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5 Strategies to Transform Sales and Marketing Processes

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Ransomware: Current & emerging trends

Each year, organizations fail to detect and prevent increasingly frequent and sophisticated ransomware attacks, creating costly disruptions within their organization.

This e-book explores current and emerging ransomware trends, and addresses questions such as:

  • How do threat actors target their victims?
  • What can be done to protect organizations & respond to ransomware events?
  • What do organizations need to be aware of today for tomorrow’s attack?

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  • Preparing for ransomware attacks

    Ransomware attacks have become an inevitability, affecting businesses both large and small. As the tactics and methods used in these attacks evolves, so too do the cybersecurity techniques available to organizations.

    In this e-book, take a closer look at the importance of cost considerations when building a cybersecurity strategy, as well as:

    • The evolution of cyberattacks
    • Calculating ransomware response costs
    • Building an effective defense
    • & more

  • Which all-flash product works for you?

    All-flash arrays have been the hot topic of the storage world for the past couple of years. As businesses increasingly virtualize their servers and seek higher performance for business-critical systems, storage technologies have to keep up. More and more, flash is the technology that does so.

    This has meant that big-name vendors have had to produce their own all-flash arrays and, additionally, new start-ups have rushed to fill this growing market. In this guide, the products of both old and new all-flash vendors are discussed and reviewed. Access it now to learn what each vendor has to offer, and which product would work best for you.

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  • All-Flash: The Essential Guide

    This guide offers a comprehensive survey of the all-flash array market. We look at all-flash products from the big six storage vendors and the startups and specialists. Plus, we give the lowdown on all-flash vs hybrid flash arrays and all-flash vs server-side PCIe SSD.


  • What you should know about cybersecurity assessment, planning & response

    Today’s threat landscape necessitates thinking about security in terms of when, not if, an attack will occur. In this e-book, join Austin Berglas, an Army Veteran with decades of experience in cybersecurity both in the private sector as well as for the FBI, as he breaks down the current challenges & remedies for today’s breaches.


  • The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010

    In December 2009, Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the total economic impact and potential return on investment (ROI) that enterprises may realize by deploying Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.


  • Connecting and Optimising SharePoint

    SharePoint projects are "stalling" as user resistance rises, according to this report from independent information management analyst group AIIM.


  • How to take an Agile approach to mobile app development

    This Computer Weekly buyer's guide looks at how to take an Agile approach to mobile app development. Discover how to gain a competitive edge by accelerating mobile development, turning mobile users' expectations to your advantage, and building unique, differentiated mobile experiences.


  • Why is there an ethical debate around AI?

    This quarter in CW Europe we look at how momentum in the artificial intelligence industry in France might be slowed due to ethical questions.


  • Compare 11 enterprise firewall providers

    Organizations are having to consider stronger cybersecurity due to an increased presence of advanced threats. Leverage this Forrester Wave report to compare and contrast 11 prominent enterprise firewall vendors and their offerings. Learn the features that differentiate them, and see how they support the zero trust edge.


  • Mastering multi-channel journeys – making engagement pay

    This research from Oxygen8 assesses how businesses communicate with customers and how those customers want businesses to communicate with them, and offers advice on how to achieve it.


  • Open Group: FAIR -ISO/IEC 27005 Cookbook

    The purpose of this document is to help the security practitioner responsible for their organization’s risk estimation function to utilize The Open Group Risk Management Frameworkin an ISO/IEC 27005 structured process.


  • Computer Weekly – 25 September 2018: Mapping the future at Ordnance Survey

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we find out how the UK mapping agency, Ordnance Survey, is innovating to put geospatial data at the heart of smart cities. We look out how to manage subscription and licensing costs when moving to the cloud. And we examine how changing the UK visa system could help tackle IT skills shortages. Read the issue now.


  • Containers and storage 101: The fundamentals of container storage

    In this e-guide we look at the basics of Docker storage and backup, key containers capabilities in storage vendors' offers and how containers can be incorporated into the private cloud environment.


  • Accenture Technology Vision 2016

    Leading companies that develop a people first approach will win in today's digital economy, according to the latest global technology trends report from Accenture.


  • Computer Weekly – 28 February 2017: Navigating software licences

    In this week's Computer Weekly, after SAP won a court case against a major customer, Diageo, over software charges, we look at what this means for users. We talk to the IT consultancy that recruits only autistic IT professionals. And we look at the CIO's big challenges for the year. Read the issue now..


