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  • Identity Provisioning in the Face of a Pandemic

    Modern health systems with previously tested crisis response and business continuity protocols in place have been challenged to ensure that information related security and compliance are effectively maintained, even during a pandemic. This case study showcases how one healthcare entity rose to the challenge. Read on to learn more.

  • Preventing Fraud Across the Enterprise

    The risks of fraud and insider threats loom large over all organizations, but by nailing down identity and access management, you can greatly reduce these risks. View this infographic to learn how identity security that includes access controls unifies visibility, leading to improved risk management and compliance.

  • Safeguarding critical infrastructure starts with identity security

    Utility organizations that use a solution to automate identity processes can reduce costs, increase visibility, and improve compliance and security. Check out this informative infographic and make the move to an identity solution today.

  • Protect Privileged Access in the Cloud

    Download this data sheet to learn how to protect your cloud environment and workloads by making sure the right security and access controls are in place, especially around your privileged access.

  • Intelligent AI-driven Access Decisions

    The unpopular tasks of access certifications and approvals are overwhelming and time-consuming. By leveraging AI-based recommendations, reviewers can make faster, more accurate access decisions, and focus on the high-risk access that requires attention. Tap into the data sheet to discover more benefits of an AI-driven access decisions.

  • Secure, Streamlined Delivery of Access with SailPoint and ServiceNow

    As user access requirements grow more extensive and complex, keeping up with access demands from your business while maintaining security and compliance can be overwhelming. Read this data sheet to learn how SailPoint and ServiceNow’s integration strives to help you manage access effectively in a policy-controlled and secure manner.

  • Nedbank: From Legacy Identity Tools, to Cutting Edge Identity Governance

    This case study explores the identity journey Nedbank is on and the path they have taken to generate impactful results leveraging an identity platform. Read on to learn more.

  • Your Business Runs on Multi-Cloud. Secure it.

    Moving to the cloud unchecked can leave your organization vulnerable to data exposure, security threats and compliance issues. SailPoint Cloud Access Management aims to give you visibility and control across your IaaS infrastructure and workloads, detect potential anomalies and more. Explore product features and benefits in the data sheet.

  • Seeing Identity as the New Firewall

    If the entry method of choice for malicious actors is the users that connect all your organizational resources, protecting those identities must be your security. Think of your workers as the new perimeter and identity as your new firewall. Learn how to stay protected inside this solution brief.

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