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5 Key Design Principles for Security Professionals

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Identify hidden threats in both inbound and outbound encrypted traffic

Bad actors are now instigating 50% of new malware campaigns using encryption to conceal delivery and ongoing communications, including data exfiltration.

This is why network and security operations teams must not give a free pass to encrypted traffic.

Read on to learn how the Gigamon Visibility Fabric with licensed GigaSMART Decryption can enable operations teams to have full visibility into encrypted traffic on any TCP port or application.

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  • Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT: Accelerate network detection and response

    Information security and incident response teams struggle because they cannot see what is happening on the network, cannot detect threats with high confidence, and cannot respond to attacks quickly and effectively due to a lack of visibility and context.

    In this brief, learn how the Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT solution can help give these teams the information they crave.

  • Centralized security tool farm: How you can deploy one

    Need to choose between security and performance? Read “Security at the Speed of Your Network” to learn how to use an architectural approach that improves security posture and reduces costs without painful compromises on performance. Enable security tools to work more efficiently across physical, virtual and cloud environments. Deploy a diverse set of solutions as a centralized security tool farm. You can secure more data on faster networks without compromise between security, performance and cost.

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  • The economic impact of a network visibility platform

    Download ESG's report, "Analyzing the Economic Benefits of Gigamon," to see how Gigamon reduces false positives by 70%, decreases the cost of security personnel by 50% and eliminates redundant systems. See why ESG believes Gigamon is a critical tool for security success in today's digital age. Read more now!


  • 7 things you need to do to decrypt your SSL and TLS traffic

    Given the amount of encrypted traffic and the threat vector it now poses, you need a way to efficiently decrypt traffic, share it with tools and then re-encrypt it. In this white paper, discover 7 things you need to do to successfully decrypt your SSL and TLS traffic.


  • Why the network of tomorrow is application-aware

    Achieving application-level visibility is hard. What’s needed are application-aware network packet brokers to reduce the overhead on packet inspection by delivering only relevant data to tools. Download the EMA report, “Understanding the Value of Application-Aware Network Operations” to learn more about the benefits of true application visibility.


  • Understanding network TAPs

    Network security depends not only on common communication protocols but also on the ability to decipher what’s actually in those packets. There’s a simple solution to this that provides visibility into networked traffic: network TAPs. Read the white paper to gain a full understanding of why TAPs are the most effective way to copy network traffic.


  • 6 mobile security best practices

    Mobile devices greatly expand the attack surface and provide easy ways for hackers to break into your network and steal sensitive information. And with more and more businesses allowing for bring-your-own-device (BYOD), mobile threats loom larger than ever. Download this research report to learn 6 mobile security best practices.


  • Securosis: Network Operations and Security Professionals' Guide to Managing Public Cloud Journeys

    Your cloud journey is unique, but a new guide shows there are common patterns that steer you to the best approach for a successful outcome. Learn which cloud adoption pattern your organization aligns with, key risks, recommendations and important questions to ask yourself at each stage of your journey.


  • Market guide for network detection and response

    In this Gartner market guide, get key recommendations and market findings for evaluating your network detection and response (NDR) security requirements. Also learn how Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT™ fits into the rapidly growing security market.


  • COVID-19 & Beyond: Will the WFH Explosion Revolutionize Enterprise Security Architecture?

    New research shows why planning for a long-term remote workforce is critical and which approaches to turn to during COVID-19 and beyond. For those tasked with protecting network security, the work-from-home model creates unprecedented challenges. Read the paper to learn how to mitigate risks, gain control and secure the future.


  • Understanding the role of the network packet broker

    Download "How to Strengthen Security While Optimizing Network Performance" to see how next-generation network packet brokers (NGNPBs) mitigate security tool sprawl, simplify IT management and improve network availability.


  • Ransomware vs. detection and response

    Ransomware is a fast-growing threat affecting organizations of all sizes and industries. But a combination of security hygiene, prevention techniques and detection and response capabilities can combat ransomware successfully. Download this SANS white paper to identify what ransomware is, the threats it might pose and how to defend against it.


  • How to enhance your network for the future

    The world of networking is broad in its scope, and touches on almost every other aspect of enterprise IT.


  • Zero trust: What you need to know

    Security teams are doing more with less while facing an increased attack surface as millions transition to a work-from-home model. For those tasked with protecting the network, it’s time to rethink strategy. As Gigamon’s new whitepaper makes clear, adopting Zero Trust is an effective first step toward agility and security.


