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Explore a new era of integrated care with intelligent automation

The COVID-19 pandemic only reinforced the need for more coordination across all healthcare activities, only highlighted by the complex challenge of managing the vast range of healthcare systems.

This eBook covers key intelligent automation solutions that can be implemented to address this complexity and improve the patient and provider experience.

Open now to see what you can do in your organization.


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  • Post-pandemic: Navigating the safe return of employees to the workplace

    The pandemic has abruptly impacted every facet of our lives since March 2020. Now, enterprises are determining how to safely bring employees back to the physical workplace in the aftershocks of the pandemic.

    Pat Calhoun, founder, and CEO of Espressive, interviewed Kumud Kalia, CIO of Guardant Health, to understand his views on this topic.

    The interview with Kumud covers a range of topics including:

    • Best practices for creating a safe workplace
    • Employee self-help as a social experience
    • Providing the right tech stack and IT initiatives

    Click in now to learn more.

  • Case Study: IT and HR leaders collaborate to deliver innovative employee self-help

    Dexcom, a diabetes care technology provider, was experiencing a huge rise in the number of help desk tickets due to company growth.

    While IT had implemented a ServiceNow portal, employees found the portal experience to be frustrating, so they continued calling and emailing the help desk instead. HR had similar challenges.

    Open up this case study to learn how Dexcom faced those challenges with help from Expressive’s AI-based virtual support agent, and see the results of that implementation and how to get started in your organization.


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  • What you need to know when evaluating ServiceNow virtual agents

    If you are evaluating the ServiceNow virtual agent for employee self-help across your enterprise, this eBook should help. The eBook is divided into two sections: 5 questions to ask ServiceNow about their virtual agent and 5 reasons why ServiceNow customers choose Espressive Barista. Open now to help you in your evaluation process.


  • Digital transformation should start with your IT help desk. Here’s why.

    Due to the pandemic, IT budgets are only growing 2% in 2021. That means budgeting is still crucial, creating a greater need for digital transformation. This eBook discusses why digital transformation should begin with your internal help desk, 3 key requirements for selecting a virtual service agent for employee self-help, and more.


  • Eliminate busywork with RPA. Here’s how.

    A recent study found that employees spend less than half of their workweek doing the work they were actually hired for, leading to worker dissatisfaction. Open up this eBook to take a look at how robotic process automation (RPA) can help eliminate the extra busy work and free up employees to focus on the job they were hired to do.


  • 5 ways to improve observability data analytics and cut costs

    The Elastic Stack is a powerful tool for organizations looking to analyze observability data with a scalable platform at an affordable price point. By pairing it with an observability pipeline like Cribl LogStream, you can cut storage and compute costs, too. Read on to learn how you can get more out of the Elastic Stack in 5 simple steps.


  • It’s time to automate business processes: Explore why and how inside

    This white paper explores why automation is so critical to businesses right now, as well as tips for how to find the right automation projects for maximum impact. Dive in to take a look at how to determine what to automate, employee change management and more.


  • The great RPA debate: Do robots really impact jobs? Open to find out.

    Ever since robotic process automation (RPA) came on the scene in the early 2000s, the number one fear has been its impact on jobs. Jump into this eBook to take a look at RPA’s actual impact on jobs in various industries over the past 20 years, as well as real stories from organizations on how they use RPA in their daily job functions.


  • How RPA analytics help drive better business outcomes

    RPA adoption and growth can be negatively influenced by a lack of analytical insight into RPA deployments by both users executing it and business leaders questioning its impact on business goals. This white paper aims to bridge that gap, covering RPA analytics, the capabilities of RPA for automation-focused businesses and more.


  • How to build a foundation for engaging content

    This report shares how data leaders prioritize their technology investments and extract insights from their data to deliver measurable business value. Download your free copy now to find out more.


  • Intelligent virtual agents: Must-have features

    Having an intelligent virtual agent to solve end users’ issues in a timely manner is more important ever amid the increase of remote work. In this infographic, explore some of the key features to look for as you select your AI-powered, purpose-built virtual agent.


  • Modern Infrastructure e-zine CIO edition: Managing the next-generation data center

    This special CIO edition of Modern Infrastructure e-zine demonstrates how today's data center technologies are fully intertwined with business strategies. Read now to uncover why CIOs should be considering cloud computing and data center transformation as a business issue first, and a technology issue second.


  • 4 steps to operational resilience

    Operational resilience is defined as ‘the ability of an organization to continue to serve its customers, deliver products and services, and protect its workforce in the face of adverse operational events by anticipating, preventing, recovering from and adapting to such events.’ View this white paper to learn 4 steps to operational resilience.


  • 3 reasons to combine ITSM and ITOM best practices

    Today’s workforce scenario has quickly exposed ugly IT processes. Fortunately, a lot of these challenges can be solved by combining ITSM and ITOM practices. Dive into this guide to learn the three pros of harnessing a combined ITSM and ITOM platform.


