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  • Unlock Insights and Reduce Costs with a Cloud Data Warehouse on AWS

    By switching to a cloud data warehouse architecture, organizations can combat some of the costly challenges associated with legacy data warehouses. In this 40-minute video, learn how combining the scale and performance of cloud data warehousing with AWS can add capabilities in migration, integration, analytics and more.

  • Achieving Continuous Compliance with CTP and AWS

    Compliance in the cloud is different than on-premise, particularly for financial services organizations. Learn how your enterprise can improve the visibility of all compliance requirements across the business and its applications.

  • Deliver New Customer Experiences Through AI-enabled Chatbots

    Learn how organizations like Deloitte are leveraging AI and machine learning to improve customer engagement, and using chatbots to mimic human conversations with their customers.

  • Automate the Provisioning of Secure Developer Environments on AWS

    With partners like Palo Alto Networks, REAN Cloud is innovating cloud-based environments for customers that show ROI. View this on-demand webinar to find out how organizations are automating security on AWS.

  • Optimize App Performance and Security by Managing Microsoft Workloads on AWS

    Microsoft workloads are being moved to AWS en masse across organizations – and the benefits your peers are seeing are significant. Whether it's to reduce costs, tighten security policies, or simply improve ease of management, tune in to find out why companies are looking towards the capabilities of AWS to bolster their applications.

  • How Cardknox Migrated 1M+ Sensitive Records to AWS

    In this in-depth webcast, Cardknox, an online payment platform, will guide you through the steps they took to ensure their mission-critical applications, including over one million sensitive records, were securely migrated to AWS.

  • Building a Data Lake on AWS

    Data lakes offer the capability to store vast amounts of data with the accessibility for timely analytics. Download to discover the benefits of using a data lake on AWS, how to build a data lake on AWS and a real-world success story. Plus, explore the 6 essential features of a data lake.

  • How Notre Dame Maintains Uptime on AWS: A Master Class

    In this webcast, join speakers from The University of Notre Dame, AWS, and N2WS where they explore what it takes to ensure that all of the data stored by the university is backed up and recoverable.

  • Trimono Gains Reliable Backup and Recovery on AWS with Veritas

    Tune in to this webcast to learn what this company gained, and what you could gain too with the combined power of AWS cloud and Veritas backup, including capacity optimization with deduplication, automated backups, and more.

  • Castilleja School Automates Data Protection and Shortens RTOs

    Tune in to this webcast to learn how this private school was able to automate backups, simplify their data protection policies, and more by moving their backup system to the public cloud.

  • Optimize Your SAP Environment in the Cloud

    Explore some of the benefits of moving your critical SAP apps to AWS, and learn more about the SAP Rapid Migration test that can help you quickly migrate your SAP environment to AWS and move to SAP HANA.

  • Architecting For the Future: Cloud Migration

    As more companies are successfully running enterprise applications on the cloud, other organizations that had previously expressed hesitation are starting to see its viability – and the cost and agility benefits that follow suit. Discover the driving factors pushing once skeptical companies towards harnessing the cloud to deliver enhanced IT value.

  • Deploy a Highly Available, Scalable, and Secure Transit VPC on AWS

    This e-book explores how to simplify connectivity to multiple VPCs – including your Amazon VPC – via a transit VPC. Learn about the transit VPC hub-and-spoke model that helps eliminate on-premise latency and find out how you can deploy your own transit VPC by following in-depth best practices.

  • Data Analysis and Visualization

    Big data keeps pouring into businesses from disparate sources and this is raising the need for enhanced analytics tools such as data visualization. This e-book details how AWS uses various analytics tools to tackle common challenges with big data architecture and big data analytics.

  • Turn Real-Time Insight into Action

    Do you allow your real-time insights and analytics to go to waste? A real-time insight loses its value if not acted upon in time. This e-book explores ways to turn real-time insights into action on AWS. Discover 2 use cases and how to implement AWS and other solutions to manage your big data.

  • Information and Data Management Solutions Generate Value

    Download this resource to learn how you can automate time-consuming data management and analytics tasks for a hybrid environment.

  • How a US County and an Australian University Backup Data on AWS

    Tune into this webcast to learn how one of the fastest growing counties in the United States and one of Australia's top research universities were able to improve their backup and recovery capabilities using the Amazon public cloud in their tape to cloud transition.

  • 70 Petabytes, One Cloud Backup System: A Customer Story

    Tune in to this webcast to learn how one company found a backup tool that allowed them to backup and protect more than 40,000 AWS instances at 67% lower cost than before.

  • IDT Replaces On-Premises Appliances with Primary Backup on AWS Webcast

    In this webcast listen to IDT Telecom's Executive VP David Wartell explain where they found a backup platform that aligned with their modern cloud strategy, and the tangible benefits it provided them.

  • Secure your Cloud Deployment

    Get up to speed on cloud generation firewalls if you are using cloud-connected networks, or thinking about moving workloads to the cloud.

  • Thinking Outside the Big Data Box

    This report by Aberdeen Group explores the emergence of AI in an enterprise setting and the potential impact of AI technologies. Future-proofing a business has never been more challenging – customer preferences are always changing and their expectations are always on the rise, but AI may be able to help with all of that.

  • Machine Learning at the Workplace

    In this resource, learn specifically how AI and machine learning have made an impact in agriculture, banking, insurance and healthcare.

  • Machine Learning on AWS

    Popular organizations like Netflix and NASA are already using AI and so can you. Some of the many machine learning capabilities include language services, facial and landscape recognition, and conversational chatbots. In this e-book, learn how to get started and the many benefits these technologies can offer.

  • Deploy an Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse With NorthBay

    Open this case study to see how Scholastic, Inc., was able to cost effectively analyze data using standard SQL, and achieved significant cost savings, by moving their data warehousing to Amazon Redshift.

  • Accelerate Migration to a Cloud Database

    Tap into this resource for a 5-step plan to determine if you can benefit from a cloud database, and tips on how you can make the transition successfully.

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