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  • Aligning ITSM with DevOps

    There’s a pervasive myth right now that ITSM and DevOps are diametrically opposed. To disprove this, we first have to get our definitions straight. This webinar dives into the essentials of ITSM, ITIL, and DevOps, with a set intention to debunk the most popular myths about the trio. Watch now.

  • How Automation Helps You Harden Your Systems And Become Compliant

    IT automation can help IT operations teams proactively handle compliance-related work. Open this white paper to learn more about the critical role of IT automation for meeting security requirements in your organization. Plus, tips on how to approach IT automation solutions.

  • Modernizing Change Management with Enterprise DevOps

    Every year, teams that adopt DevOps principles face the same primary problem. For these teams, DevOps has brought them some level of localized success, but they still haven’t figured out how to optimize the whole end-to-end delivery lifecycle. Luckily, you can learn how to lift the DevOps curse here.

  • Are Devops And Security Mutually Exclusive?

    IBM research has found that it costs 6 times more to fix a bug found during implementation than to fix one identified during design. Accelerating software delivery has obvious implications for your security practice. In this guide, learn how to make DevOps assist your security agenda, rather than threaten it.

  • DevSecOps: Integrating Security into the Enterprise Software Delivery Lifecycle

    Once you get involved in DevOps practices, it doesn’t take long for 4 questions to arise. Here, explore the 4 questions—and, of course, their answers—while learning how you can make your DevOps practice as secure as possible.

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