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Introducing the New SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 E-Book

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How all-flash delivers sustained high database performance

In order to realize up to 25% more transactions, lower response times, and reduce storage costs by up to 75% for their database applications, many organizations are shifting to all-flash.

Though the benefits may be clear, selecting the most suitable flash system for your business is often less so.

Access this resource for help in choosing the right flash arrays to deliver sustained high database performance for your organization.

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  • Infographic: The business value of VxRail and VxRack

    Would your organization like to achieve an average of 59% lower cost of operations; spend 22% less budget on hardware, power, and maintenance; and save 619% average five-year ROI with hyper-converged infrastructure? Keep reading.

    By downloading this graphic resource, you’ll learn how to use VxRail and VxRack HCI systems to deliver the efficiency, performance, and savings to increase business agility and enable innovation across your organization.

    Inside are the technical stats of the systems, about which one IDC study participant says, “If the system needs more space, compute, or RAM, we now have the resources to accommodate it.” 

  • 1st and 3rd party considerations to maximize demand generation ROI

    In an environment where GDPR is raising good questions about data quality, this white paper discusses key issues and guidance for marketers—whether the data is sourced for simple appending and other hygiene or as a catalyst for delivering significant business performance gains. 

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  • How to modernize legacy IT with predictive analytics

    Every business is a technology business, and IT departments are essential to delivering a growing number of services that their legacy systems cannot properly support. Read this white paper to learn how to modernize your legacy IT systems with predictive analytics to keep the lifeblood of you organization agile and responsive.


  • Improve online performance with faster page load time

    The few seconds online businesses have to captivate their audience are critical, and delivering the wrong material has proven to be just as harmful as delivering the right material too slow. In this PDF, discover how a simple 3-step plan can help businesses gain vital insight into what's slowing them down.


  • All-flash platform guarantees 7:1 data efficiency

    Download this datasheet to discover an all-flash platform that, unlike many of its predecessors, guarantees up to 7:1 in data efficiency and is designed to deliver the optimum balance of efficiency and performance.


  • Software testing: why it needs a new professionalism

    We believe that Testing is at a key juncture in its development as a Profession. The demonstrable consequences of this approach are now very clear  - hidden, often major, costs in the  development  lifecycle of code arising both from the costs of fixing defects, and from the costs of managing change late in the lifecycle.


  • What impacts application performance?

    Delivering an exceptional online experience goes beyond just building a better application. Additional factors such as network latency or device type can degrade application performance, and consequently your business's brand perception. Read on to learn how you can ensure application performance for web and mobile users today.


  • How AI-infused hybrid flash improves data center agility

    The following blog post highlights an agile hybrid flash architecture that guarantees capacity efficiency, improves consolidation, delivers 3x the IOPS performance as previous generations, and includes AI-based optimization. Read on to see how your business can benefit.


  • Create video content faster with all-flash NAS storage

    Slow storage can cause delays when editing videos in post-production. Open this product sheet to learn how an all-flash NAS storage system can help your videographers, editors, etc. complete tasks faster and improve productivity.


  • Making the successful journey from disk-based storage to AFAs

    Discover the results and benefits of GEHA implementing all-flash arrays to support its claims processing workload by reading this case study, with commentary on performance, reliability, and cost.


  • 5 benefits of archiving inactive NAS data to object storage

    Discover how your organization can benefit from archiving inactive NAS data to a highly-reliable, scalable object storage system by downloading this paper. Among other advantages, you'll be able to retain ready availability, achieve 50% TCO savings versus traditional NAS protection, and free up NAS Tier 1 storage capacity.


  • Deliver seamless Wi-Fi across physical storefronts

    In this case study, find out how Asda delivers seamless wireless coverage throughout every one of their stores to support growing digital engagements.


  • Fighting poor app performance with a WAN upgrade

    Cloud applications have become a critical component of a business's image and reputation. As more customers and partners interact with these online systems, poor performance or outages are more than just a black eye. They will hurt the business. Find out how you can get the proper connectivity and support for your apps in this white paper.


  • Why all-flash is a pillar of data center modernization

    Onboard more applications. Deliver higher performance. Perform more data analyses to unlock critical insights. Your team is likely being asked to do more than ever. That's why this e-book highlights the all-flash and hybrid flash lineups from Hitachi Vantara, designed to meet the above needs.


