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  • Delivering Efficient Business Expansion with Dell EMC VMware-Based HCI

    IDC recently spoke with organizations running various workloads on Dell EMC hyperconverged appliances about their investment. Download the report to hear the feedback study participants had regarding Dell EMC VMware-based HCI in terms of business value, productivity, impact on IT staff, ROI, and more.

  • Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Portfolio Comparison: Dell EMC vs. HPE

    In this Edison Group paper, the group conducts a detailed hyper-converged infrastructure portfolio comparison between Dell EMC and HPE. By reading on, you'll see how each portfolio stacks up in terms of market leadership; product portfolio strength and fit; scope and flexibility of support; and more.

  • The Business Value of Transforming IT through HCI

    By downloading this graphic resource, you'll learn how to use VxRail and VxRack HCI systems to deliver the efficiency, performance, and savings to increase business agility and enable innovation across your organization. Inside are the technical stats of the systems.

  • The Business Value of Secure HCI

    Read on for more on Dell EMC VxRail, which provides a secure, resilient hyperconverged infrastructure ideal for keeping VMware-based virtualization environments safe.

  • VxRail Cybersecurity Solutions Overview

    Access this sheet for an overview of a resilient hyper-converged infrastructure option ideal for keeping virtualization environments secure. The system includes extensive levels of encryption to protect the confidentiality of data in use, in motion, and at rest; safeguard the entire data store, and protect VMs.

  • Transforming Diagnostic Imaging Services with Hyper-converged Infrastructure

    What if you could replace over 90 servers with just two integrated devices; consolidate 80% of your storage footprint into 9 small-form drives; and generate savings in labor, power, and maintenance costs? Read on for the HCI system that will help you achieve these outcomes.

  • Role of Converged and Hyper-converged Infrastructure in IT Transformation

    This ESG research report details the quantified benefits of using CI/HCI in your organization, validated by a survey of 4,000 IT executives. Read on to see how your colleagues responded to questions around OpEx savings, time spent on systems management, and more.

  • Modernize Your Infrastructure with Dell EMC

    Consisting of technology from converged infrastructure to all-flash storage, click inside to explore the latest suite of hardware from Dell EMC designed to fast-track data center modernization.

  • Charlotte Customer Case Study: Better Business Results from Simplified IT

    Because of its dispersed environment, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry was searching for a better way to run operations instead of by provisioning and managing servers at remote locations. Read this study to learn how they did so using a hyper-converged strategy that gave them the ability to put virtual machines in an all-in-one appliance.

  • How HCI Delivers Value as It Goes Mainstream in the Data Center

    Continue reading to learn more about why and how your colleagues are using HCI as a shortcut towards data center modernization. Plus, read through HCI use cases from companies like Land Rover, Rent-A-Center, and more to see how they're getting an edge on the competition by using hyper-converged.

  • How Broad All-Flash Vendor Portfolios Help IT Customers

    This IDC paper discusses all-flash adoption in-depth, and how enterprises are using it as a persistent storage medium to fulfill the demands of their I/O hungry workloads. Read on to see which all-flash vendors you should keep an eye on.

  • Midrange Customers Demand High-End Functionality at Affordable Prices

    This white paper delves into the midrange storage market, discussing in particular how all-flash fulfills midrange storage demands at a low cost. Read on to see two examples of these economic, midrange all-flash systems, Dell EMC Unity and SC Series, and their features from which you can benefit.

  • Modern Storage Infrastructures: A Comprehensive Overview

    This comprehensive e-book exhaustively details the innovative storage technologies at your disposal to modernize your company's infrastructure, including all-flash and hybrid arrays, converged and hyper-converged systems, software-defined storage, and more. Read on to explore your options.

  • Why Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is Going Mainstream

    Over 85% of IT leaders are planning or are already utilizing hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) – but why? Click inside to learn why your IT peers are turning towards HCI as a shortcut towards data center modernization – and as a way to survive.

  • NVMe: The Key to Unlocking Next-Generation Tier 0 Storage

    Rather than purchase new storage arrays wholesale, many are turning to NVMe to boost the performance of their existing flash systems. Read this white paper to learn what's driving NVMe into mainstream adoption and to view an all-flash storage portfolio that offers end-to-end NVMe.

  • Get Rid of Database Workload Silos: Dell EMC SC5020 vs. HPE Nimble

    Principled Technologies tested the all-flash Dell EMC SC5020 array and the HPE Nimble Storage AF5000 All Flash Array to determine how each performed while handling two workloads at once. You'll discover which AFA delivered overall stronger transactional database performance by reading on.

  • Optimizing Virtualized Server Infrastructure with High-performance Flash

    Download this resource to effectively handle the proliferation of server virtualization with an all-flash architecture that efficiently tackles the IO demands of virtual data centers, boosts infrastructure agility with support for broad virtualization APIs, and more.

  • Business Critical Applications on VxRail

    VxRail, powered by VMware vSAN, provides the high availability, resiliency, predictable performance, and enterprise-ready storage data services that business-critical applications require. Download now to learn more!

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