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IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Desktop Virtualization Vendor Analysis

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Securing Hybrid Work: How DaaS is Modernizing Traditional VDI Models for IT

The rise of hybrid work models has led to teams requiring fast and secure access to business applications even when working remotely. With an estimated 31% of all workers operating in a hybrid or remote environment, providing workers with secure access to corporate resources without compromising efficiency has become a top priority.

Citrix DaaS can help support your journey from on-premises to the cloud.

Take a look at this e-book to learn how you can tackle the unique challenges of providing a remote work model.

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  • How VDI fits into your enterprise and top benefits that help sell this technology

    Despite the boasting benefits of a virtual desktop infrastructure, some organizations are still wondering how this technology fits into their IT shop. This expert e-guide from, highlights the top virtual desktop benefits that can help put your mind to ease. Discover exactly how this technology can fit into your enterprise in terms of staffing concerns and user image management. Learn more here.

  • How DaaS & VDI can accelerate hybrid work models

    In a 2022 IDC report, 78% of respondents believed hybrid-first work was an important part of their digital transformation.

    What is it about hybrid work that makes it an important part of the digital-first journey, and how does client virtualization enable it?

    This IDC brief answers this question, citing valuable benefits of client virtualization and key characteristics of hybrid work that enterprises are just beginning to realize.

    Access this IDC brief to learn why hybrid-first work is so valuable and how virtual desktops can accelerate your transition.

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