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  • Cloudbusters: Cloud Cost Management/FinOps

    Access this webinar for a discussion on cloud cost management – where and how organizations are being successful, the challenges around cloud cost management, how to address them, and more.

  • Cloudbusters: Agile -- the benefits of challenges, and why the Spotify model may not work for everyone

    Tune into this Cloudbusters episode to learn what makes Spotify’s approach to agile development so successful and notable, and listen to 3 industries experts discuss the benefits, challenges, and realities organizations should keep in mind as they look to adapt these agile approaches for their own benefit.

  • The Handbook To Cloud Migration Costs And Planning

    Access this handbook for tips on cloud migration cost management from start to finish, through each of the four key phases: the initial process and resource audit, building a compelling business case, migrating to the cloud at scale, and controlling and optimizing the growing cloud costs.

  • The Complete Handbook For It Cost Reduction

    For most organizations, cutting costs is a balance of optimizing resources without disrupting business-critical operations. IT leaders’ cost-cutting measures span from infrastructure consolidation to application rationalization. In this guide, explore the four ways to cut IT costs and make data-driven decisions. Read the guide here.

  • Apptio Video

    In this on-demand webinar, hear from experts at the FinOps Foundation and Apptio, who are experienced in helping customers navigate the real-world challenges of building a FinOps practice. Watch now to learn more.

  • Finops: A New Approach To Cloud Financial Management

    Today, most enterprises are cloud-first—or at least aspire to be. Almost all cloud spending is variable, which means that micro-optimizations can happen at the team level each and every day to change the shape of the cloud spend. That’s where FinOps comes in. Use this guide to explore how FinOps can keep your cloud managed and affordable.

  • How Olx Group Optimized Cloud Costs And Improved Communication And Accountability

    The first steps you take after a cloud migration may just be the most important ones. For OLX Group, after their AWS migration, they immediately sought out a cloud management system. In this case study, explore which tools OLX Group chose for maximum visibility into their cloud solutions—and how their post-migration plan set them up for success.

  • Project-based Funding In An Agile World

    Agile isn’t just changing the software development lifecycle—it’s also transforming how CIOs are approaching funding. In this guide, explore how CIOs can deliver more value by bridging the gap between project-based funding models and product-centric development methodologies. Click here to understand project-based funding in an Agile world.

  • 10 Essential Kpis For The It Strategic Planning Process

    IT strategic plans need key performance indicators (KPIs) that show financial fundamentals, delivery, innovation, and agility to support the business strategy. These aren’t just operational measures – they are proof that IT is delivering business value. Open up this white paper to find ten essential KPIs for the strategic IT planning process.

  • Application Rationalization Datasheet

    To achieve decision agility, IT organizations need a scalable way to make business sense out of disconnected financial, operational, and project data about their application portfolio. Read on to learn more about innovative solutions!

  • The Ultimate Technology Business Management Guide

    In this asset, read about Apptio, the leading provider of TBM solutions. Their suite of applications and SaaS delivery model provide IT organizations an efficient and cost effective approach to quickly adopt and realize the ongoing benefits of TBM.

  • The Keys to Technology Business Management and Accounting Diplomacy

    Access this e-guide for an informative case study and expert insights that will help you better understand the keys to technology business management and conquer your business strives.

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