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  • Critical Capabilities for SD-WAN

    In this report, Gartner analyzes SD-WAN vendors’ performances in 5 use cases, including WAN for small branches and security-sensitive WAN. Continue on to compare the major players in the SD-WAN market.

  • Seven Major Challenges Impeding Digital Acceleration

    In order to remain competitive, many businesses have shifted to dynamic hybrid networking environments. Unfortunately, this is a process often riddled with challenges. But being aware of these obstacles can help your organization overcome them. Download this white paper to unlock 7 major challenges that impede network acceleration.

  • Data Center Evolution Is Essential for Hybrid Network Architectures

    When your business shifts to a hybrid network architecture, your data center must evolve too. But how? Discover an answer in this white paper.

  • The Data Center of Tomorrow Starts Today

    As the network landscape has changed, so has the state of the data center. Today, businesses are challenged to deploy, manage and secure their data centers across hybrid architectures. This white paper is here to help your organization approach that undertaking. Continue on for guidance.

  • Improve Application Access and Security With Fortinet Zero Trust Network Access

    Gartner predicts that by 2023, 60% of enterprises will phase out traditional virtual private networks (VPNs) and use a zero-trust network access (ZTNA) model. In order to enable secure access from anywhere, simplify secure connectivity, and reduce the attack surface, Fortinet offers a ZTNA solution. Learn more in the whitepaper.

  • Work from Anywhere Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

    As 67% of organizations report having been a ransomware target, it’s clear that better security measures need to be put in place for increased protection. But what are the most effective ways WFA companies can combat these attacks? Dig into this white paper to learn more.

  • Magic Quadrant for Security Information and Event Management

    By implementing a SIEM solution, organizations can better protect their assets, reduce risk, and increase their overall security posture. Download Gartner’s SIEM report to identify vendors that align with your needs and inform your decision-making process when selecting a SIEM solution.

  • Securely Work From Anywhere With the Fortinet Security Fabric

    As the way that people work changes, so too does the way in which workforce security is conducted. Today, employees need to be able to work securely from a variety of locations despite the increase in attack surface. So, how can this best be done? Browse this white paper to learn more.

  • Automate Security Operations with the Multilayered Fortinet Automated SOC Solution

    At times it seems like there are more active threat actors than there are IT security specialists available for hire. Almost 80% of organizations claim that the skills shortage is affecting the effectiveness of their SOC. However, there is a solution that addresses that gap. Read on to learn more about automating your security operations.

  • Consolidate Cybersecurity Vendors to Accelerate Detection and Response

    Organizations that do business with a lot of vendors can find themselves in complex situations not knowing who to go to if something goes wrong and no one takes ownership. When it comes to cybersecurity vendors, that is something that cannot happen. However, utilizing an XDR solution can fix all of that. Read on to see why.

  • Essential SASE Must-haves

    As businesses expanded their networks to achieve a work-from-anywhere framework, their attack surfaces grew. This means that their security coverage must grow too. Enter SASE, which can enable organizations to converge their networking and security strategies. Dig into this checklist to access the top 4 requirements of a SASE solution.

  • Critical Guidance for Evaluating SASE Solutions

    Hybrid employees need secure and reliable access to critical, sometimes sensitive, assets—and it’s up to IT teams to deliver it. To do so, many teams have turned to SASE solutions. Is your organization considering doing the same? Review this white paper to unlock tips for evaluating the SASE market.

  • Improve Security Operations with Fortinet’s AI-Driven SOC Automation Platform

    Organizations with a unified, automation-driven SOC (security operations center) enable lean security teams to protect their enterprise effectively. Dive into this datasheet to determine the potential benefits of Fortinet’s AI-Driven SOC Automation solution for your company.

  • How FortiEDR Checks Buyers’ Boxes

    Access this datasheet to learn how FortiEDR, an endpoint protection and EDR solution designed to thwart ransomware attacks, checks off the boxes of buyers’ must-have endpoint security features.

  • Choosing the Right SASE Solution for Your Hybrid Workforce

    Whether your employees are working from the office, home or anywhere else, they need secure access to your organization’s critical applications. But what solutions can enable this by meeting the flexibility of the modern work framework? Explore this e-book to learn how SASE solutions can and how to pick the right solution for your business.

  • FortiSASE: Securing Internet Access for Remote Users

    Hybrid work enables greater flexibility for your employees…but it also enables security headaches, attributable to your expanded attack surface. One common headache is securing internet access for your remote users. Dig into this overview to learn how Fortinet FortiSASE can help you overcome this obstacle.

  • Use ZTNA to Protect Today’s Hybrid Workforce

    When your employees want to work from anywhere, it’s up to you to ensure that they can do so securely. Are you wondering how you can achieve that? Enter zero-trust network access (ZTNA) to the rescue. Download this white paper to learn about how ZTNA works and its myriad benefits.

  • Scaling Enterprise Security With Cloudnative Protection on AWS

    As organizations continue moving workloads to the cloud, they are responsible for managing and minimizing security risk. This ESG analyst report looks at the demands of public cloud workload migration and how it affects the way organizations deploy their cloud security. Download the full report to unlock the full analysis.

  • Considerations for Evaluating Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Solutions

    Not all EDR vendors are the same. To find the right solutions, organizations need to get answers to critical questions about the capabilities of EDR platforms to determine if they can protect all endpoints no matter where and how they connect. Access this checklist to make sure you find the right fit for you.

  • The State of Zero Trust Report

    Using statistics gathered from top cybersecurity professionals, Fortinet breaks down and analyzes how Zero Trust is being implemented, and what misconceptions are most often limiting its potential. Download the full report to gain a better understanding of Zero Trust and find what misunderstandings may be limiting your network security.

  • Five Keys to a Secure Work-From-Anywhere Solution

    The work-from-anywhere (WFA) model presents security risks, so it's critical for organizations to provide enterprise-level security everywhere they work, whether at home, in the office, or on the road. These 5 key technologies keep employees productive and secure wherever they happen to be working. Keep reading to learn more.

  • The Hidden Costs of Endpoint Security

    According to a recent Forrester study, 74% of organizations indicated that they have suffered a business-impacting cyberattack attributed to remote work vulnerabilities.Tap into this white paper to learn about the hidden costs of first-generation endpoint security offerings.

  • Protecting the Endpoint To Work From Anywhere

    Organizations need an endpoint security platform that will be the first and last line of defense. Read this e-book to learn how to protect your endpoint to work from anywhere.

  • Zero Trust Access (ZTA)

    In this e-book, Fortinet provides a comprehensive breakdown of what Zero Trust Access is and how it works, including the benefits and drawbacks of using ZTA, how ZTA compares to traditional security models, and the logistical complications of implementing ZTA into an existing network.

  • Why you Should Consider SASE for SD-WAN

    SD-WAN is revolutionizing the way employees connect to their networks. And this is great, but much of what SD-WAN has to offer can be improved with the implementation of a SASE architecture. Dive into this e-guide to get the scoop on why SD-WAN and SASE go together like PB&J.

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