  • CW Middle East - Oct-Dec 2019: Saudi banks trial biometrics in ATMs

    Biometric and blockchain technologies are being used in tandem to provide ID verification at Saudi Arabian cash machines.


  • MicroScope – February 2020: The power to transform

    In this issue, MicroScope asks experts what to expect in 2020, and the channel shares why change is necessary to thrive in different business environments


  • Incident response in the cloud: Key research findings

    As organizations continue to their traditional on-prem workloads to cloud environments, it’s critical that incident response (IR) capabilities evolve to meet changing needs. The results from the 2020 SANS Enterprise Cloud Incident Response Survey provide a closer look at IR trends and challenges over the last year – read on to get started.


  • Automated SASE: Advanced performance & threat protection

    Cloud migration is changing traffic patterns and driving the need to transform WAN and security architectures. SASE is changing how companies build their networks, and when combined with SD-WAN, applications perform highly and threats are averted. Access this data sheet to learn about Silver Peak’s Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN with automated SASE.


  • Next Generation Network Management Techniques

    The February edition of the Network Evolution E-zine explore the latest advances in DevOps and uncover what you need to know for working within the movement. Also read several other featured articles!


  • MSPs: Enable business-driven networks with SD-WAN

    According to IDC, 75% of U.S. enterprises plan to adopt an SD-WAN solution in the next two years. Learn how MSPs can take advantage of this opportunity by offering a high-quality, differentiated SD-WAN solution in the marketplace.


  • IT in Europe: Next-Generation Network Management Techniques

    This issue examines how network managers can simplify their management tools gather from the network through the use of protocols like NetFlow and IPFIX and hardware like matrix switches. Learn how network managers are adopting new tools that give them better control over virtualized infrastructure, cloud environment and multi-vendor networks.


  • CloudGenix SD-WAN & Prisma Access: Uncover the benefits

    In this brief, learn how CloudGenix SD-WAN and Prisma Access have joined together to deliver hybrid applications to branch offices over any network while providing consistent, cloud-delivered security.


  • Fast, secure, and reliable branch office connectivity

    Learn all about the benefits and capabilities of Juniper Session Smart SD-Branch.


  • Take software-defined routing to a new level

    Download this brief to learn how to take software-defined routing to a new level with Juniper Session Smart SD-WAN.


  • Increase SaaS and IaaS performance

    In this white paper, uncover a number of challenges that organizations are presented with when optimizing SaaS and IaaS performance and learn how Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect can help.


  • Rethinking zero-trust network access

    To keep pace with stark rises in both device populations and breach attempts, today’s organizations need to rethink how they approach trust. Read this white paper to explore the key features and capabilities of Fortinet’s approach to Zero-Trust Network Access.


  • SIG - SASE for dummies

    Today’s IT teams must securely enable roaming users, devices, and SaaS apps without adding complexity or reducing performance. Likewise, they must develop strategies to protect users from a variety of evolving threats. Read this e-book to examine the changing network and security landscape and steps you can take to keep your organization secure.


  • The benefits of a modern, cloud-based SWG

    Secure web gateways (SWGs) are deployed at most organizations – however, a vast majority of users (>90%) are unsatisfied with their current SWG solution. This e-book provides a closer look at the shortcomings of traditional SWG tools and explores the features and capabilities of Cisco’s modern, cloud-based SWG – read on to learn more.


  • E-Guide: Navigating the road to flatter converged data center networks

    This expert E-Guide highlights options for flat networks, integrated storage and networking for the private cloud.


  • A new take on cloud shared responsibility model

    In this new SANS report, learn about new approaches to securing the cloud and next steps to take for improving visibility


  • The New Network: Software-Defined Networking Gets Real

    Take a look at what lies behind the software-defined data center network to uncover if data center convergence will truly become a reality and if we will finally achieve the total orchestration and automation in a virtualized environment we've been waiting for.


  • The value of extending Fabric Connect to your remote offices

    Extreme Networks’ Fabric Connect technology is helping to redefine networking to match the speed of today’s digital era. In this white paper, learn about the top 10 values of extending Fabric Connect into your remote work branch offices rather than deploying a third-party route, VPN or SD-WAN solution.


  • Cisco UCS: A unified fabric, management, and computing resource for IT

    Read this e-book to view the main components of Cisco UCS, a unified fabric, management, and computing resource that was built to solve today’s infrastructure challenges.


