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  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Work Hand in Hand with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

    Inside, learn more about the integration features of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops alongside Windows Virtual Desktop now available through Citrix Workspace services.

  • 5 Reasons Your IT Team Needs Citrix SD-Wan

    The typical business relies on hundreds of apps. As you transition many of them from data centers to the cloud or SaaS, you need a network that ensures secure, optimal performance for branch users and remote workers alike. In this infographic, learn 5 ways that Citrix SD-WAN can help.

  • Critical Capabilities for WAN Edge Infrastructure

    In this Gartner report, learn about the critical capabilities to look for when searching for the right WAN Edge Infrastructure, so you can find one that closely aligns with your requirements.

  • 5 ways Citrix Workspace puts user experience first

    In this resource find out how a unified digital workspace can help ensure that employees have access to the tools and devices they need, while also easing endpoint management for IT.

  • Uncover the Full Benefits of Virtual Apps and Desktops Service

    The list of benefits earned from virtual apps and desktops runs long. Tune into this webinar to hear experts from Citrix discuss the full breadth of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops Services in detail, including the public cloud flexibility, consumption models, and cost-savings that make these platforms so valuable.

  • Citrix Virtual Apps

    With Citrix Virtual Apps, your organization can deliver modern productivity benefits while also ensuring data security and cost-reductions. Dive into this white paper to learn about the features and capabilities of Citrix Virtual Apps, its components, and common use cases.

  • Lead your office to a modern digital workspace

    Tune into this webinar to hear industry experts discuss strategies for leading your organization towards a modern digital workspace through Citrix Workspace, including a discussion on employee experience best practices, security considerations, and more.

  • The Key to Surviving and Thriving in Uncertain Times

    Tune into this podcast from BriefingsDirect to hear experts discuss the keys to surviving and thriving in today’s uncertain world – and how to catch your organization’s business continuity strategy up to speed with your workforce’s demands.

  • City of Corona - Case Study

    Dive into this case study to learn how the city of Corona uses a cloud-first IT strategy to guide their disaster recovery and business continuity efforts – and what technology choices they rely on in the process.

  • Rethinking Security Efficacy: How to Reduce and Manage Your Business Risk

    IT and security leaders are encountering ever-increasing levels of risk and exposure to breaches. Download this white paper to learn how to manage your security in the ever-changing digital environment and respond effectively to threats.

  • The keys to a successful business continuity and DR strategy

    Developing a business continuity and DR strategy usually involves an extensive amount of information gathering, combined with piecing together products and services that work as a collective. Check out this e-guide to learn the differences between business continuity and DR, discover 4 approaches to a successful combined strategy, and much more.

  • Are Your Desktops Ready for the Cloud?

    As cloud hosted virtual desktops become the new norm, many organizations are questioning how to get there themselves. Inside this white paper, uncover the top three challenges likely standing between your organization and cloud-based desktop deployments – and how to solve them.

  • Workforce continuity and the Future of Work

    Tune into this webinar to find out how modern, end user experiences can replace antiquated, cumbersome processes to alleviate external pressures and ensure workforce continuity in the face of disasters with Citrix.

  • Guidelines for Maintaining Business Continuity For Your Organization

    Dig into this white paper to learn Citrix’s 5 standards of business continuity and read about the critical strategies for enabling uninterrupted access to business resources for end users during disruptions to the ordinary.

  • Workforce continuity and the Future of Work

    Tune into this webinar to find out how modern, end user experiences can replace antiquated, cumbersome processes to alleviate external pressures and ensure workforce continuity in the face of disasters with Citrix.

  • Real-World Business Continuity Insights, Considerations and Recommendations

    In this webcast from Citrix, hear from a panel of IT experts on the state of business continuity plans during this pandemic and recommendations on what businesses can do for the next unexpected businesses disruption.

  • Call Center Resilience: A Citrix Case Study

    Download this case study to learn how Citrix was able to execute on their business continuity plan with minimal impact to their business or customers—while ensuring the safety of employees and maintaining KPI's.

  • 2020 Strategic Road Map for Business Continuity Management

    Download this Gartner report to obtain your strategic roadmap for business continuity management (BCM), which includes key market insights from Gartner and 4 recommendations with which, together, admins and company leaders can implement resilient BCM.

  • The Economic and Employee Benefits of a Flexible Working Environment

    Working in-person is a real cost to businesses—20% of respondents to a study stated that they had quit a job that they couldn’t work remotely from. Working from home, however, can provide a real boost to your employees’ productivity. Read on to learn about the benefits working remotely can provide, and how to support a work from anywhere policy.

  • The VDI Evolution: Cloud, Automation, and More

    Today, VDI workloads are predominantly cloud-hosted, include automation capabilities, and frequently have baked-in monitoring features. Download a copy of this E-Guide to learn more about these latest VDI developments: cloud-hosted VDI, VDI automation, and advanced VDI monitoring tools.

  • Next Step in The Digital Workspace: Using Intelligence to Improve Data Delivery and Provide Insights

    The digital workspace has transformed modern business—work from home and international collaboration are just a few benefits that your company derives from a digital workspace. Read on to learn how your company can also use solutions like Citrix Workspace to incorporate intelligent programs into your workspace and use your data more effectively.

  • Business Continuity E-Guide

    Check out this e-guide for an overview of business continuity essentials, including access to a free BC planning template, discussions on how cybersecurity and business continuity can collaborate to simplify recovery, and 10 risks to monitor.

  • How Application Delivery Controllers Have Evolved to Meet New Demands

    ADCs are physical or virtual devices deployed between applications and users. They intercept session traffic between applications and users and provide a range of functions designed to optimize the end-user application experience. Download this e-guide to learn more about ADCs are how they evolved over the years to meet new demands.

  • The Next-Generation Workspace: Removing Barriers and Frustration

    Inside this article, learn about digital workspace technology designed with experience, security, and productivity at front-of-mind. Plus, find out how digital workspace tools enhance a variety of business functions including HR, management, and even IT themselves.

  • The Modern Digital Workspace is Here for You: Citrix Workspace

    Jump into this white paper to learn how Citrix Workspace can help bridge the gap between your employee’s out-of-office digital experiences and their in-office ones through features like single sign-on, a cloud-based central dashboard, and more.

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