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  • Trustwave Managed Threat Detection & Response Services

    Access this resource to learn about the benefits of Trustwave Managed Threat Detection & Response Services including out-of-the-box integration with 700+ data streams, integrations with leading security technology vendors, 9 global Security Operations Centers with senior staff available 24x7x365, and more.

  • An Executive’s Guide to Budgeting for Managed Threat Detection and Response

    Determining the right combination of people, processes and tools to protect your organization against current and future cyberthreats is a daunting task – especially considering the rate at which these threats are evolving. Read this executive’s guide to threat detection and response to learn more about building a sustainable and secure approach.

  • Avoiding Business Email Compromise

    Email inboxes remain a lucrative target for cyberattacks – and given the recent success of phishing and business email compromise (BEC), this trend is likely to continue. Read this case study to learn how a multinational manufacturer with a distributed workforce was able to protect email inboxes and avoid BEC fraud.

  • Minimizing the Impact of the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage

    Organizations across the world have a shortage of cybersecurity pros, and those already on staff are pushed to their limits. Access this Osterman Research report to learn more about the cybersecurity skills shortage and the use of advanced security services and technologies that more effectively leverage the time of current professionals.

  • Five Ways Attackers Get To Databases

    For the most part, cybercriminals all want the same thing – to exfiltrate your sensitive data and make money off it. However, methods for achieving this end goal vary wildly. This infographic highlights 5 of the more common methods and offers 3 data security pitfalls to avoid – read on to get started.

  • Red Team: Operation Bullseye

    When a cybercriminal targets a Trustwave customer, they don’t stand a chance against the state-of-the-art technology, research and people that stand together to combat cyberpunks and nefarious threats, known as the Red Team. Read this comic book to see how the Red Team handled a recent encounter with a nefarious group of cyberpunks.

  • Trustwave Threat Detection And Response Consulting

    In response to the increasing likelihood of a breach, organizations are looking for ways to optimize their existing security investments to increase their threat detection and response capabilities. Read this data sheet to see what Trustwave has to offer and discover if it it’s the right fit for your threat detection and response needs.

  • Case Study: Raising the Bar for Comprehensive Security Assessments

    To provide expert guidance, Securance Consulting must have the tools to look holistically at client systems. But as technology stacks and cyberthreats become more complex, Securance’s insights become even more critical to their customers. Read this case study to learn how Trustwave works with Securance to address their key challenges.

  • Once And Future Threats What Security Testing Is And Will Be

    In this e-book, discover common security testing techniques, how they can be used to benefit your organization, emerging threats to be aware of, and how to translate security from cloud to mobile to physical. Read on to unlock this comprehensive security testing e-book.

  • Case Study: Making the Shift to Proactive Security with MDR

    After a penetration test exposed their vulnerabilities, this Illinois-based industrial company knew it needed to involve its board of directors and executives to modernize its security. Read this case study to learn more about how (and why) they implemented Trustwave’s managed detection and response (MDR) services.

  • The Definitive Buyer's Guide for Managed Threat Detection and Response Services

    In this buyer's guide, Trustwave talks about the Managed Detection and Response (MDR) marketplace, compares provider types, and walks through the requirements for effective MDR. Access it here to learn what you should be looking for as you consider the best provider for your specific needs.

  • The Golden Tax Department and Emergence of GoldenSpy Malware

    To defend your organization against the GoldenSpy threat, download this Trustwave report. Inside, you’ll find details on the attack methodology, suspected entities behind the activity, and protective measures to mitigate risk of being impacted.

  • The Threat Hunt That Uncovered Novel Malware

    What do you do when a required software program comes inadvertently bundled with sophisticated malware? Read the full case study here for a breakdown of how one technology vendor identified and remediated the hidden threat with help from the Trustwave SpiderLabs team.

  • Crisis Management: A Best Practice Approach in Healthcare

    Read this case study to learn how Trustwave’s custom tabletop drill exercise involving a fictional breach of a hospitals digital systems helped prepare them for the real thing.

  • 7 Experts on Transforming Your Threat Detection & Response Strategy

    In this eBook, Trusthwave asked 7 security experts for advice on transforming a threat-detection and response strategy. Access it here to learn the practical strategies, recommendations, and advice they shared.

  • White Paper 360 Security For Office 365

    Access this white paper to learn about 10 common email security risks and discover what you can do to protect your Office 365 investment from them.

  • Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response Services

    Managed detection and response (MDR) services are emerging as one of the most reliable and flexible security operations center capabilities that security and risk management leaders should consider. This Gartner Market Guide provides an overview of MDR, highlighting key capabilities and strategic recommendations – read on to learn more.

  • Trustwave Threat Detection And Response Services For Microsoft Azure

    Keeping up with advanced threat detection and responding to threats is a challenge – especially in complex IT environments like Microsoft Azure. In this data sheet, discover how to implement an agile plan to detect faster, respond quicker and adapt sooner in your Azure environment.

  • Are You Getting What You Thought From Outsourced Threat Hunting?

    Is your organization getting worthwhile results from outsourced threat hunting? Unless properly configured, outsourced threat hunting capabilities often serves as a false sense of security. This Gartner report provides a comprehensive analysis into what security and risk management leaders need to consider when it comes to threat hunting.

  • Enterprise Data Security Platform

    An organization’s data is its most valuable possession – making it a coveted prize for cybercriminals. The following data sheet highlights how Trustwave is helping organizations protect their data at scale, regardless of where it resides – read on to learn more.

  • How to address Phishing, Business Email Compromise, Account Takeovers & More

    The traditional notion of a perimeter is almost non-existent. Instead, today’s cybercriminals are targeting organizations where the people, and data, exist. Read this Osterman Research paper to discover today’s most demanding cyberthreats and the best practices required to defend against them.

  • Data Sheet Trustwave Proactive Threat Hunting

    Blocking an attacker at the perimeter may not always work – today’s threats continue to bypass preventative security controls. This data sheet highlights how Trustwave Proactive Threat Hunting helps fortify defenses by identifying hidden attackers in your environment and open threat vectors that can lead to a breach – read on to learn more.

  • Get the Most Out of Your SIEM System

    SIEM platforms remove a huge burden from your security team and allow them to focus on other analysis-related tasks. However, SIEM systems are not infallible. Discover how to better employ your SIEM system to produce the most accurate event analysis you can hope for.

  • Global Security Report 2011

    In 2010, SpiderLabs performed more than 220 investigations worldwide. In 85% of the investigations, a system breach was confirmed. Of those entities in which a system breach was confirmed, 90% involved the actual theft of sensitive data, representing criminals’ effectiveness in extracting data once system access is obtained.

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