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    Your IT team likely doesn't have the time to slog through intricate checklists to meeteach and every aspect of regulatory compliance. Even though your executives may besaying it's a necessary evil, you can't ever be 100% protected against a data breach.

  • The Managed File Transfer Buyer's Guide

    For many organizations, the movement of data files between users, locations, partners and customers is a core operational process. Depending on the nature of the enterprise, however, file transfer requirements may range from occasional use for non-proprietary data, to high volume transactions of confidential or regulated information.

  • Conversational File Transfer and Data Security

    When it comes to the world of IT, there are a few philosophiesthat seem to be universally true. No, I'm not talking aboutMoore's Law. I'm talking about simpler philosophies like"garbage in, garbage out" or PICNIC errors. For the uninitiated,PICNIC stands for "Problem in Chair, Not in Computer"

  • Checklist: IT monitoring buyer's guide

    Use this unbiased guide to find the IT monitoring software the best aligns with your organization's wants and needs. Inside, you'll find a list of business, technology, and auditing considerations to weigh as you search.

  • The challenges and benefits of network discovery and monitoring

    Most IT pros seem to understand what network monitoring entails, and why it is so important. And while it's tempting to think of network monitoring in a really technical way, it is equally important to take a step back and look at the big picture. In this e-book, learn everything you need to know about network monitoring.

  • Managing several websites? How you can ease that workload

    For large organizations, or simply companies with a large online presence, managing a variety of websites isn't just a hassleā€”it becomes a liability that can spread outdated information or expose your company to security risks. Read on to learn about multisite management and how it can help you tackle some of these issues.

  • How you can choose the right digital experience platform, and improve business outcomes

    Improving your business outcomes in the 21st century cannot be separated from improving your customer's digital experience. Yet, improving your customer's digital experience often seems to be a vague promise. Read this IDC white paper on choosing the right digital experience platform to ensure you're taking the right steps.

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