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8 Advantages of Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

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Protect your AWS workloads against ransomware, cybersecurity, and more

According to MIT Technology Review, the cost of ransomware in the US last year was over $7.5 billion.

With a number that big, no firm is invincible, making it crucial for those invested in the public cloud to understand the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, specifically the difference between Security of the Cloud, AWS’ job, and Security in the Cloud – the customer’s responsibility.

Access this white paper for guidance and recommendations for cloud ops admins or cloud architects to help ensure your AWS workloads are protected in the event of disasters and threats such as ransomware or cybersecurity attacks.

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  • Cloud DR: One-click, automated recovery

    The cost and complexity of legacy disaster recovery solutions has kept many organizations from deploying business continuity solutions to only a small subset of business applications—if at all.

    Leveraging the global reach of cloud, Druva’s disaster recovery services deliver recovery time objective (RTO) within minutes and recovery point objectives (RPO) of an hour across any AWS region/account in the world.

    Access this datasheet to discover the business and operational benefits of cloud disaster recovery on AWS, as well as to learn how it resolves the above challenges and how it works.

  • One-click disaster recovery & failback with the cloud

    The recent explosion of data has opened the door to new challenges for data protection, which are identified by IT managers and admins in a recent 451 Research report as managing current backup/ hardware, rapid growth of unstructured data, and the inability to back up all data within a specific window.

    Working together, Druva and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can eliminate these pain points with cloud-based data protection.

    Access this white paper to learn how:
    - SaaS platform eliminates dependence on hardware, software and maintenance
    - Cloud-approach reduces TCO costs by up to 50%
    - You can easily integrate one-click disaster recovery and failback 

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