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Artificial intelligence: The future of IAM

Organizations have been embracing artificial intelligence to enhance nearly every applicable business operation – and cybersecurity is no different.

For an in-depth look at Predictive Identity, SailPoint’s AI-embracing identity and access management platform, download this KuppingerCole report – which provides objective insight into the platform’s:

  • Key features & capabilities
  • Strength & weakness areas
  • And more

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  • Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) 101

    The Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) market is continuing to evolve as Identity Provisioning and Access Governance offerings are increasingly augmented by AI and other digitally transformative technologies.

    This 120-page Leadership Compass report from KuppingerCole provides an overview of today’s IGA market, highlighting:

    • Delivery models & required capabilities
    • 3 helpful comparison matrices
    • Vendors & market segments to watch
    • & more

  • Cloud-driven identities: Research report

    ESG recently surveyed 379 IT and cybersecurity professionals at organization personally responsible for evaluating or purchasing identity and access management and cloud security technology products and services.

    This research aimed to understand the problem space, organizational responsibilities, compliance implications, and plans for securing user access to a wide portfolio of cloud services.

    Download the report to uncover the results as well as the current and planned use of various authentication methods, privileged access management, device profiling, unified directories, user activity analytics, and service account protection.

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  • Access management: Key terms & definitions

    The concept of access management was created to address the changing security threats that came as a result of cloud migration and remote device enablement. This handbook provides a glossary of key access management terms and definitions. Read on to familiarize yourself with the terms.


  • Hybrid IAM: The best of both worlds

    Within the identity and access management (IAM) market, the cloud segment is experiencing significant growth – especially among distributed workforces. This white paper discusses how cloud has shaped the IAM market and the benefits of cloud/hybrid IAM offerings.


  • 5 core tenets of effective IAM

    Although already widespread in use, identity and access management (IAM) programs are expected to continue to grow in popularity, especially among remote workforces. This white paper underlines the importance of a diligent IAM program and provides readers with the 5 basic tenets of an effective approach to IAM.


  • For customers, it’s a matter of identity

    In today’s global market, everything centers on interfaces to customers: Who is the customer? How can their identity be confirmed reliably? Customer identity and access management (CIAM) is helping business answer these questions and more. In this white paper, examine the prerequisites, challenges and opportunities associated with CIAM.


  • A flexible hybrid cloud IAM

    Legacy authentication lacks flexibility, availability and security. Businesses are now searching for future-proof solutions that can optimize the flexibility of IT services by providing innovative and secure authentication methods. Peruse this case study to learn how iC Consult provided an enterprise-wide IAM solution through a hybrid cloud.


  • The role of authentication in identity assurance

    Today’s cyberthreats target either the users with access to critical data, or the data itself – and traditional security approaches are no longer viable against these attacks. The following whitepaper explores how identity assurance is changing, the role of authentication, and how to better protect your users and data – read on to get started.


  • Identity 101 for SMBs

    As an SMB, you need to connect your employees, contractors, and partners to the right technology at the right time, in a way that is secure. Open this 101-guide to learn about the benefits of Single Sign-On, Enterprise Password Management, and Multi-Factor Authentication.


  • Case study: How Orrstown Bank protected their data with the help of IdentityNow

    Banking is built upon the transactions it performs daily, and Orrstown Bank needed a solution that could be quickly deployed while also protecting the data and integrity of its transactions. In this case study, learn how Orrstown Bank was able to meet these needs by deploying SailPoint IdentityNow.


  • Your guide to the CIAM journey

    No matter how far along each company is on their identity journey, there’s a common set of challenges they face at every step. Download this e-book for clear next steps to take on the road to continuous customer identity and access management.


  • Top trends in customer identity management

    Customer identity has gone mainstream. A seamless customer experience across devices is now expected. At the same time, security and privacy concerns are at an all-time high. View this webinar to hear from Gartner analyst Mary Ruddy and learn about findings from her recent research "Top 5 Trends in CIAM Solution Design".


  • Which identity governance & administration vendor is right for you?

    Like most security tools, identity governance and administration (IGA) is under pressure to provide cloud-based services to meet customer need. In this Magic Quadrant report, Gartner evaluates key IGA offerings in today’s market to help you determine the right vendor for your needs. Read on to unlock the full report.


  • Identity governance case study

    In this case study, learn how the Co-operative Group was able to improve their security posture by building their first identity governance program with SailPoint.


