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NetFlow Generation: The Security Value Proposition

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How metadata analysis can help your network stay secure

With some organizations running more than 2,000 unique applications and tools everyday—which create terabytes of log data—finding anomalies can be difficult.

That’s where metadata can help. With metadata, you can look at your different types of structured data, locate the problem, and:

  • Pull out the data relevant to the problem 
  • Create a single summary record without using any compute cycles 
  • Send thousands of enriched summary records to a SIEM 
  • Burn compute cycles to analyze those records

Download this white paper to learn how Gigamon’s security platform uses metadata to protect your organization, as well as use cases for metadata in security.

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  • Why context-aware metadata is the future of security

    As enterprises battle to keep pace with online traffic growth by throttling up network speeds, they are beginning to lose the war on cybercrime.

    Why? Because security tools are limited in how much traffic they can intelligently process. Existing security applications will be rendered ineffective in the very near future.

    Enter metadata, the new security super power.

    Discover how metadata, rich in context, can help analyze security metrics faster to enable rapid threat remediation. Learn how to enable more in-depth security analysis of traffic that is focused on the areas of concern, ultimately resulting in faster time to detection, response, and mitigation.

  • Inline Bypass to Keep Pace with High Speed Networks

    High-speed networks present unique security threats. Higher rates of traffic make it impossible for inline security tools to process all traffic. But what if you didn’t need to inspect all traffic?

    Think about it this way: An intrusion prevention system doesn’t always need to re-inspect traffic that was already inspected in another zone. That has the potential to slow down your traffic, which defeats the whole purpose.

    Explore how a modern platform can help you increase security without compromising network availability, while also giving you the ability to:

    • Consolidate and optimize security monitoring
    • Add, remove and upgrade security tools
    • Migrate security tools between prevention and detection modes
    • And more

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