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  • The Real Business Drivers of Data Compliance

    Although fines and reputational damage are frequently stated as instigators of action to adopt GDPR, this white paper reveals a broader set of rationales for engagement. Learn more about the advantages of GDPR in terms of compliance, operational efficiency and revenue.

  • Camden Council: A Success Story

    22,000 meters of inaccessible documents left the Camden Council with an ultimatum: foot an £11-million bill or modernize. The employment of an electronic document management system (EDMS) allowed the Council to successfully upload and access their documents, streamline their operations, and relieve them of an £11-million burden.

  • Control Structured Data with Intelligent Archiving

    Download this paper to take control of your inactive structured data with an intelligent archiving platform that automatically moves, validates, and relocates inactive data from your apps—thereby reducing footprint and storage costs.

  • AstraZeneca saves over $44 million using Micro Focus Content Manager

    Would your organization like to simplify the archiving process and accelerate cost savings associated with system decommissioning? Download this study for more information, and for a glimpse at a centralized archiving solution that drives consistent assessment and archiving practices across all media types.

  • Mainframe Data Protection in an Age of Big Data, Mobile, and Cloud Computing

    Today, businesses are implementing a comprehensive security strategy to enhance mainframe data protection even while it enables the secure movement, access and use of data throughout the enterprise. Download this report to learn a mainframe data protection solution designed to protect mission-critical enterprise data end-to-end.

  • Deploying Mainframe Applications to Amazon Web Services

    COBOL and PL/I applications still represent the core business systems for many global organizations. However, these mainframe applications face a new challenge as organizations increasingly move to the cloud. Read this whitepaper on an application modernization solution that delivers tools and processes required to support modernization.

  • Use Continuous Modernization to Build Digital Platforms From Legacy Applications

    In this whitepaper, learn how to modernize your legacy apps with strategies specific to your needs, and find friction points within your application infrastructure that are causing the most trouble for developers and end-users alike.

  • Modernization: A Flexible Approach to Digital Transformation

    For many organizations, "digital transformation" means replacing legacy applications with more cloud-ready digital solutions, but this is too expensive for most. In this whitepaper, learn about an application modernization portfolio that focuses on revamping the application experience across the board.

  • Move up to Enterprise Developer for zEnterprise

    Access this crucial paper to get an in-depth look at a tool that brings contemporary capabilities to mainframe application development, enabling faster change and delivery of new business functions without mainframe resources.

  • A step change in development efficiency

    This critical white paper explains how an enterprise developer solution can help development teams improve the efficiency and effectiveness of IBM zEnterprise environments, streamlining the mainframe application development process.

  • Unlock the key to mainframe success

    Access this presentation transcript to learn more about some of the inherent risk associated with IT strategy. Find out how your organization can reduce TCO and other expenses by listening to this podcast now. Are your mainframes enough? Ease your concerns now by listening for the facts.

  • How to reduce your mainframe costs by 50%

    In this presentation transcript, you can learn how you can save money on application modernization. Explore some of the different platforms in the market today and find which solution is best for your unique business needs.

  • Micro Focus Visual COBOL

    Watch this videocast to learn how it is bringing the productivity of modern, industry-leading integrated development environments (IDEs) to COBOL, including the ability to deploy key business-critical COBOL applications to Windows 7, .NET, JVM and the cloud.

  • Get Much More for Much Less with COBOL

    Read this brief paper to learn about five features that your infrastructure must have in order to be agile enough to respond to change and easily adapt to accommodate new development technologies including foresight, heritage, portability, fitness-for-purpose, and readability.

  • Test Management: Measuring Quality in the Agile Enterprise

    The methods of measuring software quality in an agile environment are drastically different from tactics used in traditional IT landscapes. Discover why the "plan the work, then work the plan" technique doesn't work with agile IT, the 10 agile metrics you should be tracking, 3 questions to help determine when to start tracking defects, and more.

  • Web-servicing mainframe applications

    Discover how your organization can implement the mainframe component of a service-oriented architecture. Inside, you’ll learn how to convert mainframe applications into web services and achieve benefits like increased architectural flexibility, reduced administrative costs and more.

  • 20th Century Fox Providing Answers to Performance Issues with SilkPerformer

    When 20th Century Fox needed to find a way to increase its software performance and provide users with faster online transaction processing they turned to performance testing software. Read this brief case study to learn how easy the system was to implement and the benefits that Fox was able to see.

  • AQS, Inc. Major Software Delivery Lifecycle Improvements at AQS, Inc. with StarTeam

    When software company AQS, Inc. needed to build consistency in their source code management and automate change processes they leveraged a change and configuration management system. Read this case study to learn the benefits they were able to achieve.

  • Maintaining an Agile Test Environment

    This expert resource guides you through case studies focusing on testing in agile development environments. Learn tips for agile testing and discover the collaboration that must take place between testers and programmers in order for automation to be successful.


    Access this white paper to discover the top five reasons to stay current with terminal emulation. Discover how your organization can protect against downtime and make migrations much less expensive.

  • City of Inglewood

    Access this white paper to discover how one city migrated from their aging mainframe to a Windows platform. Learn how your organization can save on maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency by making a similar move.

  • Micro Focus RUMBA makes the connection for REI

    Access this white paper to discover a solution to troublesome connectivity problems. This case study explores how REI provides its clients with a reliable connection.

  • The benefits and drawbacks on test automation

    Automating software testing may seem ideal but like everything there are benefits and drawbacks. This expert resource features advice from software expert Peter Walen on the pros and cons of automation.

  • Devising a test automation strategy: Getting started

    Many organizations are aware of how much easier the testing process would be if they had a testing automation strategy. Yet many are unsure of the best practices for developing a successful plan. This exclusive resource features insight on developing a successful test automation strategy from Agile testing expert, Lisa Crispin.

  • Collaboration in Agile development: Requirements analysis is a team effort

    Agile development roles are no longer set in stone. The most successful and efficient teams work together, each adding their own perspective. This featured article uncovers why testers should participate in requirement analysis and how organizations are getting their whole team more involved in Agile projects.

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