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E-Book: Best Practices for Selecting Midmarket ERP Software

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Humanize your digital processes with a people-centric ERP by Unit4

There’s been a lot of growths in the ERP market—thanks to developments in the cloud, digital transformation, and emerging technologies like AI and IoT.

In this Offering Overview, explore Unit4’s People Experience Suite—a solution that combines key features and capabilities from both ERP and HCM systems—and what it could do for your organization.

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  • Advice & checklists for evaluating ERP solutions

    In this eBook from IDC, they offer expert advice for service organizations looking to find the right ERP solution.

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    • A technology evaluation checklist
    • Top tips and pitfalls to avoid
    • Implementation project considerations

  • Why Postmodern ERP is the new normal

    The COVID-19 pandemic has given new meaning to ‘mission readiness’ for government agencies, and driven many of these organizations to consider a new type of ERP: the Postmodern ERP.

    Read this white paper to learn about Postmodern ERP and how Salesforce can help you get started with your implementation.

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  • Create a people-centered environment with Unit4 ERP

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  • Top 5 SAP ERP challenges

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  • 3 keys to automating accounts payable successfully

    Automating accounts payable (AP) processes like processing invoices and ensuring regulatory compliance and accuracy delivers major value to AP teams and the organization overall. Download this white paper to learn how AP automation, powered by AI, can improve workflow efficiency, profitability, supplier relationships, and AP team functions.


  • Report: ERP upgrade resulted in nearly $1.6 million in savings

    In a study of 4 organizations that have used their ERP system for at least 3 years, Forrester Research found that on average, the business saved nearly $1.6 million. Tap into the report for more findings.


  • What's Budget to Pay and Why You Need it Now

    Finance and procurement teams are often disconnected from each other and budget owners, creating barriers to fiscal discipline and agility. Budget-to-pay (B2P) operating models transform workflows to increase collaboration and drive impactful cost-reduction initiatives. Explore this white paper to leverage maximum value from B2P solutions.


  • Avoid digital procurement pitfalls

    Half of procurement teams today consider their digital transformation complete or almost complete, but as with any new software implementation, there are roadblocks to optimizing the technology. Explore this white paper to get informed about common digital procurement pitfalls and strategies realize maximum value.


  • How to provide the most value as a connected advisor

    Open up this white paper to learn how to provide the most value as a connected advisor, and explore key recommendations for how to get started.


  • Guide to navigating post-pandemic corporate travel

    Download this whitepaper to access 6 best practices for returning to corporate travel, discover 3 key areas to consider, and learn how EY solutions with SAP Concur can help you simplify and automate your T&E processes to support budget visibility and make business trips easier.


  • How to protect your supply chain from cyberattacks

    2020 broke records in the number of cyberattacks reported. In fact, 57% of organizations suffered from a cyber breach in their supply chain in the past 12 months. Learn how to protect and regulate both your supply chain and your organization in this new guide.