  • How Enterprise Technology Orchestration is transforming IT

    The sudden acceleration of digital transformation has created a prevalent need for a new approach to technology orchestration for the enterprise. That’s where ETO steps in to help transform IT. Open up this white paper to learn more about ETO, including an in-depth definition, core and emergent uses cases, and more.


  • ETO: Overview

    Open up this overview of Enterprise Technology Orchestration (ETO) to explore challenges of ETO digital enterprises and how to circumvent them, how to orchestrate your technology portfolio, and much more.


  • Digital transformation: Beyond the buzzword

    What does digital transformation entail for those IT teams working in the trenches of business tech? Dive inside this white paper to learn some the common challenges that accompany digital transformation – and conversely, the challenges that actualized digital transformation goals can help solve.


  • Top 4 IT considerations for CIOs and tech leaders

    If you are wondering how today’s concerns for health, safety and economic stability will change tomorrow’s IT strategy and procurement, you aren’t alone. But how can you gauge whether you’re ready for this new normal? Check out this infographic from Hitachi to learn about the top 4 IT considerations for CIOs and tech leaders right now.


  • Expand service management strategies to the rest of the business: Here’s why

    ITSM strategies grow more and more efficient thanks to steady adoption of key Agile and DevOps principles. Dive into this white paper to learn how enterprise service management tools can impact other areas of the business – not just IT.


  • Fight alert fatigue with smarter server management

    ParkView Server Management brings the tools and expertise to support your hybrid infrastructure; physical, virtual and cloud technologies included. Explore this data sheet to learn the benefits of ParkView Server Management, what it includes, and how it works, so you can finally fight alert fatigue, smarter.


  • A Beginner's Guide to Observability

    In this guide, Splunk defines what observability is and what it takes to achieve it. They will also give some examples of observability in action and guidance for what to look for in a solution.


  • 5 best practices for resilient, reliable , remote IT services

    Eliminate backlogs and fire drills once and for all. Download this eBook covering best practices for separating incidents from service requests, providing self-service options, and delivering anywhere, anytime access, tracking assets automatically, consolidating redundant applications.


  • How to squeeze the most ROI from your strategic initiatives

    Maximizing ROI from strategic IT initiatives is a top digital transformation goal. This eBook offers insights on how to plan and execute a successful IT business management effort. Open now to learn more.


  • How tangible ROI is building a case for ITSM

    Access this white paper to cover the tangible ROI that an effective ITSM strategy offers organizations and learn how data can build a case for investment in ITSM.


  • AI-powered virtual agent: 5 reasons to invest

    Watch this brief video to explore the top 5 reasons for making virtual agent adoption a priority in your organization today.


  • IT managed services: What to know before you buy

    Like most IT purchase decisions, managed services are not a decision to be taken lightly. That's where this guide will help. Access your copy of this exclusive "Before-You-Buy" Guidebook on IT Managed Services to get a closer look at the latest market factors to consider before signing off on new IT management services.


  • SaaS vs. On-Premises ITSM: 6 comparison points

    While IT service management (ITSM) was born and raised in the data center, SaaS-based ITSM platforms can deliver features on-premises infrastructure simply can't. Click inside to see how on-prem and SaaS ITSM hosting options stack up when compared head-to-head on factors like security, cost, efficiency, and more.


  • How to close the IT reality gap

    In this video, Veeam will examine industry trends that are causing the IT reality gap, how those expectations are driving challenges and potential strategies, and offer some ideas on how to close the gap from both a technical and operational perspective. Access it here.


  • Make your chatbot or virtual agent a trusted IT security partner

    Explore how a virtual agent can be an effective part of your IT team and security strategy in this white paper.


  • 3 biggest IT budget challenges? and how to solve them

    Discover the three biggest budget challenges that IT leaders will inevitably come face-to-face with today – and learn how to counter them.


  • ITIL 4 adoption: 10 mistakes to avoid and 10 steps to follow

    Many common mistakes in an ITIL adoption start with undereducated IT professionals who do not fully understand what ITIL is and how it should be used. Open up this eBook to take a closer look at 10 mistakes to avoid, plus, 10 planning and implementation steps to follow for a seamless ITIL 4 adoption.


  • Why Bayer selected Capgemini to transform their IT landscape

    In this press release, learn about Bayer AG and Capgemini’s new deal, which will include massive IT transformation and digitization of Bayer’s core systems, like ERP, UC, cloud infrastructure and more.


  • Networking monitoring 101: Tips and techniques

    Saying "let's monitor our network" presumes that you know what you should be looking for, how to find it, and how to get it without affecting the system you are monitoring—but that's a lot easier said than done. Download this white paper to learn about the underpinnings of monitoring techniques, theory and philosophy.