  • How Neustar UltraDNS improved performance at a number of companies

    Neustar UltraDNS delivers performance and security for thousands of enterprises. They enjoy fast, accurate responses and few dropped queries, along with protection from DDoS attacks and other cyber threats. In this case study, discover how Neustar UltraDNS has helped a number of companies improve their DNS performance.


  • How KPIs keep contact center goals tangible

    Read this contact center KPI and benchmarking report to learn the role of key performance indicators and how to appropriately define success across common metrics—so you can set and achieve the goals that matter most to your organization.


  • 7 incentives to choose Dell EMC PowerProtect

    Introducing Dell EMC PowerProtect, a solution that provides steadfast data protection and availability to improve the integrity of your business' most valuable asset: your data. How does PowerProtect accomplish this? Download the following datasheet to find out.


  • NVMe Storage for Dummies

    This 36-page e-book examines how NVMe is altering the storage landscape. Download your copy for info on breaking the storage bottleneck with NVMe, NVMe vs. legacy interfaces, deployment models, and more.


  • How this airline is using Google Cloud to improve customer experience

    LATAM Airlines, the largest airline in South America, aims to give their customers the best experience possible through excellent operations and a complex IT environment. Watch this quick video to learn how they're using Google Cloud to deliver better customer service and business performance.


  • Why infrastructure migration may optimize your cloud

    Often times businesses that migrate to the cloud still don't see the operational efficiencies and flexibility promised. Take this whitepaper to see why architecture migration could unlock better performance, control visibility, and uptime, and ultimately delivering the benefits you need.


  • The mid-market conundrum

    Analysts Bob Tarzey and Bob Brown look at how mid market organisations can achieve 'best in class' IT applications with limited resources.


  • Can most SD-WAN systems actually deliver QoS?

    The hype around software-defined WANs has never been higher, and network professionals need to cut through the noise to understand what's real and what's not. Find out about common myths surrounding performance delivered by or not delivered by SD-WAN in this e-book.


  • 10 reasons why IT architects migrate their storage to composable

    Discover the top 10 reasons IT architects migrate their storage to composable infrastructure. Read this resource to learn how this infrastructure quickly provisions on-premises resources and delivers app stability with software-defined intelligence, unified API, and fluid resource pools.


  • Cost-effective cloud backup for your clients

    Veeam and Wasabi have teamed up to deliver a data protection tool that delivers the low cost, capacity scalability, and performance to build upon first-gen solutions. Read this datasheet for the main features and benefits and to learn how you—and by extension, your clients—could benefit from a similar solution.


  • Legacy ERP vs. modern cloud ERP: Is your current system holding you back?

    In this white paper, find out why manufacturing firms must deliver more personalization and improve CX, and learn about the business benefits and ERP requirements for personalized manufacturing.


  • The 5 core areas of delivering a positive patient experience

    Healthcare providers are not immune to the customer experience revolution that has swept across many industries in the wake of technological advances. Download this white paper to uncover the 5 core areas of focus in delivering a positive patient experience and learn how ServiceNow can help strengthen patient engagement for improved care outcomes.


  • Provide insight into buyers, deliver more opportunities

    Download this white paper to learn how implementing Priority Engine impacted the business success of sales and marketing teams at Reduxio.


  • How to build and integrate analytics into your apps

    This e-book acts as a guide for software vendors looking to embed analytics into their apps and deliver new insights to their customers. Learn how to integrate and launch your own unique analytic app and find out how you can set objectives for building your analytics offering, fill in skills gaps, perform beta testing, and more.


  • Traditional vs. cloud management tactics

    In this e-guide, you'll discover the differences between traditional management tactics and cloud management strategies. Access now and also learn how to integrate another layer of performance data into the central system to deal with the complexity of cloud.


  • Case study: How Turbonomic optimized their funnel performance at multiple points

    Download this case study to learn how partnering with TechTarget allowed Turbonomic to deliver on a full funnel strategy for high-velocity sales and marketing, and examine the impact of TechTarget's Priority Engine platform on Turbonomic's brand performance.


  • How Versa's SD-WAN can help improve cost, security & more

    According to NSS Labs, 3 of the most common reasons why enterprises deploy SD-WAN are to implement technologies that promise to improve manageability, cost, performance and security. In this report, find out how Versa Networks FlexVNF performed when tested by NSS on specific use cases.


