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  • RPA: An Executive Primer

    Automation investments, particularly in robotic process automation (RPA), are on the rise, and with good reason. In this high-level guide, learn more about the fundamentals of robotic process automation: how it works, common use cases, and key deployment considerations.

  • Why Do RPA Projects Fail? And How To Avoid It

    Robotic process automation (RPA) has proved to be a technology of choice for digital transformation, saving thousands of hours of manual work and enabling employees to focus on higher-value tasks. Dive into this article to take a closer look at RPA's key success factors, and learn why some RPA projects collapse before they're fully off the ground.

  • How the University of Melbourne Saves 10,000 Hours Annually

    Jump into this case study to find out how the University of Melbourne utilized RPA bots to maintain its annual enrollment of nearly 50,000 students – introducing automation into the processes that make that number sustainable.

  • Automating the Future of Work

    While fully symbiotic bot-human teams are years away, today's RPA tech is being used by organizations to great effect – but how? Inside this IDC report, explore the RPA use cases that businesses from every end of the spectrum are utilizing – and find out why the RPA market is forecasted to grow by nearly 50% every year.

  • ANZ Businesses Reap Early Success of RPA Adoption

    RPA adoption is still in its early stages—but companies experimenting with this tech are already seeing big benefits. Read this white paper to discover how these companies are making use of RPA tech, and learn how it can improve your business too.

  • Robotic Process Automation: 2019 Market Report

    Inside this report, discover how APAC and ANZ organizations like your own are staying ahead of RPA trends, including a look into the tools they're using, the challenges they're facing, and how they're tackling shifts in the digital workforce as a result.

  • Automating the Future of Work

    While fully symbiotic bot-human teams are still a ways away, RPA is still being used by organizations to great effect – but how? Inside this IDC report, explore the RPA use cases that businesses from every end of the spectrum are utilizing – and find out why the RPA market is forecasted to grow by nearly 50% each of the next few years.

  • AI 2020 Update

    While obstacles to full AI transformation still remain, it's clear that initiatives to roll out intelligent enterprises are well underway, and picking up speed. Access the results of this exclusive AI study to dig deeper into the AI-driven opportunities, trends and challenges that are expected to reshape enterprises over the next few years.

  • Bridge to Digital Transformation

    After evaluating all the options on the market, one company chose Automation Anywhere RPA to start its digital transformation journey and automate its invoice processing, help desk, and internal financial reporting processes. The company achieved its initial goals—and more. Click to find out how.

  • RPA and Cognitive Automation for Insurance

    Click inside to explore the results insurance firms are encountering after introducing automation into their business's most repetitive, highly-manual processes – and how cognitive technology is making its way into the picture as well.

  • 7 Predictions for the 2019 RPA Market

    Jump into this resource to get a peek at how experts are predicting robotic process automation (RPA)'s 2019 will pan out, including notable market shifts, major technology disruptions, and emerging RPA use cases.

  • The RPA Evolution of Today

    Robotic process automation (RPA) isn't a brand new concept – in fact, the technology has been around for decades. Inside this market spotlight from IDC, find out what's driving today's massive demand for RPA platforms amongst a wide array of businesses.

  • Robotic Process Automation Market Snapshot

    In this market guide, find out how the top robotic process automation (RPA) vendors stack up against one another on key investment criteria, including ideal use cases, unique RPA capabilities, and more.

  • Automation Anywhere's Role in RPA Industry's Move into the Bot Economy

    Automation Anywhere, a leading robotic process automation (RPA) vendor, envisions the emergence of a new economy–the bot economy. Download this report to learn more about Automation Anywhere and their RPA platform, and explore trends and predictions for the bot industry.

  • Cognitive Automation: Fortune 500 Company Brings Structure to Unstructured Data

    How did one Fortune 500 company overcome their highly variable order-to-cash demand and backlog? Read this comprehensive case study, and explore how IQ Bot from Automation Anywhere helped this industry powerhouse automate their order-to-cash process with 75% straight through processing, and save $350k in 3 months.

  • Cognitive Automation: 6 Steps to Success

    Adding a cognitive capability to robotic process automation (RPA) makes your software capable of automating more complex tasks based on semi-structured or unstructured data. In this white paper, learn how to succeed with cognitive automation by following 6 basic steps.

  • A Conversation with Simen Munter and Pankajam Sridevi

    Many organizations frustrated with the lack of agility in their operational processes have begun to look to robotic process automation (RPA). But how exactly does RPA work and how can you get started using it? Read this case study interview to learn more.

  • Automation Delivers Innovation to World Leading Freight and Supply Chain Solutions Company

    A global supply chain and logistics leader needed to automate their back-office document management. Read this white paper to learn more about how the supply chain logistics company increased efficiency and reduced costs using automation and how your company could do the same.

  • The Human Enterprise in a Post-Automation World

    It's difficult to get analysts to agree on what businesses of the future will look like under the sway of automation and AI. Some look forward to a worker's utopia, while others take a more dystopian view. Click to read through the findings of an academic study on the topic – and find out if humans and machine can really work together in harmony.

  • RPA with Machine Learning: From HR to Finance Departments

    Learn how one global financial institution integrated RPA bots into its human resources and data collection workflows, buying themselves a 70% reduction in process times, $1 million in annual cost savings, and more. Plus, find out the role machine learning played throughout the process.

  • Disrupting an Industry

    Read up on how one company deployed RPA bots throughout 15 of their departments, introducing automation into their daily billing and payment processes and then some.

  • Win-Win: Improving Regulatory Compliance

    A particular top-30 U.S. bank was spending a significant amount of manual effort on various rules-based, repetitive and error-prone mortgage processes. Their solution was to implement RPA for these higher-volume tasks. Read this case study to learn how they did it and if a similar solution will work for your business.

  • How RPA Can Lead to a Rapid ROI

    Find out how Synergy, a leading Australian energy provider, used RPA to add automation into existing procurement, reporting, and quoting transaction processes throughout their business – earning them a 99% reduction in errors, 163% ROI, 40% reduced processing times, and more.

  • IQ Bot: Intelligent Self-Learning Digital Workforce

    Download this white paper to learn about IQ bot, a cognitive bot with vision skills that adds structure to unstructured content and learns by observing people at work increasing your digital footprint.

  • The Path to Digital Transformation

    A medical device manufacturer sought to leverage automation to drive greater efficiencies across all business functions – so they turned to RPA. Read this case study to learn more about the results.

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