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  • Credential Stuffing 2021: The Latest Attack Trends and Tools


  • Attacker Economics

    In this eguide, read about attacker economics, and why understanding what makes your company a prime target for common types of attacks can help defend from these threats.

  • Breaking Down Bots

    In this eguide, learn about how you can detect and block bad bots before they disrupt operations and commit fraud.

  • Retailer Solves Shoe-Bot Spikes, Fixes Fraud, Friction and Fake

    This eguide is a case study which discusses how implementing fraud detection technologies saved a department store chain $500K in the first 30 days of its implementation.

  • The New Business Imperative

    In thie eguide, read about a new business imperative, involving the shift to adopting cross functional, cost-out, and revenue-in capabilities.

  • F5 5G Edge ebook

    5G Standalone introduces a new operational and service paradigm for service providers. It eliminates the hardware-centric, centralized architectures of the past and embraces a cloud-native, distributed infrastructure for building and operating networks. View this e-book to see what service providers can gain from this architectural shift.

  • F5 NFV ebook

    With network traffic growth surging well ahead of revenue growth, service providers are working hard to streamline their networks. As a result, network function virtualization (NFV) is gaining momentum, particularly in the network core. Check out this e-book to learn more on why NFV could be the next step in network optimization.

  • Reducing Congestion on Service Provider Networks with Intelligent Video Traffic Management

    Vodafone reported a 50% rise in internet use as more people work from home during COVID-19. OTT providers have throttled their video streams as a result, but this has highlighted to service providers the importance of being prepared in the future with intelligent traffic management and video optimization solutions. Watch this webcast to learn more.

  • Mitigating Application DDoS Attacks

    Your network, DNS & TLS are not often thought of as being part of applications. Yet DoS or DDoS attacks against these tiers can render your networks, apps or other supporting infrastructure inaccessible. The challenge is identifying & blocking attackers’ requests whilst still allowing clean traffic. View this webinar to learn how to do this.

  • Encrypted DNS - Mitigating the Impact of DoT and DoH for Service Providers

    DNS is fundamental to how the internet functions, but growth in DNS encryption potentially renders DNS infrastructure redundant. As a result, service providers will need to understand the challenges and opportunities of encrypted DNS. Jump into this webcast to cover the impact of encrypted DNS from the service provider's perspective.


    The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) was developed by security professionals to critically assess web application security. This eBook evaluates the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and mitigations putting web applications at risk. Download the eBook to learn how to best protect your applications.

  • Successfully Managing VDI Services with the BIG-IP System

    Learn how you can unite all the components required to make a complete and secure VDI services delivery solution in one integrated and consolidated platform.

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