  • CX case study: How inQuba delivered an enhanced customer experience

    In this case study, learn how inQuba America was able to use TIBCO to successfully exchange data with clients' core operational and financial systems, get an in-depth view of how customers interact with their business, and more.


  • CW+: The state of IT project management in the UK

    Project management performance is improving but the environment is increasingly challenging. This final report from the ComputerWeekly Project/Programme Management Survey details the state of the art and offers insights and recommendations for greater project success.


  • How to boost employee experiences with intelligent enterprise strategies

    Download this expert handbook to uncover several new forms of technology that are integral to the intelligent enterprise and learn how these tools can help to boost employee experience and give your organization a competitive advantage.


  • How to deliver on the promise of hyperconvergence

    Jump inside to learn exactly how hyper-converged infrastructure is opening up new inroads to digital transformation for businesses once hindered by their existing monoliths.


  • Analyst report confirms Red Hat virtualization benefits

    Are you positive your virtualization solution is going to deliver for you? Download this Forrester report on Red Hat's virtualization project, which confirms the solution's claims of being an automated and efficient tool that is cost effective.


  • How cloud object storage can improve service delivery

    Tune into this video to hear Barun Agarwala, Enterprise Architect at NTT, explain why NTT integrated object storage into their service offerings and how doing so has not only improved their internal systems, but their customers' data access speeds, as well.


  • How Method R helped a European airline accelerate their reporting

    One transatlantic carrier was looking to streamline their operations by accelerating their aircraft maintenance report. In this white paper, learn how the airline used Method R to precisely understand every microsecond of the tasks' execution durations.


  • How does the University of Notre Dame achieve ultra-low latency?

    Operating in a high-density environment, the University of Notre Dame struggled to deliver large computational infrastructures in their data laden applications. Download this 2-page case study to learn how an AMD EPYC processor allowed Notre Dame to accelerate performance with low-latency.


  • Use NVMe to reduce cloud and edge computing latency

    View the following expert guide to examine the benefits of running read-intensive workloads in public and private clouds, hyperscale data centers, and edge computing deployments on NVMe.


  • Why excessive flash cost misperceptions exist

    This white paper examines the misconception that flash storage costs are higher than the perceived benefits. Download now to learn how to measure the actual costs and benefits of flash systems and how hybrid and all-flash can potentially deliver lower costs than traditional systems.


  • Improve your website's UX by automating peering engineering

    Download this white paper to learn about a tool that helps you overcome the challenges of optimizing peering and transit interconnections by automating peering engineering.


  • Comparison of legacy vs. all-flash data centers

    This white paper offers a comparison of the legacy vs. the all-flash data center, explains how all-flash unlocks latent data center performance, and provides steps to achieve the all-flash data center, should you choose that route. Click here to read.


  • How 1 hotel wirelessly united 32 locations

    As one of the leading hotel groups in Greece with 32 locations spanning the country, Gercotel knows that Wi-Fi and the services dependent on it, are a vital component of the modern hospitality experience. In this case study, find out how they boosted wireless coverage to support new business initiatives with Aruba Networks.


  • Practitioner's guide to building a security operations center (SOC)

    Explore this white paper that examines the tools, personnel and processes required to build and operate an effective SOC, along with an analysis of how organizations can leverage the AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) platform as the foundation for a SOC.


  • ROI Case Study: Quest Foglight at Imperial College London

    Imperial College London deployed Quest Foglight to manage the performance of its applications, databases, and services and reduce system downtime. Nucleus Reseach evaluates the ROI of the project.


  • The journey to software defined networking

    Discover how Vodafone SD-WAN is designed to deliver a secure, agile network with strong application visibility & performance for cloud apps.


  • Top 5 barriers stunting project success

    Recent research shows that there is a 55% gap in project performance expectations, and a project's ability to deliver on them. Download this e-book with best practices on overcoming project delays and barriers stunting project success.


  • 5 ways IT can use communications to enable the business

    How can you digitize and compete on customer experience? Transforming your communications to enable more intelligent interactions is a good place to start. Download this white paper to learn about modern communication platforms that integrate voice, video, team messaging and more, as well as trends and use cases.