  • Computer Weekly – 23 January 2018: Will banking regulations create a new Big Bang?

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we look at two new financial services regulations, PSD2 and open banking, which promise to revolutionise the industry by opening up customer data. We ask security researchers to explain the Spectre and Meltdown processor flaws. And we examine the NVMe protocol and its likely benefits for storage. Read the issue now.


  • Growing Revenue with Smart Marketing

    In this expert e-guide, find out why integrating sales and marketing is essential for making the most of every customer contact in today's e-commerce landscape. Discover how a new way of approaching your revenue cycle, revenue performance management (RPM) can enhance customer interactions with this powerhouse combination.


  • 4 steps to successful sales and marketing alignment

    Check out this eBook to unpack the challenges standing in the way of sales and marketing alignment and discover how a new generation of technology is poised to change everything.


  • How master data management fosters better sales and marketing

    You would be surprised how establishing proper data governance with master data management (MDM) can help your sales and marketing teams. While MDM might seem far removed from sales and marketing, the fact of the matter is that these divisions should have easy access to current data. Read on to learn more about MDM.


  • MSP sales and marketing best practices, revealed

    The sales and marketing operations of MSPs can be extraordinarily complex, even by the standards of an industry already known for its complexity. Dive inside this article to uncover sales process best practices for MSPs, designed to augment and increase the scalability of crucial marketing and sales processes.


  • A Computer Weekly e-Guide to CRM

    We take a look at the fundamental do's and don'ts of Customer Relationship Management. Including examples of how companies are utilizing it to their advantage and how to avoid making mistakes in the world of building bridges with your customers.


  • Computer Weekly – 24 January 2017: World leaders discuss risks of social unrest from advances in technology

    In this week's Computer Weekly, we examine the fears raised at the World Economic Forum over the potential for social unrest as technology transforms working practices. We hear from the CIO at the World Health Organization about how IT helped tackle the Ebola crisis. And we look at progress in adopting big data analytics. Read the issue now.


  • CRM systems and integrations: What’s it all about?

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the natural cornerstone of many companies, as it’s used to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. Use this guide to choose the right CRM integrations for your business. Download and save it here.


  • How SAP Business One is designed for small and midsize businesses

    Check out this white paper to learn the key capabilities of the SAP Business One ERP solution and discover how working with Sapphire Systems will help your business move forward faster.


  • How does workplace happiness affect sales team success?

    A recent study underwritten by Freshworks and Harvard Business Review Analytic Services found that the sales executives who rate their workforces as “Very Happy” also report the highest annual sales growth over the last 2 years. Explore more results from their research and happiness’ true effect on sales team performance in this white paper.


  • The current state of SaaS CRM solutions

    In an effort to improve customer relationships, businesses have invested in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) CRM solutions. Freshworks commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the current state of mid-market to large organizations’ SaaS CRM adoption, challenges faced, and future CRM needs. Explore their findings here.


  • Aligning sales and marketing for ABM: Tips to help you

    What makes Account-Based Marketing (ABM) an effective, yet difficult, strategy is its dependence on strong alignment and collaboration between Sales and Marketing, as well as other stakeholders. Download this e-book to learn what steps your company can take to establish organizational alignment for ABM.


  • A new approach to persona thinking: Capture real demand and buyers

    In this e-book, “Evolving Persona Thinking to Win More Business,” we discuss how to use prospect-level intent data to engage buying groups in target accounts so you can identify and capture real demand, real opportunities, and real buyers by eliminating gaps in your tactical execution.


  • Leverage contact-level purchase intent data to identify the right buyers

    Download this eBook to explore real-world examples of how Marketing, Sales and Customer Success leaders are using intent monitoring to align their teams and maximize opportunity capture across the entire revenue lifecycle.


  • Focus on the buyers’ journey to align marketing and sales

    Download this white paper, which features research from Forrester, on their Go-To-Customer (GTC) Strategy for aligning marketing and sales, and how it can help you deliver a more connected customer experience


  • How embedded analytics can streamline your manufacturing insights

    As manufacturing continues to embrace advanced analytics, it has become easier than ever to generate data-driven insights. Yet visualizing or easily accessing these insights is often hard. Read this white paper to learn how Qlik’s embedded analytics platform can scale with your company and empowers with more efficient production.


