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Mosaic Uses SAP on Azure to Help the World Grow the Food it Needs

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Simplify the deployment, management & maintenance of automation systems

Building automation systems help facility managers to meet sustainability goals, lower energy use, and save costs.

But connecting building automation systems to the cloud has traditionally been expensive, time-consuming, and labor-intensive, often requiring complicated IT systems and putting buildings at risk for security breaches.

Access this resource to learn about IoTium. It’s a platform designed to simplify the deployment, management and maintenance of automation systems—helping to significantly reduce IT costs while exponentially enhancing security.

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  • Analysis of the Linux Audit System

    Audit mechanisms on an operating system (OS) record relevant system events to provide information for analysing the trustworthiness of the system. This is especially important for detecting or investigating potential compromises of a system.

    In Linux-based operating systems, the standard framework for auditing is the Linux Audit Subsystem. It generates, processes and records relevant audit events either from within the kernel or from user-space programs. In this article, we identify serious flaws due to architectural limitations of the Linux kernel, which cast doubts on its ability to provide forensically sound audit records. We also examine these limitations and discuss possible mitigation methods.

  • Buyer’s Checklist: Midrange Storage Systems

    Midrange storage systems account for approximately half of all storage array purchases. It’s a very crowded field, with systems boasting features that were previously only available on high-end arrays. There’s more choice than ever, so effectively matching your needs with a system’s capabilities is critical.


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    De-perimeterisation is the term coined by the Jericho Forum to describe the erosion of thetraditional ‘secure’ perimeters, or ‘network boundaries’, as a mediators of trust and security.


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    In this month's CW ANZ, we find out more about Australian marketing company Salmat's plans to embrace a cloud-only operation after a successful project to replace highly customised on-premise systems with cloud-based software.


  • Integrating Mobile Device Management with UC Systems and Features

    This E-Guide from explores the issues with combining the unique communications services and interfaces of multiple mobile device operating systems with corporate unified communications (UC) strategies, and best practices to overcome these challenges.


  • SIEM IT Decision Center- Checklist #1

    If you are looking into deploying your own SIEM system, read this E-Guide to better understand features and functions, how to evaluate deployment and management costs, and the latest trends regarding SIEM platforms.


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  • AIIM report: 5 considerations for approaching Office 365 as an ECM system

    Learn about the top information management and governance challenges currently facing Office 365, and discover 5 key considerations for approaching Office 365 as an ECM system with data across mobile, cloud, and social.


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    After 17 years Dutch university TU Delft realized its learning management system, was no longer up to scratch it decided in the light of trends such as digital examination. Read about the project to replace one of its core legacy systems here.


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    Read these testimonies from various NetSuite users who have achieved optimum NetSuite integration to learn how they accomplished it, and the benefits they've seen.


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    Implementing a system of Privileged Access Management that meets today's requirements for scalability, while ensuring regulatory compliance and enforcing security can be a daunting challenge. Download this guide for help today.


  • An Introduction to Quantum Lifecycle Management

    This report from The Open Group introduces QLM, explains why it is necessary and how its development and acceptance will be assured.


  • Memory corruption attacks

    This article in our Royal Holloway Security Series argues that the lack of diversity in software and operating systems has left a large number of computers vulnerable to memory program attacks.


  • Analyst's take: New Microsoft Visual Studio Team System offers more benefits to users

    Microsoft Visual Studio Team System enables companies to increase productivity in development environments and adopt cost-reducing strategies such as follow the sun.  Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate will give users more ways to achieve these improvements.


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    Brush-up you knowledge of the practical aspects of business continuity management with this book extract.


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    With new vulnerabilities being discovered almost daily, keeping systems up-to-date with patches is often a full-time job, especially in larger environments. In this eBook, learn about the 6 step patch management process for reconciling the deployment state of an operating system and third party software updates.


  • Disaster preparedness begins with emergency notification

    Read this paper to learn how your organization may benefit from establishing an emergency notification system to prepare for and mitigate risks like cyberattacks and severe weather, and how to integrate the system into your existing emergency preparedness program.


  • Business-driven application release automation

    DevOps is growing in popularity, however organisations need well designed and implemented DevOps strategies if they are to benefit the business, say analysts Clive Longbottom and Bernt Ostergaard.


  • Clearing the cloud management fog

    As the cloud grows in adoption, security is no longer the main concern; it's management. This e-guide explains the focus of cloud management, the challenges that you will need to overcome for a successful strategy, what to look for in management platforms, and more.


  • Focus: Object storage

    Object storage does away with the tree-like hierarchies of file systems used by traditional storage NAS and SAN systems.


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    Do you have duplicate systems, or aging, outdated, or unsupported applications? How much are you paying in application licensing and maintenance fees for systems that could be decommissioned? In this quick video, learn how to decommission unnecessary apps and archive the data that will no longer be needed.


  • Optimize your sales process with automated document generation

    In this white paper, explore why sales teams are using document generation systems in their business processes, and uncover how a document generation system from Conga can help your sales team eliminate manual errors, and increase sales process optimization.


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    Within modern data centers, virtualization has become the means of choice when it comes to operating efficient server infrastructures for cloud and enterprise computing. On an individualsystem level, this translates into a massive increase of DRAM deployments per server.


  • The total financial impact of flash storage; Analyst report: The ROI of modern flash storage

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