  • Customer identity & access management (CIAM) at scale

    Today’s users expect an experience that is not only frictionless and personalized, but also secure. To meet this demand, organizations are turning to customer identity and access management (CIAM) tools. Read this white paper to learn more about Okta’s CIAM offering and how it’s benefitted some of their key partners.


  • Build vs. Buy: Key considerations and the advantages of a pre-built identity solution

    Architects and engineering leaders are often unsure about whether a comprehensive IAM solution from an outside vendor is right for their project. This whitepaper discusses the key considerations when making a build vs. buy decision and the advantages of a pre-built solution.


  • Learn about identity management for Active Directory

    Active Directory (AD) security is no laughing matter. Your users are depending on you to grant them the right permissions without delay or compromise, but if your AD suffers a security breach, you and your organization are both in big trouble. Don’t get caught out – read this white paper on Active Directory-centered identity management.


  • Explore 7 situations which would warrant you to change your identity vendor

    Changing identity governance vendors can be a difficult decision. But some situations make it almost mandatory to change identity governance vendors. At the end of the day, this is a business decision based on the facts. In this white paper, explore 7 situations which would warrant you to change your identity vendor.


  • ID card printers: 10 key considerations

    Selecting a partner for producing secure ID badges is harder than it sounds – organizations need to take into account everything from managing access of the cards to credential durability and everything in-between. To help you get started, download this white paper, which highlights 10 consideration areas for choosing the right printer.


  • ID card printing providers: Key selection criteria

    Selecting the right ID card printing solution or partner can be overwhelming, especially as Secure Card Issuance becomes a priority for security physical access. To help you get started, this e-guide offers insight into the key features and basic requirements to look for in an ID card printer – read on to learn more.


  • 3 ways public key can help secure remote workers

    IT departments have found themselves under pressure to scale networks to support long-term remote work. With this scale comes a slew of network vulnerabilities that traditional identity management strategies may not be able to handle. View this in-depth e-book to learn 3 ways public key infrastructure can help protect remote workers.


  • Public key infrastructure: 4 actions IT can take

    Managing risks has never been a greater challenge for IT professionals, and this is especially true when considering identity management. With an increasing number of angles for bad actors to steal passwords, it may be time for an evolution in authentication. Jump into this e-book to learn about public key infrastructure.


  • Identity governance for financial services

    Identity governance helps you answer three important questions: “who currently has access?”, “who should have access?” and “how is that access being used?”Learn how SailPoint enables you to answer these questions and establish a foundation that is continuously secure and compliant.


  • Secure your digital transformation with identity at scale

    To address the cybersecurity challenges that result from a undergoing a digital transformation, organizations are implementing intelligent identity and access management practices. This solution brief provides an in-depth look at the key features and capabilities of SailPoint’s IdentityIQ platform, read on to see the benefits.


  • 5 myths about identity governance

    Some may believe identity is just about governing access to certain applications or systems, but identity is more than access. In this white paper, discover 5 myths about identity governance.


  • The future of identity & access management (IAM)

    The same capabilities that enable improvements during a digital transformation can also lead to significant risk, if not properly addressed. In this solution overview, take a closer look at SailPoint Predictive Identity, which leverages the power of AI and machine learning to simplify IAM and enable you with advanced governance capabilities.


  • Why identity is the keystone to secure organizations

    Cybercriminals are no longer just hacking through your firewall to gain entry to your infrastructure. They have found another, easier path in – your users. In this white paper, learn how identity management is key to ensure a secure, compliant and efficient infrastructure.


  • Embracing AI & machine learning for secure IAM

    The benefits of a digital transformation can create access complications, which can often lead to potential security risks. In this technology brief, discover how SailPoint harnesses the power of AI and machine learning in their Predictive Identity platform to help organizations ensure security, compliance and access management.


  • New frontiers for identity governance

    For all organizations to effectively and completely secure their digital identities, identity governance needs to evolve. Download this brief to learn about the new identity frontiers.


  • Effectively managing user access during a merger or acquisition

    This e-book details how a predictive identity solution can be used by organizations to effectively manage user access to applications, data, and cloud infrastructures in a compliant and secure manner before, during and after a merger or acquisition.


  • How to protect and secure your data no matter where it resides

    As digital transformation continues to reshape today’s modern enterprise, it is vital that organizations keep focus on protecting and securing their data, no matter where it resides. In this white paper, learn 4 key ways that SailPoint Predictive Identity can help your organization by putting you in control.


  • Identity management & access control – the future of cybersecurity?

