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ESG Lab Review: Testing the Juniper SRX5400

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Gaining Visibility into Your Users’ WAN Experiences

Interested in gaining visibility into your users’ WAN experiences?

Juniper Networks developed Juniper Mist WAN Assurance to help businesses do exactly that.

This data sheet describes how WAN Assurance’s clear visibility can be leveraged to form critical insights for your organization.

So, how does Juniper Mist WAN Assurance work, and is it the right tool for your business?

Keep reading to discover answers.

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    BYOD has already found its way into most higher-education environments, meaning that campus IT departments must hurry to accommodate the demands of users who want to use their personal devices to connect to the network. And in some cases, these users are operating on five to seven devices, and the IT infrastructure is feeling the strain of having more devices connected to the network than users.

    This expert white paper provides insight into how campus-based IT departments can use cloud solutions to bring BYOD under control and truly unlock the productivity it promises while keeping the network secure. Read on, and you'll learn about BYOD cloud solution components, real world success stories, and more.

  • Establish Reliable Network Visibility with an AI-driven Platform

    IT teams, how can you establish reliable visibility into your networks? Consider leveraging an AI-driven networking platform, such as the Juniper Mist AI Platform.

    This overview describes how the Juniper Mist AI Platform works and the benefits that it can offer.

    Keep reading to learn more.

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  • Retail businesses: Benefits that AI can deliver

    Retail businesses, are you aware of the benefits that an AI-driven enterprise architecture can deliver? Enhanced and personalized user experiences, seamless operation for IT personnel, and more. Review this white paper to understand how the Juniper Mist AI Platform can enable your company to achieve these results.


  • Microsoft Teams: Adding phone system services and telecom services

    Microsoft Teams does not by default include the ability to make and receive calls to/from the outside world. Read this white paper to explore the option of adding phone system services and telecom services to Microsoft Teams.


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    In this expert briefing, veteran IT industry consultant Chris Evans drills into the specific challenges that storage managers face when implementing virtual desktop infrastructures, and provides practical tips to help guarantee a VDI project that meets expectations and delivers on its projected ROI.


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    The fact is traditional VPN has reached its limit. Work smarter, stay safer and know the 10 questions to ask before choosing a ZTNA vendor. Download 10 Considerations for Evaluating Zero Trust Network Access Solutions to learn how to protect your hybrid workforce today and in the future with ZTNA.


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    802.11N has solidified and a new product generation has emerged, the time is right for enterprises to pursue broader WLAN deployment. Purchases should be driven by technical requirements that map business needs onto product capabilities. To help you complete that step, we have compiled a list of common enterprise WLAN requirements.


  • Mobile Device Data Protection: Key Findings and Players in the Market

    This E-Guide explores the risks associated with BYOD and quantifies the costs of a lost device, from both a cost and security standpoint.


  • The benefits of the Anomali threat intelligence platform

    ESG’s model predicts a return on investment of 233% and a payback period of only 11 months for an organization with a security team of 10 individuals choosing to implement Anomali versus continuing to operate without a threat intelligence platform. Open the report to unlock all the facts.


  • Thwarting Sophisticated Attacks with Today’s Firewalls

    This expert resource explores modern network security, offering key insight into fighting today’s sophisticated threats as well as the differences between next-generation firewall (NGFW) and unified threat management (UTM).


  • Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM): An Analysis

    Access this white paper to see how ADEM can help your IT team ensure that all employees, regardless of location, have positive user experiences.