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Maximize Your Collaboration Investment by Choosing the Right Services Approach

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Collaboration tools shifting work culture in new ways

Collaboration has become increasingly essential to employee productivity in today’s workforce. However, to achieve true success with collaboration, organizations need a strategy that fosters a culture of collaboration.

In this guide, learn how to create a strategy to build the business case for collaboration tools, support a collaborative culture in your organization and make collaboration the hub of your business communications and workflows.

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  • UC and Collaboration: Benefits and Market Drivers

    A strong Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution is more crucial than ever before for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

    Check out this expert E-Guide from to explore the benefits collaboration can bring your enterprise and take an in-depth look at the drivers forcing organizations to find a newer, better UCC solution for their employees to leverage.

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  • 6 considerations for reviewing collaboration tools

    Many organizations have a slew of software options at their disposal. And yet without a proper IT strategy, these tools won’t be very useful. Uniting departments, encouraging new infrastructure, and refocusing on strategy are key to developing competitive advantages through collaborative innovation.

    In this e-guide, learn 6 considerations for evaluating collaboration tools, including:

    • Integration with existing applications
    • User-friendliness of the collaboration tools
    • And 4 more

    Additionally, see how 3 of your peers succeeded in adopting collaboration practices that led to IT innovation.

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