    Rather than hope to avoid a breach, preparing for the inevitable occurrence by planning ahead will enable your organization to mitigate potential risks and respond effectively in the event of a breach. This solution brief take’s a closer look at SailPoint’s method for mitigating risk by focusing on access control. Read on to learn more.


  • Manage access to your sensitive data with IdentityIQ File Access Manager

    Learn how IdentityIQ File Access Manager can help you securely manage access to your sensitive data and files in the cloud and on-premises.


  • Why public keys may overtake MFA in security

    Identity is the new perimeter – how can you best protect the identities of your people, devices, and data? MFA can be effective, but it still leaves vulnerabilities that you must account for. View this infographic to learn why public key infrastructure may provide more robust security than typical MFA.


  • Addressing threats with identity governance

    In this solution brief, learn how SailPoint’s Identity governance platform enables organizations to leverage insight and awareness across their applications and files to proactively reduce security and compliance risks.


  • ID security badges for higher education

    For colleges and universities, ID cards play a critical role in granting students and faculty access to the resources they need to excel. This white paper explores 10 key considerations for higher education institutions looking to establish a partnership with the right ID cart printing partner for their unique needs.


  • Protecting IP with data access governance

    In order to protect your organization’s sensitive intellectual property (IP), it’s paramount to know who has access to it, and what those users are doing with that access. Download this solution brief for more on protecting your IP and discover how SailPoint’s identity governance and data access management offerings may be able to help.


  • 10 reasons to consider ID card issuance

    As organizations today put more considerations into how they secure access to critical data, the case for incorporating security cards becomes stronger. Read this brief to discover 10 reasons why ID card issuance is worth revisiting and explore the benefits organizations could realize from its use.


  • Identity governance & administration (IGA): The voice of the customer

    This Gartner Peer Insights report focuses on the Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) market, observing which vendors/offerings tend to be well-received by their users. After extensive evaluation, Gartner awards up to 7 vendors with the Customers’ Choice distinction. Download this report to discover who received this year’s honors.


  • 6 modern SSO features

    An improperly managed SSO forces organizations to implement several access solutions from different vendors to cover their application landscape. In doing so, any productivity and user experience benefits are wiped out, zero trust becomes more difficult and costs go up. Take control of security – read this e-book on Citrix Workspace SSO.


  • Industrial Card Personalization

    HID ELEMENT card encoding modules enable organizations to print and encode credentials in a one-step, inline process — which can save both time and money when producing secure IDs and financial cards. Learn more about HID ELEMENT in this white paper.


  • 4 IAM trends to keep an eye on

    As cyberthreats evolve, so too do the tools and tactics required to safeguard user access. The following white paper highlights 4 trends shaping the identity and access management (IAM) market – read on to unlock this exclusive insight.


  • Secure remote work toolkit

    Learn how to keep your hybrid workforce running efficiently by ensuring remote authentication is secure and frictionless.


  • 8 risk management best practices for PAM

    Applying risk management best practices to privileged access management (PAM) can provide a solid framework for threat awareness, and it can help organizations organically meet the rising number of compliance requirements. Read this white paper to learn 8 best practices for applying risk management to PAM.


  • Remote workers: 5 steps to improve security & productivity

    Due to the pandemic, remote work became an essential part of a modern enterprise. But for remote work and employees to thrive, they need fast and secure access to data. Read on to discover 5 steps organizations can take to further secure their remote workers, without sacrificing productivity.


  • 3 use cases for AD/AAD automation

    With the frantic pace of today’s business world, organizations struggle to keep up with requests to create, change and remove access to their on-premises AD. This scenario becomes even more complicated when you mix in a hybrid AD environment. Read this white paper to learn why properly-tuned AD lifecycle management is crucial for handling change.


  • ID badges for security: Tips & best practices

    When it comes to implementing a security ID badge or card program, there are a lot of key considerations to make in the early-planning stages in order to ensure effective security – however, these steps are often overlooked. This HID e-book explores these steps to ensure your program is effective from the start.


  • Pro tips for ID badge/card program beginners

    For organizations embarking on an ID badge/card program there are a number of key implementation steps and often overlooked – but vital – considerations to make to ensure success from the start. This eBook provides insight into these planning considerations, and more – read on to unlock your copy.


  • Employee identity security: SailPoint video

    When a company has over 10,000 employees, over 100 applications, and different privileges within those applications, there’s a lot to protect. That’s why SailPoint simplifies identity management for enterprises with automation. View this short video to learn more.