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Better Healthcare Starts with Better Information

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5 IT challenges to overcome for better healthcare

Ever-changing IT landscapes offers healthcare centers and hospitals new ways to transform the way in which patient care is delivered.

With this opportunity comes the challenge of identifying health IT obstacles and understanding how health institutions can adequately integrate IT into pre-existing healthcare infrastructures.

Download this whitepaper to hear from the HIMSS 2019 keynote speaker, Susan DeVore, and review the 5 IT challenges healthcare must overcome in modern transformations.

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  • The journey to digital healthcare

    The need for technological solutions in healthcare has never been greater as the NHS deals with unprecedented pressure. From personalised medicine made a reality through genome sequencing, to sharing health data and giving patients access to their own records, the government is ramping up its work on a digital NHS.

    In this e-guide we look at how the NHS shared care records projects are progressing, and the European Commission's plans to share health data across borders. We also look at how one NHS trust has created a social media platform to help mental health service users, and examine Scotland's digital health and care strategy.

  • 4 factors to seek in a health-IT partner

    Healthcare management involves the painful task of managing patient health plans, personal data, and more between various intricate systems.

    These systems are often outdated and tedious, which makes providing quick and high-quality patient care very difficult for healthcare coordinators, especially with high patient volume.

    Download a copy of this whitepaper which highlights how low-code application development platforms offer new ways to streamline and consolidate healthcare management into a centralized system.

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