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  • Cloud Native Security

    The global shift towards cloud tools and capabilities has completely changed the cybersecurity landscape. Now more than ever, organizations need to re-evaluate their cloud security strategy to reflect today’s challenges. In this webcast, join security experts at Rackspace and AWS as they discuss these challenges and explore how to address them.

  • Moving the Financial Sector to Cloud: Issues, Options & Solutions

    Read this report to explore some of the common blockers to financial services cloud implementation and what can be done to overcome them.

  • AWS Shared Responsibility Model

    In this e-book, learn how AWS and Rackspace make it easy to tailor your security to meet the requirements of your business as you grow.

  • Finding Peace of Mind in Your Security Strategy

    As successful breaches continue to plague organizations, it’s more important than ever to evaluate common risk areas and address them accordingly. In this webcast, join the SVP of Security at Alert Logic as he highlights key areas of vulnerabilities and how threats are evolving with organizational infrastructure.

  • Season 2 Episode 3 Diving into WAF and on Ways to Prevent DDoS

    In this episode of ‘CloudSpotting’ by Rackspace, join the hosts as they explore Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and the business impacts of DDoS. Give the podcast a listen now.

  • Locking Down Private Security

    The most common concerns related to cloud migrations are typically related to security. However, cloud users – especially private cloud users – often realize improvements to their security. In this white paper, discover key security challenges and learn how organizations are evolving their defenses to meet the needs of the private cloud.

  • Enhanced Architecture Review for Google Cloud Platform

    The Enhanced Architecture Review for Google Cloud Platform offers a high-level review of your GCP workloads. The review outlines the actionable items available to your organization that can help minimize system failures, reduce operational costs, and more. Learn more about the review – download the PDF here.

  • Are you cloud ready?

    By the mid-2020s, cloud will represent 50% of the revenue of all IT and business services. Adopting a cloud-first strategy for your organization is a great step toward success. This white paper includes some practical advice on how to optimize a cloud-first strategy. Download the paper here.

  • Embracing the Future through Migration

    More than 80% of cloud migration projects run over time or over budget. Cloud migrations can introduce positive or negative changes to your business – it all depends on how well the transition is managed. After all, planning is key – and cloud migration services can help. Download the PDF here to learn more.

  • Finding your way to the cloud

    Cloud migration is becoming a given path for most businesses. Still, that path looks different based on each organization’s unique needs, budget, and existing applications. Rackspace’s Azure Migrations service can help guide and ease the transition. Read more here.

  • Seven Steps to Get Started with Microsoft Azure

    Leveraging cloud capabilities can keep your business ahead. However, that doesn’t make cloud migration and adoption any easier. Check out Rackspace’s white paper to learn how to get started with Microsoft Azure.

  • Step-by-Step Cloud Evolution with Microsoft Azure

    It’s essential to remember that cloud adoption isn’t a destination, but an ongoing process of continually evolving applications to take advantage of the native capabilities of your chosen cloud. This guide examines the process of adopting Microsoft Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service with Rackspace.

  • Professional Services: Azure Migration

    Jump inside this white paper to learn how Rackspace’s Azure migration consultants can help your enterprise expertly navigate the migration process, custom tailor a hosted environment that matches your workload demands, and more.

  • Six Factors for Successful Cloud Adoption

    There are plenty of downsides to a “one-cloud-fits-all” strategy. Instead, cloud migration services that focus on customisable resources can ensure that your transition to the cloud is a profitable one. Learn six factors for successful cloud adoption in Rackspace’s e-Book here.

  • PaaS: A Real Alternative

    When making the choice between IaaS and PaaS, it often feels like there are blurred lines between the services and benefits offered between vendors. Download this comparison whitepaper to understand the perks and challenges of each method, along with a definitive comparison.

  • The top six C-level IT challenges

    Is a cloud migration really the answer to modernization issues that C-suite execs face? Download this whitepaper to see how this Azure SQL migration can help solve 6 major C-level IT modernization challenges businesses face moving forward.

  • Supporting GoCompare to save people time and money

    Migrating to Azure can be a complicated process when trying to manage, move, and setup workloads on your new environment – until now. Download this whitepaper to explore how Go Compare's phased approach to Azure migration made their Azure adoption process a smooth and fully functional workload deployment.

  • SAP on Azure

    Migrating to SAP Azure brings definitive benefits like faster routes to innovation and often even lowering ops costs, but there is more you should seek out in this process. Download this whitepaper to consider the 6 deliverables to prioritize when moving SAP onto Azure, and understand the 4 business impacts it will have.

  • Helping Oxfam Reach Its Goal of Ending Poverty, Faster

    Migrating a whole suite of applications and workloads to a new or different cloud environment can become complicated depending on your IT landscapes. Download this case study to see how this non-profit saw a 50% faster customer journey after using Rackspace to create and execute their infrastructure migration to Azure.

  • Service Blocks Explained

    Cloud is the backbone of the as-a-service experience – but is it time to start delivering cloud as-a-service, too? In this quick clip, learn how Service Blocks are delivering on this idea.

  • Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services, Worldwide

    The cloud managed service market is overwhelmingly crowded. Use this analyst report to determine which IaaS vendor, between Rackspace, Wipro, Accenture, Capgemini, and many more, make the most sense for your organization.

  • Managed Public Cloud Service Blocks Overview

    Tune in to this webinar to learn how Rackspace mitigates cloud migration issues with Service Blocks, and learn how your organization could gain a completely tailor-made bundle of cloud services unique to your needs.

  • Service Blocks Create enable a Customized Cloud

    Often times cloud adopters get roped into using cloud tools from vendors that they don't even need because of the one-size-fits-all nature vendors tend to sell. View this article to see how Rackspace has created Service Blocks which allows for customizable cloud environments allowing for the adding and dropping of tools at any time.

  • Service Blocks – build your own cloud managed service

    While cloud promises to deliver on cost efficiency, most cloud vendors offer one-size-fits-all solutions that lead to plenty of cloud spend waste. Click through to this blog to get insight into how Service Blocks work, and hear from partners that have experienced tremendous success in this custom cloud approach.

  • Service Blocks for Custom Cloud Operations

    What's the key to avoiding paying for cloud services you don't use? Customization flexibility. Watch this brief video to see how Rackspace prioritizes custom solutions with the ability to add and drop services on an as-needed basis, keeping you financially and functionally flexible.

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