 9 separate industries across the globe. This infographic presents the results of this study so that you can understand the state and future of CX. Access the full infographic to discover the key datapoints.

  • Building a resilient workplace of the future - Angela Salmeron, IDC

    Tune in to this webinar, hosted by lead analyst of IDC European Future of Work Angela Salmeron, for a close analysis of how leading companies are building resilient work environments for decentralized workforces.

  • Fireside chat Future of Identity and Trust - Yanna Winter, Generalli & Jon Addison, Okta

    The rapid switch the hybrid and remote work has forced the issue of digital transformation, rapidly accelerating the rate at which companies adopt a fully digital architecture. Watch this fireside chat webcast, in which Okta SVP Jon Addison and Generali CIO and head of IT Yanna Winter talk about the digital transformation journey.

  • Security vs User Experience - A false choice - Kalpana Singh, Okta

    Today’s customers are accustomed to an extremely streamlined and efficient interface. In this webcast, Okta VP Kalpana Singh gives a talk on the misconception that security and user experience are inherently opposed to one another, and that improvements to one must come at the detriment of the other. Catch the full video to learn more.

  • Four Ways To Improve Customer Experience With A Modern Identity Service

    The modern customer has been conditioned to reject experiences that are not incredibly well engineered, with little to no friction. In this white paper, Okta compiles an array of case studies showing the efficacy of their services when utilized by organizations such as, JetBlue, TAL, Heal and more. Read on to learn more.

  • Api Access Management

    According to Gartner, APIs stand asthe most common attack vector. This whitepaper describes the modern API security landscape and how to effectivelyleverage OAuth 2.0 and API gateways for authentication and authorization. Access the full whitepaper, and gain insight into how APIs can be better leveraged to generate better cybersecurity.

  • CIAM Helps Find The Balance Between Security And Customer Experience

    Customer identity and access management (CIAM) has long been seen as a balancing act between security and user experience. In this white paper, Okta goes through the ins and outs of CIAM so that you can discover how a successful CIAM system allows for increased security without adding needless friction to the user experience. Read on to learn more.

  • Okta Video 3

    Organizations often view security and usability as being in opposition to one another. This often results in organizations compromising their security to satisfy their users. Watch this video to see the potential benefits of Okta Devices Platform Services, an offering that looks to improve device security with minimal friction for usability.

  • Okta Video 1

    Most security awareness campaigns focus on outside threats, but internal threats can be cause damage too. Knowing the importance of automation for mitigating insider threats is key to protecting your network from the inside. If its privilege abuse or financially motivated threats, you need a platform that can recognize it. Learn more in this video.

  • Protect Against Advanced Attacks That Target High-Risk Users

    While the data shows us that account takeovers and credential phishing are victimizing companies, these are actually attacks on individual people. For those businesses with a zero-trust platform, then you are aware that it is people who are the key targets. To learn more about how to protect high-risk users, read on and see best security practices.

  • Okta Video 2

    Are you spending significant time on manual processes like user on/off-boarding, customer communications, and license management? Learn how Okta can help automate identity-centric use cases at scale.

  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

    The nonstop increase in identity-based attacks has proved that all points of entry on your corporate network should be secured: On-prem apps, cloud apps, and even infrastructure. If you have a scenario in which your customers also login, then that adds a layer of complexity as well. Read on to learn more about adaptive MFA and its benefits.

  • Ransomware Prevention Advice: 5 Things Your Board Needs To Know

    In the past couple years, ransomware attacks have increased by 234% in Europe alone, with ENISA naming it as the most prominent cybersecurity threat of 2021, according to a 2022 SonicWall Cyber Threat Report. Access this white paper to uncover 5 things every board member needs to know about what’s driving the ransomware surge.

  • Ransomware Prevention Advice: 5 Things IT Leaders Need To Know

    Browse this paper to gain insight into five things every IT leader should know about what’s driving the ransomware surge and what security strategies their organization can implement today to keep their data safe.

  • Businesses At Work 2022

    Digital transformation and Zero Trust have been key pillars of the digital era, but what other tools and trends are driving innovation in 2022? Access the executive summary from Okta’s Business at Work 2022 research report to unlock these exclusive findings.

  • How Hybrid Working Can Help Businesses Achieve net-zero Targets

    A dynamic hybrid workplace strategy based on strong identity and security processes can help organizations achieve a more sustainable way of working. Tap into this report to learn how hybrid working can help businesses achieve net-zero targets.

  • Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

    In today’s landscape, hackers no longer break in, they log in. Tap into this white paper to learn how Adaptive MFA addresses common pain points in deploying a multi-factor solution.

  • 5 Ways CIAM Balances Security and UX

    A strong Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) solution can help you find the right balance for your needs and your customers. This infographic uncovers the ways CIAM empowers you to provide security while managing login friction. Access it here.

  • The Hybrid Work Maturity Framework

    How can you establish trust in today’s dynamic, hybrid workplace? Access this white paper to learn how you can overcome identity challenges and move towards hybrid work maturity in 5 steps.

  • CIAM Buyer’s Guide

    According to Forrester, CIAM has a direct impact on the bottom line: if your online user management and security functions do not work, customers flee to your competitors. Download now to unlock a comprehensive CIAM buyer’s guide.

  • How to Make Flexible Work

    Join speakers from Openpath and Okta as they explain why Z]zero trust that's rooted in identity is key to delivering the new dynamic workplace. In this webinar, explore how to implement a unified approach to dynamic work, ensuring resilience and security agility. Watch now to get started.

  • Getting to know Okta Adaptive MFA

    Is multifactor authentication (MFA) the key to protecting users? In this white paper, uncover the facts about MFA and how to secure accounts from unauthorized access, even if a password is compromised.

  • Decoding Customer IAM (CIAM) vs. IAM

    Access this paper to learn about Customer IAM and how it is similar to IAM and learn the key ways they are different from each other. Find out which could be the right choice for your organization.

  • Build vs. Buy: Key considerations and the advantages of a pre-built identity solution

    Every team building a new web or mobile application faces a choice: build the entire application in-house or selectively use out-of-the-box services. This paper will help you decide which solution is right for you.

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