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Maximize Your Collaboration Investment by Choosing the Right Services Approach

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UC and Collaboration: Benefits and Market Drivers

A strong Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution is more crucial than ever before for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Check out this expert E-Guide from to explore the benefits collaboration can bring your enterprise and take an in-depth look at the drivers forcing organizations to find a newer, better UCC solution for their employees to leverage.

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  • 6 considerations for reviewing collaboration tools

    Many organizations have a slew of software options at their disposal. And yet without a proper IT strategy, these tools won’t be very useful. Uniting departments, encouraging new infrastructure, and refocusing on strategy are key to developing competitive advantages through collaborative innovation.

    In this e-guide, learn 6 considerations for evaluating collaboration tools, including:

    • Integration with existing applications
    • User-friendliness of the collaboration tools
    • And 4 more

    Additionally, see how 3 of your peers succeeded in adopting collaboration practices that led to IT innovation.

  • Unique analytic insights and team-building packaged together

    Collaborative analytics has the potential to bring more unique insights from a data set, while simultaneously building cooperative relationships.

    Imagine 3 people are working with 3 separate sets of data to draw 3 separate conclusions related to their own job description.

    Now, instead, imagine 3 people looking at the same set of data - intelligently compiled for their needs - but they are able to also bring their own individual perspectives to the discussion, offering insights that 1 person may not have otherwise seen.

    This is the power of collaborative analytics. Read this white paper to learn more about how unifying data sets can bring unexpected results to your business.

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  • Global sourcing trends 2011

    At the beginning of each year, we survey Morrison & Foerster’s Global Sourcing Group lawyers in Asia, Europe, and the United States regarding the current state of the world’s outsourcing market and emerging trends likely to shape that market over the next twelve months.