  • 8 fit points to help you find the right SD-WAN

    SD-WAN is not a simple off-the-shelf purchase. It requires a custom fit to truly meet your business needs and enhance operations and security. In this white paper, uncover 8 fit points to help you assess your current situation and determine how to get an SD-WAN solution tailored to your business.


  • How Extreme Networks can help provide the network infrastructure for e-Sports

    E-Sports in schools is at the confluence of some of the most important drivers in education. However, there are a lot of general computing and networking capabilities that are required for e-Sports. In this brief, learn how Extreme Networks can help provide the network infrastructure for e-Sports with minimum network latency.


  • Tightly Control and Manage Access to Applications and Services with Zero Trust

    In this research report, AT&T’s Chief Security Officer (CSO) provides a unique perspective on implementing Zero Trust to control and manage access to applications and services. Read the full report to unlock this exclusive insight.


  • SASE: 15 experts’ questions and answers

    SASE is, in brief, a new enterprise networking technology category introduced by Gartner in 2019. SASE solutions are cloud services that connect and secure all enterprises “edges” – datacenters, branch offices, mobile uses, and cloud resources. To learn more about SASE and explore an expert Q&A, check out this white paper.


  • Learn the warning signs of impending SAN problems

    This expert E-Guide points out red flags of SAN management problems-to-come so you can catch them before they manifest in your virtual environment. Check it out to learn how your peers are responding to these pain points.


  • Retail: How cloud-driven network solutions meet rising demand

    The retail industry faces unprecedented technology challenges when it comes to distribution and the supply chain. As such, implementing the right platforms has never been more critical. Visibility, capacity management and scalability are all paramount. Access this solution brief to see how cloud-delivered networking meets these challenges head-on.


  • The value of Extreme Networks for manufacturing organizations

    From high-performance Wi-Fi solutions designed to meet the complex and often harsh, operating environments common in manufacturing; to simple networking solutions that enable manufacturers to converge disparate networks, Extreme Networks has the solutions to help meet manufacturer’s stringent network requirements. Download this brief to learn more.


  • Uncover your identity & privileged access risks & threats

    Learn how Hitachi ID Bravura Discover delivers a powerful risk and threat assessment for both IAM and PAM solutions to help get your organization on the right track.


  • The Internet outage survival guide

    Today, business rely on the Internet more than ever. Yet, the Internet is as unpredictable as it is critical. It's a "best-effort" collection of networks connecting a myriad of providers, and at its very core, the Internet is vulnerable to outages. In this e-book, learn how you can mitigate the risk of an Internet outage.


  • Towards software-defined and cloud-native networking

    As networking equipment rapidly evolves to being software-defined and cloud-native, there is pronounced interest in products and services to accelerate service delivery, improve end-user experiences, and reduce infrastructure and operational costs in service delivery applications. Read more in this e-guide.


  • Data Center & Hybrid Cloud Security for Dummies

    Data Center & Hybrid Cloud Security For Dummies helps you rethink your approach to security to better protect your data and workload in the on-premises data center and across multi-cloud environments. Download the 83-page chapter book today.


  • 5 questions about cloud network re-architecture

    The mainstream adoption of cloud-based services has caused enterprises to reconsider how their networks are architected. Legacy designs that focused on the data center no longer reflect the distributed nature of enterprise applications and services. Read this IDC report to learn how distributed enterprise networks are being re-architected.


  • How a top university modernized campus infrastructure

    Leeds Beckett is a leading English public university that is striving to digitally transform. With the volume of connected devices increasing, and student expectations for instant, reliable, Wi-Fi access higher than ever, Leeds Beckett wanted a comprehensive infrastructure featuring Wi-Fi 6. View this case study to see how they got it done.


  • Introducing a Zero Trust edge model

    To support the digitalization of a company using cloud and IoT, many networking teams turned to SD-WAN. However, SD-WAN doesn’t address many new security requirements. In this Forrest report, gain a better understanding of Zero Trust edge, an emerging Zero Trust solution that will help unify networking and security infrastructure.


  • 5 practical steps toward SASE adoption

    SASE, or secure access service edge, simplifies traditional network architecture by merging network and security services on one global network. This white paper explores the evolution of network security that led to SASE, outlines the breadth of services included in a SASE solution and offers practical steps to move toward SASE adoption.


  • Cloud-driven networking solutions for the connected warehouse

    Manufacturing operations today must meet the rapidly changing demands for how industries manage and supply resources globally, in addition to supporting key deliverables. In this infographic, explore cloud-driven networking solutions that can help to advance manufacturing operations.