  • Reporting Made Easy: 3 Steps to a Stronger KPI Strategy

    Every business leader today understands the importance of using KPIs to measure progress against goals. But with data overload, choosing metrics that matter can be a challenge. So what are the secrets to developing a KPI strategy that supports your business today – and into the future? Read this white paper to find out.


  • Research report: Aligning sales & marketing teams in 2021

    Regardless of the technological advancements in recent years, one challenge has persisted: The alignment of sales and marketing teams—or lack thereof. To get a closer look at this notoriously frustrating issue, Freshworks conducted a survey of over 1,200 go-to-market leaders from around the world. Download your copy to review key findings.


  • Analyst's take: Microsoft Dynamics CRM boosts customer service and company profits

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables organizations to improve customer service, effectively manage marketing and communications, and increase sales productivity, ultimately driving increased profits and reduced costs.


  • Third-party marketing automation vs. native CRM tools

    Though many CRM platforms offer native marketing automation tools, many organisations find it beneficial to use a third-party application, such as Eloqua or Marketo. Read more in this e-guide.


  • Buying committees: Understanding key roles

    In B2B, when you market and sell to organizations, you will likely be working with members of a buying committee both directly and “behind the scenes.” Download this expert guide to explore the 3 categories of people that commonly make up buying teams, and learn how to design a strategy that can address their differing expectations.


  • How point of sale systems are changing, and how to get in front of this trend

    While Point of Sale (POS) systems are essential for day-to-day retailers, the way that businesses use and integrate these into their business process is shifting dramatically. Modern POS systems are becoming integrated with the cloud, allowing companies to manage inventory and more instantly. Read on to learn about the future of POS systems.


  • How data and analytics are transforming the manufacturing sector

    Data and analytics are changing how organizations develop, manufacture and distribute their products. In this eBook, explore some of the key areas of manufacturing being transformed by these technologies, and how you can get started too. Download your copy to learn more.


  • Why are companies depending on intent data?

    What is B2B intent data and how can it help your organization? Inside, get a crash course on B2B intent data. Learn how B2B intent data can help your organization glean actionable insights, and uncover top intent use cases today.


  • Top compliance challenges with video

    For financial institutions, online video provides endless opportunities to support business goals, but effective creation and review of video content requires meaningful compliance engagement. Adopting proven best practices for video compliance can make it possible to successfully navigate through these challenges.


  • Real-time insights from a cloud-based BI platform

    Forrester conducted a study investigating the possible ROI enterprises stand to see by investing in Domo, a cloud-based BI platform for real-time analytics. Read the report here to learn why companies are choosing Domo in the highly competitive BI market.


  • Domo testimonials from data-driven organizations

    Companies that create positive business outcomes out of their data rarely do it off the bat—it takes the right culture, solutions, and partnerships with the right vendors. Read this compendium of case studies to learn how Domo helped their customers build data-driven organizations that easily process data and produce valuable insight.


  • The future of the retail industry

    The face of retail is changing – there will be more curbside pickup than ever before, e-commerce sales are expected to double by 2023 (compared to 2019) and 43% of retailers are permanently changing their remote working policies. View this expert white paper to explore how technology is evolving to help retailers adapt.


  • Digitize your sales department: 8 best practices

    Download this paper to explore 8 best practices that can help you digitize your sales teams and support the modern technologies they need for success.


  • How to improve your supply chain: A stage by stage look

    Check out this e-book to consider the impact of improvements to supply chain stages through custom and integrated supply chain solutions.


  • How to succeed in the changing modern distribution industry

    How can distributors ensure they’re adapting successfully to a lean, direct-to-consumer (DTC) landscape? Access this guide to explore best practices for continuous optimization, tips to help distributors see success in the new DTC market, and the components required for a DTC strategy.


  • Analyst's take: Interactive MedicaLife Sciences Application Suite

    Life Sciences is one of the fastest moving and most dynamic global industry sectors.


  • Building a clear analytics business case in 5 steps

    Any business initiative needs to build a case that justifies the investment. For analytics initiatives, this might seem straightforward at first but end up being more challenging than expected. Read on to learn how to make the business case for analytics, including proving ROI, breaking down the specific values of the program, and more.


  • How BOPIS meets elevated customer expectations

    Customer demand today operates on one principle: Convenience is king. With customer expectations at an all-time high due to super stores and same-day delivery, many retailers are turning to “Buy Online, Pick-up In-Store”, or BOPIS, to keep customers happy. Learn how your team can leverage BOPIS to meet elevated customer expectations in this guide.