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  • Attended-Mode RPA: The Differences You Need To Know

    This report describes the top use cases of RPA, and helps infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals understand how attended RPA can provide an efficient alternative for completing repetitive, highly manual tasks.

  • How to Break Through the Automation Ceiling

    Dive into this white paper to learn how to tackle the most common Robotic Process Automation (RPA) organizational challenges, including self-imposed automation ceilings, heightened internal automation demands, and more.

  • Why Cloud-Based RPA Is an Essential Consideration for the Aspiring Digital Enterprise

    Dive into this analyst Q & A to learn about the core considerations you should be using while weighing RPA’s potential within your organization. Plus, find out how industry analysts foresee RPA’s role in the future of IT enterprises.

  • Total Cost of Ownership of Intelligent Automation

    Intelligent automation, the latest flavor of automation technology with an added AI twist, is unique in that its use cases can vary significantly from business to business – meaning that its true TCO is difficult to determine from the jump. Download this informative white paper to learn how.

  • Symantec Experiences Exponential Growth with RPA

    Step inside this case study to learn how Symantec utilized Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to save over 4,500 manual work hours and increase their business renewal rate by 20% – all with just 40 bots.

  • The Intelligent Digital Workplace

    Today's workforce collectively spends about ten to twenty percent of their time on repetitive, manual tasks – tasks that could be easily automated. Inside this white paper, learn how RPA technology is transforming workforces and creating the workplace of the future, and all the competitive and productivity benefits that come with it.

  • The Economic Impact of Enterprise RPA

    Download this report to get a firsthand glimpse – through the eyes of a company similar to your own – into the economic and financial benefits that Automation Anywhere's RPA platform.

  • RPA for Business Process Outsourcing

    With IT workloads continuing to grow with new levels of innovation, it begins to stretch IT teams thinner with less time to efficiently complete projects. Discover from this whitepaper which deep- dives in the core benefits RPA offers with automatic task completion for process like data manipulation and process transactions.

  • RPA: An Executive Primer

    Automation investments, particularly in robotic process automation (RPA), are on the rise, and with good reason. In this high-level guide, learn more about the fundamentals of robotic process automation: how it works, common use cases, and key deployment considerations.

  • Why Do RPA Projects Fail? And How To Avoid It

    Robotic process automation (RPA) has proved to be a technology of choice for digital transformation, saving thousands of hours of manual work and enabling employees to focus on higher-value tasks. Dive into this article to take a closer look at RPA's key success factors, and learn why some RPA projects collapse before they're fully off the ground.

  • Robotic Process Automation: 2019 Market Report

    Inside this report, discover how APAC and ANZ organizations like your own are staying ahead of RPA trends, including a look into the tools they're using, the challenges they're facing, and how they're tackling shifts in the digital workforce as a result.

  • Automating the Future of Work

    While fully symbiotic bot-human teams are still a ways away, RPA is still being used by organizations to great effect – but how? Inside this IDC report, explore the RPA use cases that businesses from every end of the spectrum are utilizing – and find out why the RPA market is forecasted to grow by nearly 50% each of the next few years.

  • AI 2020 Update

    While obstacles to full AI transformation still remain, it's clear that initiatives to roll out intelligent enterprises are well underway, and picking up speed. Access the results of this exclusive AI study to dig deeper into the AI-driven opportunities, trends and challenges that are expected to reshape enterprises over the next few years.

  • RPA + AI = Competitive Edge

    Inside this 16-page guide, learn what distinguishes AI-infused RPA options from the more vanilla process automation options available today – and the potential that their added cognitive abilities can unlock.

  • Robotic Process Automation Market Snapshot

    In this market guide, find out how the top robotic process automation (RPA) vendors stack up against one another on key investment criteria, including ideal use cases, unique RPA capabilities, and more.

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